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14 Sales Techniques That Will Help You Close More Deals

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October 3, 2022

Sales is a complex job. Pushing through obstacles and closing the deal is never easy, but it is critical for every company owner who wants to see success.

This blog post will lead you through some sales techniques on how to complete sales that will help you improve your sales process so you can focus on what really matters: expanding your business!

We all understand the significance of closing sales. It is critical to close agreements, whether you are offering a product or a service, in order to make money. This post will explain various tactics for closing sales in your organisation.

You should begin by gaining knowledge of what motivates consumers and then utilise these reasons to interact with them. It’s also critical to comprehend their concerns and provide answers that address them!


1. Ask for business sooner rather than later

Ask a possible customer whether they’re interested in what you’re offering when you first meet with them. If they are, make a request for the sale immediately.

Don’t leave it till the end of the meeting, or even worse, after they’ve had time to consider it. ‍

2. Use a “yes ladder” to help you decide

A “yes ladder” is a tactic in which you ask a succession of yes-related questions in order to persuade your consumer to buy from you.

“Are you open to testing this product?” or “Would you like me to explain how this works?” are examples of questions you might ask.

Your customer will be more likely to agree to buy from you in the end if you persuade them to say yes at each phase.

3. Using a “no ladder” approach to closing sales is a good way to go

Make use of a “no ladder.” A “no ladder,” like a “yes ladder,” is a method in which you ask a succession of questions about no in order to encourage your consumer to say no.

If you’re attempting to screen out poor leads or convince your customer to grasp the dangers of not buying from you, this might be useful.

“What are your concerns?” or “How does this compare to your present solution?” are examples of questions you might ask.

Your consumers will be more inclined to buy from you in the end if you persuade them to say no at each phase.

4. Provide a free trial

14 Sales Techniques That Will Help You Close More Deals

In order to get people to buy from them, many businesses provide a free trial of their product or service.

This is a terrific sales technique that will make your consumers check out your goods before making a purchase.

Just be sure to spell out the terms of the free trial so that your consumer isn’t taken aback when they’re charged for the goods afterwards.

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5. Demonstrate the value of your product

What are the best sales techniques to close sales? Showing someone how your product can benefit them is one of the best ways to encourage them to buy it from you.

14 Sales Techniques That Will Help You Close More Deals

Why should they choose you above your competitors? What distinguishes your product from others?

Your potential clients will be more inclined to buy if you demonstrate the value of your goods. ‍

6. Leverage the power of scarcity

Scarcity is a sales method in which you indicate that your product is only available for a limited period, supply, or availability in order to entice potential buyers to buy from you right away.

For example, you might provide a discount to the first 100 people who answer, or you could inform them that your product will be ready for purchase soon, but not if they wait too long. ‍

7. After the transaction, ask for referrals

14 Sales Techniques That Will Help You Close More Deals

After your potential client has purchased from you, ask if they know anybody else who would be interested in what you’re selling.

Make sure you reward them for their referral by giving them a discount on their future purchase if one is made. This might assist you in generating more leads and revenues from existing clients.

8. Take advantage of social proof

14 Sales Techniques That Will Help You Close More Deals

Social proof refers to the idea that individuals are more inclined to do something if they witness others doing it before.

By including client testimonials or showcasing honours and accreditations you’ve achieved, you may employ social proof in your marketing materials and on your website.

9. Provide a money-back guarantee

14 Sales Techniques That Will Help You Close More Deals

Many businesses provide a money-back guarantee to convince potential clients that they are making the right choice by purchasing from them.

This can assist you in gaining your client’s trust and making them feel at ease about making a purchase from you. ‍  

10. In exchange, give them a solid guarantee

You may offset your customer’s contentment with your own satisfaction guarantee for your product or service.

If you provide one, be sure to spell out the circumstances under which someone may be eligible for a refund so that they understand when it applies and when it does not.

11. Offer freebies in the sale package

Many businesses will include something extra in their sale package to entice customers to buy from them rather than the competitors, such as free shipping or a free product in addition to the purchase price of your goods.

This works especially well if you’re selling something that isn’t readily available or that the buyer would have to buy separately.

