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Top 30 Salesman Blog & Websites Every Pro Should Know: Your Go-To Guide

Discover the top 30 Salesman Blog sites and websites. Enhance your sales expertise with expert advice and strategies from the best in the business.
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June 25, 2024

A salesman blog is an invaluable resource for sales professionals at all levels of expertise. Unlike a typical industry blog that might broadly cover various topics, a salesman blog zeroes in on the specific sales challenges, techniques, and insights pertinent to the sales field.

The importance of such a blog cannot be overstated:

  • They offer updated content on sales strategies, market trends, and customer engagement, enhancing sales skills and market understanding.
  • Regular updates include practical tips, motivational stories, and analyses of emerging trends and sales technologies.
  • Blogs also provide insights into optimizing the sales funnel, crucial for converting leads.
  • Engaging with the community of like-minded professionals fosters innovation and expands professional networks, with 60% of salespeople finding value in peer discussions.

30 Top Sales Blog That Help You Improve Your Skills

30 Top Sales Blog That Help You Improve Your Skills

Discovering the right resources to enhance your sales skills can be transformative, and diving into the best sales content blogs is a great start.

These blogs can help sales professionals understand and improve their sales metrics, leading to better performance and results in outbound sales too.

Whether you’re a seasoned sales manager or a budding sales rep.

These top sales blogs provide a wealth of knowledge, from groundbreaking sales strategies to actionable & latest sales tips.

Each blog serves as a repository of expert advice and real-world experiences designed to improve  sales performance and bring more sales.

Explore these blogs to gain insights from successful sales professionals and other sales leaders who have mastered the art of selling, ensuring you stay ahead in today’s competitive market. Whether it’s improving customer success relationships, mastering sales automation, or leveraging sales enablement tools, these blogs offer the guidance you need to excel.

 HubSpot Sales Blog

HubSpot Sales Blog

The HubSpot Sales Blog is a leading resource that offers a wide array of content tailored to sales professionals at all levels.

It covers topics from basic sales techniques to advanced inbound marketing strategies.

  • Special Focus: This blog places a significant emphasis on integrating sales with digital marketing tools, offering in-depth guides on CRM software, email marketing, and lead nurturing strategies that align with modern selling processes.
  • Additionally, the HubSpot Sales Blog provides insights into sales forecasting, helping professionals make data-driven decisions.
  • Sales forecasting is crucial for predicting future sales and setting realistic targets.

Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is a community-driven blog that features contributions from sales professionals worldwide, making it a hub for innovative sales tactics and strategies.

  • Special Focus: The blog focuses on B2B sales techniques, offering insights into sales automation, pipeline management, and scaling sales teams effectively using the latest technology and methodologies.
  • Additionally, Sales Hacker provides strategies for meeting and exceeding sales quotas.
  • Their expert advice helps sales teams set realistic sales quotas and achieve them consistently.

The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino 

The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino 

Run by top sales trainer and leader Anthony Iannarino, this blog provides insightful commentary and actionable advice on sales leadership and personal development.

  • Special Focus: Anthony’s blog dives deep into the art of sales negotiation and the psychology of selling, offering personal anecdotes and motivational content that encourages sales professionals to become change leaders.
  • Additionally, the blog offers guidance on managing sales territories effectively.
  • It also explores strategies for optimizing sales territories to maximize productivity and revenue.

Heinz Marketing 

Heinz Marketing 

Heinz Marketing offers a blend of sales and marketing content that caters to the needs of forward-thinking sales leaders and marketers.

  • Special Focus: Specializing in strategic approaches, the blog provides content on account-based marketing strategies and B2B marketing tactics, helping organizations align their sales and marketing departments for optimal results.
  • Additionally, Heinz Marketing provides insights into optimizing the sales cycle, ensuring a streamlined process from lead generation to closing deals.
  • Their expertise in the sales cycle helps businesses improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies 

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies 

Jill Konrath’s blog is renowned for its rich content that helps salespeople accelerate their sales cycle and improve their productivity.

  • Special Focus: The blog provides fresh, innovative sales strategies that help sales professionals adapt and succeed in a constantly changing sales environment, emphasizing agile selling techniques and efficient sales practices.
  • Additionally, it offers strategies for overcoming sales objections, ensuring salespeople are well-equipped to handle any challenges.
  • These strategies are crucial for addressing and resolving sales objections effectively.

The Make It Happen Blog by John Barrows 

The Make It Happen Blog by John Barrows 

John Barrows’ Make It Happen Blog is renowned for offering up actionable advice, insights and methods designed to empower sales professionals.

With content that bridges the gap between sales theory and practical application, the blog serves as a resource for sales reps eager to enhance their skills and drive results.

