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What Can I Say Instead of "I'm Reaching Out?"

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March 28, 2023

In addition to avoiding overused phrases like "I'm reaching out," it's important to connect with your recipient at a personal level. People want to feel valued and heard, not like they're just another name in your contacts list. One way to do this is by mentioning something specific about the recipient or their business, such as a recent accomplishment or news article that caught your attention.

By making a personal connection, you can establish rapport and build trust, which is essential for effective communication and relationship-building. This can also help your email stand out from the dozens (or even hundreds) of others in your recipient's inbox.

So instead of using a generic opening line like "I'm reaching out," try to think of something specific and personalized to say that will catch your recipient's attention and show that you're genuinely interested in what they do.

For example, "Congratulations on the recent launch of your new product! I was really impressed by the features and wanted to reach out to learn more." Or, "I came across your recent interview on [publication] and found your insights on [topic] to be really interesting. I wanted to connect and see if you might be interested in discussing this further."

Here are a few examples of instead of saying "I'm reaching out":

  1. "I came across your profile and wanted to get in touch"
  2. "I noticed your work on [platform/project] and wanted to connect"
  3. "Your [article/podcast/interview/etc.] caught my attention and I wanted to introduce myself"
  4. "I'm writing to you today because I think we share a common interest in [topic/industry/etc.]"

By taking the time to personalize your outreach and connect with your recipient on a human level, you'll increase the chances of getting a response and building a meaningful relationship.

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