12. Make it simple for them to buy from you

Make sure your website is simple to use and has all of the information potential clients require to make a purchase.

Include explicit pricing, product descriptions and photographs, as well as delivery information. If potential consumers have any queries or issues, make sure you have a contact form or an email address where they may reach out to you. ‍

13. Make the purchase process simple

In addition to making it simple for your potential clients to discover the information they need on your website, make the purchasing procedure itself straightforward.

Include an order form with all of the required fields filled in so they can quickly fill it out and place an order with you.

Ensure that your product availability is correct so that there is no doubt about whether or not a client will receive the goods by a specific date. ‍

14. Allow them to pick how they want to pay for your product

Allowing your consumers to pay for their purchases in the method that is most convenient for them is one approach to further simplifying the purchasing process.

Offer both online and offline payment alternatives, such as online credit card payment, offline bank transfer, cash on delivery, and more, so customers may pay for what you’re selling in a variety of ways.

Whatever sales strategy you choose from this list, make sure it relates to who your potential clients are and the difficulties they may be experiencing; this will help you figure out “how to close sales.” ‍‍

Ask these questions to transform a “no” into a “yes”

1. What are your concerns?

Identifying and understanding the objection is the first step towards overcoming it. Once you’ve identified the objection, you may focus on overcoming it.

‍2. What are your main concerns?

The customer’s issues should be addressed in the second phase. Addressing these issues can help them relax and may encourage them to buy from you. ‍

3. Is there anything I can do to assist in the resolution of those concerns?

If you are unable to address the customer’s worries, discover what else you can do to assist them to relax. This might involve giving you more information or giving you a discount.

4. Why haven’t you purchased from us previously?

This inquiry might assist you to figure out why a client hasn’t bought from you before and what has to change for them to do so again.‍

5. Would you be interested in purchasing from us if we could resolve those issues?

Once you know what the customer’s complaints are, you can use this inquiry to see if they’d be willing to buy if those objections were resolved.

6. Allow me to explain what I believe the best answer is

If a consumer is hesitant to buy from you, this inquiry might assist in demonstrating that you are aware of their worries and have a strategy in place to address them. ‍

7. Have you ever made a purchase from us?

This inquiry might assist you to identify whether the consumer has previously purchased from you and had a great experience. If they haven’t, it’s possible that this is the reason they are afraid to buy from you again. ‍

8. How did you find that experience?

The next stage is to learn more about their previous purchases from you. This information can assist you in determining what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. ‍

9. Have you considered buying from anybody else?

This inquiry might assist you in determining who the customer is seeking for their business requirements. If they mention a competition, you can figure out why they aren’t buying from you and what you can do about it. ‍

10. Why haven’t you made up your mind?

Keep in mind while asking this question that there might be a variety of reasons why the buyer has yet to make a decision.

Budget restrictions or alternative options that have presented themselves are two frequent causes.

This data will show you what you need to do to ensure that your solution stands out amid the competition when it comes time for them to make a decision. ‍

11. When will you be in a position to make a choice?

This inquiry might help you figure out when the consumer expects to buy and what you need to do to make sure your solution is available on time. It can also indicate if they are simply looking or actively seeking a purchase at this time.

12. Is there anything else I should think about?

Keep in mind that the answer may not always be obvious when you pose this question.

Even if it isn’t an objection, understanding their worries and motives can help you choose how to effectively market your product and seal the sale with them.

At the very least, you’ll learn something useful that you may use in future talks with them and other potential clients.

13. What would it take for you to make a purchase from us right now?

This inquiry might help you clinch the deal with a consumer by tailoring an offer to their individual needs. It also demonstrates your willingness to collaborate with them to discover a solution that benefits both of you.

14. Can you think of anything else I can do to help you?

This question is usually an excellent way to close a conversation with a customer since it keeps the door open for future conversations.

It also ensures that customers feel valued and appreciated, which may encourage them to purchase from you again in the future.

15. What is the best way for me to contact you?

The last thing you should ask is what information they’d want you to follow up on. This will ensure that they feel heard, as well as provide you with the knowledge you need to have a productive future conversation with them.

At Alore, we often use these sales techniques to help our clients convert prospects into customers. These techniques are tried and tested by us. Let us know what you think!  

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