  • Special Focus: This blog specializes in equipping sales reps with modern sales tactics and personal development strategies, ensuring they stay competitive in the rapidly evolving sales landscape.
  • It also provides tips on effective sales prospecting, helping sales professionals to identify and engage potential customers efficiently.
  • The blog covers various aspects of sales prospecting, making it a comprehensive guide for sales teams.

No More Cold Calling

No More Cold Calling

No More Cold Calling is dedicated to advocating for the elimination of traditional cold calling techniques, focusing instead on building lasting customer relationships through referral selling.

The blog champions a shift towards more sustainable and effective sales practices that leverage personal networks and client referrals.

  • Special Focus: The blog is centered around transforming sales strategies by moving away from cold calls and towards building stronger, referral-based connections, offering a crucial edge for sales managers and their teams.
  • It also provides strategies for improving sales conversion rates through referral selling.
  • These strategies are designed to significantly boost sales conversion rates.

Sales Gravy 

Sales Gravy 

Sales Gravy is a comprehensive resource that addresses a wide range of topics related to sales enhancement and professional growth.

It stands as a cornerstone for sales professionals seeking to refine their skills and boost their sales career and trajectory through effective sales training blog, and insightful strategies.

  • Special Focus: Focused on delivering top-notch sales training, the blog offers essential tips on talent management and personal development to help sales teams maximize their potential and performance.
  • Additionally, Sales Gravy provides insights into navigating different sales funnel stages, ensuring a thorough understanding of the sales process.
  • This includes detailed guidance on each of the sales funnel stages to help sales professionals optimize their approach.

The Rainmaker Blog

The Rainmaker Blog

The Rainmaker Blog is a well-respected source for B2B sales strategies and thought leadership.

It provides valuable insights into business development, focusing on how sales professionals can become pivotal in driving revenue and securing business and revenue growth through strategic sales practices.

  • Special Focus: The blog targets sales managers and their teams, offering in-depth guidance on lead generation, effective sales leadership, and strategies to boost sales productivity and customer engagement.
  • Additionally, The Rainmaker Blog offers guidance on effective sales pipeline management.
  • This includes best practices for sales pipeline management to ensure consistent and predictable revenue growth.

Sandler Training Blog 

Sandler Training Blog 

The Sandler Training Blog offers a wealth of knowledge on best practices in sales training and management.

It features content aimed at fundamentally improving the approach to sales through strategic sales training blog, that targets both the techniques and the mindset needed for successful selling.

  • Special Focus: Specializing in transformative sales strategies, the blog provides extensive resources on developing a robust sales culture and improving the sales skills of professionals through ongoing behavioral training.
  • Additionally, the Sandler Training Blog provides insights into effective sales coaching, helping sales teams enhance their performance.
  • This includes various methods and techniques for effective sales coaching.

Art Sobczak’s Smart Calling Blog

Art Sobczak’s Smart Calling Blog

Art Sobczak’s Smart Calling Blog delivers specialized insights into cold calling strategies that work without sounding salesy.

It focuses on practical advice that can be immediately implemented to improve call effectiveness.

  • Special Focus: The blog’s special focus is on teaching sales reps and sales teams how to enhance their telephone sales techniques, ensuring they engage prospects effectively and increase sales productivity.
  • Additionally, the blog provides tips on making effective sales calls, helping sales professionals refine their approach and achieve better results.
  • The blog also covers various aspects of sales calls, offering strategies to handle objections and close deals efficiently.

Marc Wayshak’s Sales Blog

Marc Wayshak’s Sales Blog

Marc Wayshak’s Sales Blog offers cutting-edge sales strategies based on data-driven results and psychological research.

The content is crafted to help sales professionals fundamentally improve their selling approach.

  • Special Focus: This blog places a particular emphasis on sales performance and leveraging scientific strategies to close more deals, ideal for sales professionals looking to surpass their quotas and achieve high sales performance.
  • Additionally, Marc Wayshak’s Sales Blog provides insights into using sales analytics to improve performance.
  • Sales analytics can help identify trends and optimize sales strategies.

CloserIQ Blog 

CloserIQ Blog 

The CloserIQ Blog is tailored for sales professionals and leaders, providing insights on talent acquisition, sales management, and industry and best sales practices.

It serves as a comprehensive resource for building and scaling high-performing sales teams.

  • Special Focus: Specializing in best sales talent management and recruitment strategies, the blog is an essential tool for sales managers and sales leaders seeking to optimize their teams and improve sales operations.
  • It also offers guidance on effective sales onboarding processes.
  • Sales onboarding is crucial for integrating new hires and ensuring they are productive quickly.

A Sales Guy by Keenan

A Sales Guy by Keenan

A Sales Guy by Keenan is a no-nonsense blog offering straightforward advice and sales wisdom from one of the industry’s most respected sales leaders ever, Keenan.

