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Suomispam Reputation Blacklist: Understanding and Delisting Guide

Explore the Suomispam Reputation Blacklist, understand why IPs get listed, how to delist, and preventive measures to avoid future listings.
Written by
Vikas Jha
Published on
March 15, 2024

Introduction to Suomispam Reputation Blacklist

Due to the rise in Finnish spam, the Suomispam Reputation Blacklist was established to identify and list IP addresses distributing spam in Finnish. This guide will cover:

  • The essence of the Suomispam reputation blacklist
  • Reasons for being listed on the Suomispam blacklist
  • Steps to remove your IP from the Suomispam blacklist
  • Tips to prevent being listed on the Suomispam blacklist

What is the Suomispam Reputation Blacklist?

The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist is a specialized database that flags IPs disseminating spam in Finnish, targeting both individual IPs and entire IP ranges. It's known for tracking and publishing IPs involved in spam activities, particularly those distributing malware or unsolicited bulk emails, without automatically blocking them.

Reasons for Listing on the Suomispam Reputation Blacklist

Listings on the Suomispam Reputation Blacklist fall into four categories:

  • Spam source: IPs sending unsolicited bulk emails or containing spam.
  • Spamvertized site: Entities that conduct or facilitate spamming activities.
  • Escalation: Used when there's a high volume of spam activity.
  • Suspicious: Applied when there's a suspicion of ongoing spam campaigns.

Delisting from the Suomispam Reputation Blacklist

If you suspect your IP is blacklisted, verification is the first step. Removal requests must be detailed, explaining the situation fully. Although there's no Whitelist, domain delisting is possible if the listing reasons no longer apply.

Delist Request

A comprehensive explanation is necessary for delisting consideration.

Request to delist domain

Domains can be delisted upon proving the issue causing the listing has been resolved.

Preventing Suomispam Blacklist Listing

To avoid being blacklisted, adhere to best email practices:

  • Verify email addresses before outreach.
  • Avoid unnecessary emails.
  • Exclude spam-triggering words from emails.
  • Limit sending volume to 30-50 emails per day after a 30-day warm-up period.

More Information About Suomispam Reputation

An IP address listed by Suomispam Reputation is recognized as a potential spam source or has been suspicious. The blacklist includes IPs that have sent spam or have been previously blacklisted, with immediate listing upon spam detection. Suomispam tracks spam through various means, including compromised accounts, open relays, or mass emailing that violates the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Suomispam Reputation Database and Blacklist Profiles

Suomispam operates as a reputation database, focusing on Finnish-language spam. The blacklist zones include and, categorized under URIBL and RBL types, affecting the delivery and effectiveness of email campaigns. Listings are automatically generated from spamtrap data, with periodic reviews for potential delisting.

Delisting Guidance

Delisting is manual, requiring an email to for removal consideration.

For detailed information and to understand the operational specifics of Suomispam, visit Suomispam's FAQ page.

Further Reading on Email Blacklists and Delisting Processes

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These resources provide valuable insights and actionable steps to help you manage and mitigate the impact of blacklisting on your email deliverability and reputation.

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