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Top 7 Sales Automation Tools to Close More Deals

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September 12, 2022

When it comes to sales, time is of the essence. Sales reps don't spend enough time selling, and as a result, they lose out on potential deals.

In this blog post, we'll discuss why sales reps don't spend enough time selling, and what you can do to help them focus on their number one priority: making sales.

We'll also take a look at some Sales Automation Tools that can help make the process easier for everyone involved!

I've been wondering how much time a sales rep actually spends, you know...selling? This is a question I frequently ask myself when leading busy sales and marketing teams.

The answer isn't very encouraging: sales reps devote less time in the field than we would hope.

According to this study, reps only devote a third of their day to sales. The remaining two-thirds of their day is spent on manual activities such as writing emails, prospecting leads, entering data, and arranging meetings.

The wonderful thing about all those time-consuming duties? They're simple to automate in 2020.

Sales teams can spend less time shuffling papers and more time nurturing prospects into the pipeline with the right sales automation solutions.


Benefits of Sales Automation

Sales automation is the practice of reducing time spent on routine but time-consuming manual sales activities.

Your organization may save time by automating sales process processes such as updating CRM records, gathering data on leads, and filling in the required paperwork, allowing you to devote more resources to "sales-critical" activities.

Automation may also help employees adapt to remote working more easily.

Working automation ensures that even when face-to-face interactions are restricted, processes are still operational, ensuring both managers and workers can be certain that everything is running smoothly.

At the end of the day, ale automation tools allow sales reps to "automate" their jobs by streamlining or doing routine tasks.

As a result, they have more time to communicate with and close customers. In 2020, these are the 8 best sales automation solutions for creating, researching, and closing leads.

1. HubSpot Sales Hub

1. HubSpot Sales Hub
Sales Automation Tools

Following up effectively, customizing outreach, and tracking interaction are critical for closing the sale.

The issue is that these activities need time and attention to be done properly.

Sales Hub is an all-in-one sales automation solution that was created to help you close more deals in less time. From email templates to follow up automation and scheduling, Sales Hub

2. Leadiro

Leadiro specializes in "smart" and accurate business contact data, with over 98 countries' contact information and a frequently updated database.

They allow you to sort target accounts based on firmographic, technographic, and demographic data at a low cost and have an overall contact validity score of 95%. Leadiro is a good choice if you want to increase leads

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

best sales automation tools
Sales Automation Tools

Sales Navigator is a popular sales automation solution for busy reps. It transforms a generic search for leads into precise targeting for highly qualified prospects by providing comprehensive data and access to numerous leads.

You can filter LinkedIn users by company, job title, industry, experience, education, location, and more using Sales Navigator's enhanced search box.

You may also create alerts to notify you when leads take actions you can begin a conversation with. For example, this is how consultant Bryan McWilliams closed a significant contract without "chasing" his lead at all.

After being notified of a contact's transition into a new firm, Bryan was able to schedule his personal outreach and seal the deal. Furthermore

4. Leadfeeder

best sales automation tools
Sales Automation Tools

Leadfeeder is a web intelligence tool that solves the problem of which firms are knocking on your digital doors.

It reveals which businesses are attempting to reach out to you. By displaying which leads are visiting, how engaged they are, and their firm and contact information, it aids you in automating sales. Leads are also enhanced with company and contact

5. Clearbit

best sales automation tools clearbit
Sales Automation Tools

To properly customize sales messages, you'll need more information on your leads. Clearbit Enrichment searches and draws real-time lead data to support your outreach efforts.

The tool allows you to automate your research by quickly providing you with important details about prospects when you need them, thanks to over 85 distinct characteristics including industry, staff size, job title

6. Everstring

best sales automation tools everstring
Sales Automation Tools

Everstring combines artificial intelligence and account-based selling to provide B2B and account-based sales with greater power.

The technology mixes machine learning and natural language processing with large amounts of manually verified data.

As well as delivering the expected firmographic and technographic information, Everstring finds obscure company traits and patterns by crawling the web and extracting

7. Bombora

best sales automation tools bombora
Sales Automation Tools

Bombora identifies which businesses are already looking for the solutions you provide by analyzing material that is being actively consumed by millions of corporations.

It assesses how much content leads are consuming to show the subjects your prospects are searching for and indicates their intent level and lead score by comparing how much content they consume.

To learn more about pricing, fill out an application

8. Clari

best sales automation tools clari
Sales Automation Tools

Mining through amassing quantities of data may be time-consuming and result in mistakes along the way.

Your team can speed up the forecasting process with sophisticated predictive forecasting technologies that provide more accurate results in less time using Clari.

The tool is also modifiable and simple to customize to meet your company's requirements. Clari also has a feature that connects.

Sales teams in 2020 will be faced with unique problems that they have never experienced before.

Not just are reps subjected to repeated failure trying to close deals, but they're also expected to do research on prospects, wade through complex threads of discussions with many leads, and complete tedious chores such as updating records remotely and under a lot of pressure.

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