It breaks down complex sales concepts into actionable strategies.

  • Special Focus: The blog focuses on innovative sales tactics and personal sales improvement, catering particularly to sales reps and sales professionals eager to push their limits and enhance their sales skills.
  • It also provides tips on crafting an effective sales pitch. The blog covers various aspects of creating a compelling sales pitch.

Sales For Life

Sales For Life

Sales For Life is dedicated to advancing the practice of social selling and transforming the way sales teams engage with prospects online.

It provides strategies for leveraging social media platforms to drive sales and build lasting relationships.

  • Special Focus: The blog’s focus is on digital sales strategies, particularly social selling techniques, which are crucial for sales professionals looking to thrive in the digital marketplace and maintain competitive edge sales performance.
  • Sales For Life also provides strategies for improving sales engagement through social selling.
  • Their methods enhance sales engagement by integrating social media interactions with traditional sales processes.

The Center for Sales Strategy Blog 

The Center for Sales Strategy Blog 

The Center for Sales Strategy Blog focuses on delivering strategic insights and practical advice to boost sales effectiveness and grow revenue.

  • Special Focus: It specializes in B2B sales, sales management, and talent development, offering actionable strategies that help sales managers and their teams excel in complex sales environments.
  • The blog also provides insights into using sales enablement tools to enhance sales performance.
  • These sales enablement tools are essential for streamlining sales processes and improving overall efficiency.

The Sales Leader 

The Sales Leader 

The Sales Leader blog provides guidance and inspiration for sales leaders aiming to cultivate top-performing sales teams.

  • Special Focus: This blog emphasizes on topline leadership blog focuses on development, team building, and sales strategies that foster a productive sales culture and drive organizational success.
  • Additionally, it offers tips on effective sales team management to help leaders optimize their team’s performance.
  • Sales team management is crucial for maintaining high productivity and achieving sales targets.



Salesfolk is dedicated to improving how sales teams engage with prospects through better email outreach and communication strategies.

  • Special Focus: The blog is known for its expertise in crafting compelling sales messages that cut through the noise, significantly enhancing sales engagement and conversion rates.
  • Additionally, Salesfolk provides tips on writing effective sales emails, helping teams to boost their outreach success.
  • Their insights on sales emails are invaluable for any team looking to improve their email marketing strategies.

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

This blog offers unfiltered insights and honest perspectives on the realities of selling in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • Special Focus: It delves deep into sales strategies, psychology, and the hard truths of what it takes to succeed in sales, providing valuable lessons for sales professionals at all levels.
  • Additionally, it provides strategies for effective sales negotiation, helping you navigate complex deals with confidence.
  • Sales negotiation is a critical skill that can significantly impact your success in closing deals.

Your SalesMBA™ Blog by Jeff Hoffman

Your SalesMBA™ Blog by Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman’s Your SalesMBA™ Blog delivers expert advice and methodologies based on Jeff’s extensive experience in sales training and consulting.

  • Special Focus: The blog focuses on advanced selling techniques and negotiation skills, helping sales reps and sales managers refine their approach to closing deals and managing client relationships effectively.
  • Additionally, it provides tips on delivering effective sales presentations.
  • The blog covers various aspects of sales presentations to help professionals enhance their skills.

Force Management Blog

Force Management Blog

The Force Management Blog is a go-to resource that provides transformative insights and strategies for sales teams and leaders.

  • Special Focus: This blog focuses primarily on sales effectiveness and organizational alignment, helping companies enhance their sales operations and execute their go-to-market strategies more efficiently.
  • Additionally, it provides valuable insights into developing effective sales strategies.
  • These sales strategies are crucial for driving predictable revenue blog growth and achieving sales targets.

Women in Sales Hub

Women in Sales Hub

Women in Sales Hub is dedicated to empowering and supporting female sales professionals in their careers.

  • Special Focus: The blog highlights challenges and successes unique to women in sales, offering networking opportunities, mentorship, and career development strategies to foster diversity and inclusion in sales environments.
  • Additionally, the blog provides opportunities for sales mentorship and career advancement, helping women achieve their professional goals.
  • Sales mentorship is a key component of their support system, ensuring women have the guidance they need to excel.

The Ambition Blog

The Ambition Blog

The Ambition Blog serves as a platform for sales teams to discover new strategies to boost their sales performance and engagement.

  • Special Focus: It provides insights into sales motivation, accountability, and performance management, targeting sales managers and teams keen on achieving sustained sales success.
  • The Ambition Blog also offers strategies for enhancing sales motivation, helping teams stay driven and productive.
  • Sales motivation is crucial for maintaining high levels of productivity and achieving sales targets.

