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How To Find Your Prospects' Email Addresses- 12 Easy Ways

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August 29, 2022

Do you plan to launch an email marketing campaign to grow your business? If so, do you have your prospects’ email addresses? 

Yes, email marketing is a personalized marketing technique that will deliver no results unless you target the right inboxes. Emails are just like mails that require a recipient’s complete address for delivery.

Today, you can easily go and purchase email addresses to send cold emails. But that’s only effective if you purchase the email addresses of your potential customers, which are not easy to find. 

Thus, whether you are outsourcing your email list or looking to build one from scratch—you need to first find a way to acquire and verify your prospects’ email addresses. 

And this post will help you with it. We have searched the different manual and automated methods to help you find your prospects' email addresses. So, let’s get started. 

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Why Is It Important to Find Your Prospects’ Email Addresses?

Email marketing is the best way to connect with potential customers and nurture them. A study shows that email marketing has an ROI of $36 for every $1 spent. It is the highest digital marketing ROI by far. 

However, the key here is to connect with potential customers. And for that, you need your prospects' email addresses. 

In short, if you want to run a personalized email outreach program, you need the right email addresses. Having the prospect’s email address will help you better understand them and compose personalized emails to generate maximum ROI. 

How to Find Email Addresses of Your Prospects? 

In this digital age, finding information about anyone is not hard. You can simply go online and find anything. 

However, finding a prospect’s email address is not simple as finding a good restaurant nearby. It requires proper planning and strategies to navigate the potential email addresses. 

For starting, you should build your ideal buyer’s persona to understand who you are searching for. A buyer’s persona is a fictional character of your prospects based on their age, gender, location, etc. 

This way, you will have some basic information to feed to search engines to get results. After building a buyer's persona, you can use manual and automatic solutions to find email addresses. 

How to Find Prospect’s Email Address Manually? 

If you are hoping to find your potential buyers’ email addresses for free, you have to do some manual hunting. Today, you can easily access the robust search engines to find any information under the sky. 

So, once you have built your buyer’s persona, you can use these manual methods to find email addresses for your prospects: 

1. Start with Google Search 

Of course, Google can help you. No matter what you want to find today—Google search has all the answers for you. 

Using the right set of keywords, you can easily find the email address of anyone on Google. Here are some keyphrase you can use on Google—

(Name) + email address

(Name) + contact information 

There is a chance that you might not know your prospect’s name, or you will get so many email addresses as a result that you can’t figure out which one is correct. In that case, you can add your prospect’s website name in the search like this:

(Website name) + (Name) + email address

(Website name) + (Name) + contact information 

Prospect’s name and website address can still throw you in loops. For example, if you search for Adam Smith + contact information, Google will find contact details for every Adam Smith present on the internet. So it could be a few hundred or even thousands. 

Therefore, you should use some specific keywords to narrow down your search, like:

(Name) + (location) + email address 

(Name) + (profession) + email address 

(Name) + (gender) + email address 

2. Head Over to LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the best place to find B2B and professional prospect’s email addresses. Around 830 million people in more than 200 countries today use LinkedIn. 

Plus, the LinkedIn search bar has multiple filters that help you find email addresses faster. In addition, you can directly connect with your prospects on LinkedIn and nurture them further. 

To connect with prospects on LinkedIn, you have to keep your profile alive. Share engaging posts, interact with other people’s posts and reach your prospects via DM. 

The best thing about finding emails on LinkedIn is that it helps you download your connection’s data, including email addresses, with a click. Here’s how it works—

Step 1. Log into your LinkedIn account, go to Me > Settings and Privacy. 

Step 2. In settings, navigate to “Getting an archive of your data”, 

Step 3. Now, click on the Request archive, and you will be requested to type your password. Wait for a few minutes. 

Step 4. After a few minutes, your LinkedIn database is ready to download by clicking on the download button. 

3. Smart Twitter Search 

After LinkedIn, you can head over to Twitter to find prospects’ email addresses. Twitter also has a large user base and quite nice search filters. 

Using Twitter's advanced search, you can narrow down your search and connect with the right person. 

In addition, many people enter their email addresses in tweets. However, to avoid bots, they replace symbols with words like “@“ to “at” and “.” to “dot”. 

So, you can search for “email” and “at” in tweets to find potential customers’ email addresses on Twitter. 

Besides this, you can also reach your prospects on Twitter and ask for their email addresses. Again, if you are genuine and have a clear plan to engage, people will not mind sharing their email addresses. 

There are also third-party Twitter tools available to help you out, like All My Tweets. With these tools, you can automatically scrape data from Twitter to find the relevant email addresses for your email marketing campaigns.

4. Subscribe to Newsletters

Another easy way to collect email addresses from your potential customers is by subscribing to their website forms or newsletter. When you subscribe to a newsletter, you will receive a welcome email from the company’s email domain like info@website.com. 

This email address will not work in your email marketing campaign. So, you should send a personalized email to the company’s official email address to ask for a personal email address. If a person is genuinely interested in your services, they will not mind sharing their personal email address with you.

In addition, the quality of your email content will play a great role in convincing your potential leads to share their personal email addresses with you. So, take your time and properly draft your email content. You can also use ready-made templates to make your life easier.

5. Use Whois.com

Whois.com is an internet record listing website. You can find under who’s name which website is registered and their contact details on this website. 


