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The Right Way to Use CRM to Perfect Your Sales Pitch

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September 19, 2022

 When it comes to pitching your small business's goods or services, it's critical to put on the best razzle-dazzle show for your prospects and use CRMs that actually work. The difference between losing a sale and obtaining a long-term customer may be found in a good pitch.

There are a number of essentials for a successful pitch, but confidence in what you're trying to sell and your ability to do it is at the top.

Even when the pessimistic group has significantly better-selling abilities, sales experts who approach the pitching process with optimism outscore their gloomy counterparts by 57 percent.

To have confidence going into your presentation, make sure you have access to all necessary information.

Having the right CRM for business is critical in preparing you with as much information — and as much sales confidence — as feasible leading up to your presentation.

And to show why we've covered a few of the places where a CRM can really help you excel in your pitch.

The Right Way to Use CRM to Perfect Your Sales Pitch


Validate Your Claims

A good sales pitch strikes the right balance between being interesting and providing prospects with the information they need to make an informed decision.

Aside from ensuring that you adhere to the fundamentals, such as not making your sales pitch too long (try to keep it under 45 minutes) and providing a clear and organized agenda that addresses 3-5 important points, you must also do all of your research before going into your presentation.

Among business buyers, 78 percent want reputable advisors who provide value to their company — and not just salespeople.

If you don't know much about your prospect's requirements, desires, or past actions, they won't be able to trust in you being the partner they're searching for.

Where to Use CRM

Consider your CRM as a crystal ball that can show you what kind of potential client information might help you wow them with your idea.

The data is right there; the issue is just that you don't know how to use it. You may do so in a handful of simple ways, such as:

1. Identify Your Audience

As with any marketing and sales endeavor, the more you understand your target audience, the better.

If you use CRM, it will help you in two ways:

  • Determining who your target customers are and where to direct your sales pitch enables you to hone in on your most promising prospects.
  • It provides you with a wealth of information that you may utilize to truly comprehend your leads' requirements. Everything from the size of their company to their biggest roadblocks and goals is beneficial in developing the hole-in-one sales pitch that you require.

Back to your content marketing plan, which included your buyer personas. Examine them again and make sure they're still the audience you want to sell to.

Compare them to your existing clients and correct any discrepancies where necessary using their CRM data.

2. Create Case Studies

Case studies provide additional authority and help you demonstrate rather than tell potential customers what you can provide.

Use CRM data to create case studies that highlight your most successful clients and then reach out to them to develop forward-thinking marketing materials.

You may also utilize your CRM to identify clients who operate in the same sector as high-value prospects, either developing a tailored case study or doubling down on your relevant expertise.

Remember that the goal of your sales pitch, in addition to simply laying out the features of your product or service, is to establish yourself as a potential partner.

Your prospects don't want a partner who doesn't have at least a basic understanding of what they're up against, much in the same way that you wouldn't hire an advisor without experience in your area.

3. Include Testimonials

Your CRM may also help you identify your happiest clients, much like case studies.

You may look through your client data to see which of your customers are enjoying your services or software and contact them to see if they'd be willing to provide a review.

The use of testimonials to boost a marketing campaign is an effective strategy for boosting conversions. They offer third-party legitimacy, straight from someone who has actually worked with your firm.

Just make sure your clients clarify everything as thoroughly as possible when giving you a price estimate so that they can comment on the specific feature or element of your service.

How to Use CRM for Perfect Sales Pitch

The Right Way to Use CRM to Perfect Your Sales Pitch

As a great email or blog post, a fantastic sales pitch is concise, to the point, and intelligently targeted to its audience. It also contains each of the following crucial elements:

  • Identifies your prospect’s pain points
  • Gives a clear outline of the value your business can offer
  • Detail how the solution works
  • Submit proofs that your solution works
  • Provide examples of how your solution has benefited clients
  • Be open to questions and get thorough answers

However, there are a few aspects of the formula that you must take into account while preparing your pitch.

Although this is true, your CRM can provide you with even more information than this. There's no reason not to utilize it to improve your sales pitch when you have such an excellent tool available.

The Conclusion

The Right Way to Use CRM to Perfect Your Sales Pitch

A good sales pitch is attainable, especially when you use CRM.

And once you figure out how to use CRM for your business, you may anticipate more income, greater development, and increased trust between yourself and the clients you serve (and want to service).

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