What Type of Skills You Would Learn From These Sales Blogs?

What Type of Skills You Would Learn From These Sales Blogs?

These best sales blogs each provide valuable insights into various aspects of the sales process, covering everything.

From foundational sales skills to advanced strategies and innovations in sales technology.

Additionally, these blogs help sales professionals understand and improve their sales performance metrics.

Which is crucial for tracking and enhancing their overall effectiveness.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of skills you might learn from each of sales experts at these renowned must read sales blogs:

1. HubSpot Sales Blog:

Learn how to leverage CRM tools, improve inbound sales techniques, and integrate marketing strategies for a nonstop sales boom.

2. Sales Hacker:

Master B2B sales tactics, sales automation, and pipeline management for efficient and scalable sales processes.

3. The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino

Enhance your sales leadership and negotiation skills, and understand the psychology behind effective selling.

4. Heinz Marketing

Gain insights into account-based marketing, and learn how to align sales and marketing efforts to drive better results.

5. Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies

Focus on snap selling techniques and agile sales strategies to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

6. The Make It Happen Blog by John Barrows

Develop practical sales skills, from prospecting to closing deals, with a focus on actionable advice and real-world applications.

7. No More Cold Calling

Shift from traditional cold calling to building strong, referral-based sales networks for more effective customer engagement.

8. Sales Gravy

Improve your sales training, coaching abilities, and learn how to manage and develop sales talent within your team.

9. The Rainmaker Blog

Focus on B2B sales strategies, lead generation, and enhancing overall sales productivity through strategic sales planning.

10. Sandler Training Blog

Learn best practices in sales training, behavioral techniques, and how to build a robust sales culture.

11. Art Sobczak’s Smart Calling Blog

Refine your telephone sales techniques and learn how to turn cold calls into warm, productive conversations.

12. Marc Wayshak’s Sales Blog

Develop a structured approach to selling, from prospecting to closing, with data-driven sales tactics.

13. CloserIQ Blog

Learn about the latest in sales recruitment platform trends, sales team management, and how to attract and retain top sales talent.

14. A Sales Guy by Keenan

Focus on developing a sales mindset, understanding the buyer’s journey, and improving sales performance through storytelling.

15. Sales For Life

Master social selling techniques, especially using platforms like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to connect with potential clients.

16. The Center for Sales Strategy Blog

Develop strategic sales planning skills and learn how to align sales processes with overall business goals.

17. The Sales Leader

Enhance your leadership skills, team management, and learn how to drive a sales team towards success with effective sales strategies with these topline leadership blog.

18. Salesfolk

Improve your email outreach and communication strategies to increase engagement and conversion rates in sales.

19. The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

Gain unfiltered insights into the realities of sales, focusing on strategies, psychology, and hard truths of the profession.

20. Your SalesMBA™ Blog by Jeff Hoffman

Refine your advanced selling techniques, negotiation skills, and manage client relationships more effectively.

21. Force Management Blog

Focus on sales effectiveness, organizational alignment, and executing go-to-market strategies more efficiently.

22. Women in Sales Hub

Gain insights into challenges unique to women in sales, learn networking, mentorship, and career development strategies.

23. The Ambition Blog

Boost sales performance and engagement through motivation, accountability, and effective sales management techniques.

24. Richardson Sales Performance Blog

Improve your consultative selling skills, sales coaching, and strategic account management.

25. Quotable by Salesforce

Learn about customer relationship management, leveraging CRM technology, and the latest sales trends.

26. The Harris Consulting Group

Focus on sales training, improving sales processes, and developing strong sales techniques.

27. ToutApp Blog
Enhance your sales productivity with email tracking, template management, and sales automation tools.

28. Membrain Blog

Learn about sales enablement, pipeline management, and improving overall sales effectiveness through technology. Blog

Gain insights from sales conversations, understand buyer intent, and refine your sales pitches using data-driven techniques.

30. Dan Waldschmidt's Blog

Develop a high-performance mindset, learn about sales strategies, and how to push through barriers to achieve sales success.

By engaging with these blogs, sales professionals can develop a comprehensive skill set that includes core sales skills and advanced techniques and insights into the latest in sales trends, technologies and methodologies.

This holistic approach more business and is essential for thriving in the ever-evolving sales landscape.


Understanding these 30 salesman blogs and websites is invaluable for any aspiring sales professional.

These resources offer a treasure trove of insights, from enhancing sales skills to mastering new sales tools, ensuring you stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Whether you're a sales reps, an inside sales managers, or part of a sales team, leveraging these blogs will help you navigate the complexities of modern sales environments and drive your sales performance to new heights.

Embrace these resources to stay informed, inspired, and ahead in the competitive sales world.

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