This way, you can search for the website domain name of your prospects and easily access their email address. Some companies might be registered with a website name based email address. So, in that case, you can send them an email to request their personal email address. 

In addition, Whois.com also provides phone numbers for domain name users. So, you can ask for email addresses from your prospects. 

Now, this method might be long and requires a lot of search skills, but it can directly take you to potential customers' inboxes. So, if you have the time and patience to search for different domain names on this website, you should definitely try this method to find your potential email addresses.

6. Guess Your Prospect’s Email Address

Yes, many companies simply guess their potential customers' email addresses. Usually, people use their first and last names to create their email addresses. So, based on this knowledge, you can try to guess your prospect's email addresses.

You can also use a tool called Email Permutator. You simply have to enter your prospect's first name, last name and website domain. Based on this data, the tool will automatically generate potential email addresses of your prospect. The tools will provide you with 30+ email addresses that you have to further try and find out which one of these is correct.

This method is like going on a fishing expedition without actually having a fishing rod. You have to be innovative and find different ways to catch a fish without a fishing rod. Similarly, you have to use your imagination and take a wild guess. It is not recommended to find email addresses using this method because it’s way too long and time-consuming.

7. Just Ask 

Simply cut all the chase and ask your potential customers for their email addresses. You can go to your prospect website, and under the contact us page, you will find information to reach out to them. 

Besides this, you can create an email subscription form on your website for prospects to directly reach out to you. You can also offer some special deals and discount offers to motivate visitors to subscribe to your email list. 

Social media is also a great method to directly message your prospect and ask for their email addresses. You just have to convince your prospect that your emails can solve their problems, and they will happily share their email addresses. 

How to Find Prospect’s Email Address Automatically? 

If you don’t have time to manually search for potential customers' email addresses, many great tools are also available to help you out. Automated email finder tools can quickly find potential email addresses in your industry. Tools also generate high-quality email addresses after scrapping different sources online.

Therefore, to achieve maximum results from your email marketing campaign, you can use these email finder tools:

8. Go to Alore

Are you struggling to find your prospects’ email addresses? Then, Alore can help you with it. The software offers a dynamic email finder with more than 500 million email addresses. Thus, Alore offers 97% accuracy in finding the emails. 


Alore’s email finding features include—

  • It can scrape email addresses on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media websites. 
  • By entering the name of the person or company’s domain name, you can easily find email addresses individually or in bulk. 
  • Alore can verify and run complete checks on your email addresses to prevent your email domain reputation if you already have an email database. 
  • In addition, Alore offers a curated email database segmented by location, function or industry. Finally, you can fasten up your lead generation process by acquiring Alore’s dynamic database. 

This software is a complete lead generation program integrated with CRM support. So, if you want to find, verify and run email campaigns from a platform, this is the best platform at your disposal. 

9. Try Magic of Voila Norbert

In most cases, marketers have no information on a prospect besides their name or company website. 

voila norbert

To be honest, you don’t even need more information. Using the magical Voila Norbert, you can find relevant information on your prospects with the help of their name or website. In fact, this tool can even work when your prospects have no social media presence. 

You simply have to sign up to Voila and, enter your prospect’s name and website, hit the “Go Ahead, Norbert!” button. It will automatically find a verified email address for you. 

Voila Norbert is not only an email finder solution. It can also pull out information like location and social details for your prospects. 

This will help you segment your email list without much effort. You can use Voila Norbert to segment and redefine your email list. The only downside is that Voila Norbert is not free. However, you can redeem 50 free leads if you don’t want to upgrade your plan. 

10. Grow with RocketReach

RocketReach takes you to the wide database of 250 million email addresses, phone numbers and social media accounts. 


Once you are signed up on the platform, you can enter your prospects' name or LinkedIn profile. Then, leveraging the advanced search options, you can search prospects based on their job title, region, industry, etc. 

The tools share email addresses with their relative confidence levels (how accurate the email address is). 

The best thing is RocketReach, a forever free trial. But you will only get three queries per month. You can subscribe to premium plans for $49 and $299 per month for more email lookups. 

11. Hunt Relevant Emails with Hunter.io

Hunter.io is a social media integrated tool. The platform can search for details on a prospect by searching popular social media networks. 


You simply have to enter your prospects' first name, last name, or username, and Hunter.io will search it across multiple websites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

What sets Hunter.io apart is that it supports bulk email findings. So if you want to search a large number of names and websites to find email addresses, Hunter.io can do that for you. 

Besides this, Hunter displays data with an email to help you make more informed decisions. It assists you in determining the email addresses which are more likely to respond. This will make your email outreach more targeted and even boost your email open rate. 

12. Saleshandy Connect

Saleshandy Connect is a free email finder. It can help you connect with your potential leads with 99.99% accurate data to improve your deliverability. 

SalesHandy Connect

The tool can find email addresses based on the first name, last name and designation. This software is the best for lead generation, verifying email addresses, etc. 

Conclusion- Let’s Find Some Relevant Emails! 

Connecting with the right prospects is the main purpose of email outreach. Therefore, never just send emails to anyone. Always find the potential email addresses and then verify them before including them on your email list. 

Here you have already explored 12 methods to find email addresses for your prospects. So, use these methods and launch a successful email campaign today.

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