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Top 5 Cold Email Automation Software That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

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August 29, 2022

Today's digital marketing approach has developed, and many wonder if email marketing will be as crucial in 2022 as it was in 2012. Yes, absolutely yes. According to statistics, there will be 4.1 billion email subscribers in 2022.

A strong email marketing strategy can help your company interact with potential consumers via tailored emails and increase sales at a low cost.

Email marketing is the most efficient technique to contact your target audience. Only email marketing will allow your brand to engage new and returning customers. For example, if your company gives a 25% discount or any other special deals, it will naturally attract new and existing customers.

In this piece, we'll look at the cold email automation software that might help your company grow faster. Many new-generation email marketing solutions provide automatic follow-up, guaranteeing that your campaigns have the highest deliverability rates in the industry. 

Let's get the list started. Compare the most popular cold email applications in terms of capability and pricing. Choose the most efficient email outreach technique!


What is cold emailing?

Cold emailing is the practice of sending emails to strangers. You send a chilly email to someone you've never met. You are sending an email to someone who isn't expecting it.

It's comparable to cold phoning but less intrusive, and it's most salespeople's preferred contact method.

Is Sending Cold Emails Legal?

Cold emails should not be confused with spam emails. Spam emails are sent to thousands of email addresses at once, with little regard for the legitimacy of the email addresses. Cold email outreach to qualified prospects, on the other hand, entails conducting research and tailoring the message to the receiver. Furthermore, the lessons are validated before sending cold emails.

The simple reality is that sending cold emails is perfectly lawful if you follow the CAN-SPAM Act's guidelines. It is a rule that governs the transmission of B2B and B2C messages and cold emails.

Is Sending Cold Emails Legal?

The 5 Top Automation Software is listed below with details

1. SmartReach 

Are you an experienced email marketer seeking a robust email automation tool? For cold emailing, SmartReach is ideal.

Advanced scheduling and customization capabilities are included in the solution. The lead from the CSV may be readily imported into the CRM program. As a result, there would be a higher probability of receiving a response. You may quickly automate your emails and sync your email outreach activities with your CRM software, and you can even distribute the emails in the timezone of your prospects.

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SmartReach.io supports many email providers and CRM systems. You can keep everything updated and coordinated and govern your business growth with various workflow automation. SmartReach works with standard email clients such as Outlook, G Suite, Mailgun, Exchange, SMTP IMP, and CRM tools such as Hubspot.

With the program, you may send a personalized email and include custom fields like the first name, company, or business name, and any other merge tags to the text of the email. The program consists of campaign warm-ups, spam test results, and built-in email validation to guarantee optimum deliverability.

The program offers team-level settings, role-based authorization, and agency dashboards for managing many customers if you have a larger team.

Advantages of SmartReach

Sending emails to prospects is possible. Allow for custom send times.

The user interface is straightforward.

There are several email clients and CRM software integration options.

Detailed analytics reports to analyze campaign open, respond and click rates.

Assign responsibilities and permissions to members of your team.

A/B split testing

On the program, spam tests are pretty accurate.

The custom-merge tags have no limit. You can generate as many merging tags as you like.

Mail validation features assist in lowering bounce rates.

SmartReach Drawbacks

Filters for contact lists are limited.

Reporting of spam is limited. Only four times a month does the software supply.

SmartReach Costs

SmartReach software is available in three different pricing plans: basic, pro, and ultimate, with monthly costs ranging from $24 to $59 per month.

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2. SmartWriter 

Personalizing emails for decision-makers communicate that your company is not reaching out to everyone and that you are interested in doing business with them. A brilliant writer is a service that quickly generates verified email addresses for decision-makers. You can get the confirmed email addresses of everybody your company needs to contact. With Smart writer, you can expect 95% deliverability and trust.


But it's most known for its hyper-specific subject lines and customized icebreakers, which have seen open rates of 80% and response rates of 40%.

The brilliant writer employs a proprietary AI model that extracts meaning from your prospect's LinkedIn profile, whether recent activity, their bio, a recommendation they got, or the job description. It analyzes the potential and generates a personalized message tailored to them. This appears like you spent a lot of time investigating them, and it assures them that this isn't a canned email.

Advantages of SmartReach

Messages that are hyper-personalized based on LinkedIn data

Using Google Reviews creates unique emails for offline companies.

Intros that are tailored to you based on information from your website

Create backlinking emails with contextual personalization using emails from any prospect or lead (it looks like you have read the blog)

There are no templates; each email is unique and customized.

To hook your prospects, use AIDA, PAS, and other traditional marketing frameworks to create customized emails with Instagram captions and content.

Complete blog posts

Disadvantages of SmartReach

There is no native email delivery software.

Pricing for SmartReach

The SmartReach software is available in three different pricing plans: basic, pro, and ultimate, with monthly prices ranging from $49 to $129.

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3. Woodpecker 

Woodpecker is better suited to B2B companies who wish to send customized emails to their customers. Woodpecker's proprietary algorithm ensures optimum deliverability. They validate email addresses in real-time and ensure that your message reaches the prospect's mailbox 100 per cent of the time. 

The solution is primarily intended for cold email outreach and follow-ups. It offers an A/B testing option, which allows you to pick the optimal version for your email campaigns. You can construct a custom message for each prospect with the advanced snippets. Your company may send emails straight from Office 365 and Gmail accounts, among other things.


Thanks to integrated integrations, you can link your Gmail, Office 365, or Microsoft Exchange email account with Woodpecker in seconds. The program also allows you to create custom email addresses and aliases. Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, Zoom, WordPress, InvoiceBerry, LeadFuze, Pipedrive, Mailgun, UpLead, Hunter, and more business tools are among the integrations available.

It's one of the safest email marketing platforms for automated campaigns. You can simply interact and work efficiently with your team members on the program, and you may share the list of leads and blocklist domains.

Woodpecker's Advantages

The user interface makes automation more accessible than ever before.

Allows you to deliver personalized follow-ups to each type of outreach response.

You may create campaign reports weekly, monthly, or even daily.

A/B testing is automated, and critical insights are gained.

There is customer service accessible.

Manual email addresses can be included in the campaign—robust security cold email marketing software.

Add options for an infinite number of team members/multiple team members.

Woodpecker's disadvantages

For small enterprises, the software will be prohibitively pricey. When compared to other email marketing tools, the pricing is rather costly.

The program limits the number of follow-ups. They only allow for seven follow-ups.

Email attachments are not available.

Overview of Woodpecker Pricing

A 14-day free trial of The Woodpecker is available. Pricing starts at $59 per month.

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4. UpLead

UpLead is also a B2B email marketing solution with a data accuracy of 95%. B2B stands for business-to-business intelligence. You might begin to create free prospecting lists using shady data and unqualified prospects. For buyers that aren't a good fit utilizing UpLeads

UpLeads has over 54 million B2B connections in its database. You have access to over 54 million B2B connections right now. You may search for qualified leads. For +54 million charges, the program delivers 95 per cent data accuracy. Other software generates leads with an average accuracy of 50%. They provide a credit return option if the tips aren't accurate, demonstrating how UpLead guarantees 95 per cent accuracy on lead production.


The contacts on UpLeads are identified through CRM software that the prospects use, and you may update your current leads database. The database's contact information is updated in real-time.

You may also utilize the information to update and improve your existing lead database, locate leads based on their CRM, and check their contact information. You may spend less time hunting for prospects and more time selling them this way. UpLead guarantees 95% accuracy, so you don't have to contact them with outdated information.

UpLeads' Advantage

UpLead is simple and quick to use.

UpLead charges for leads, and the program generates the most valid and legitimate emails.

UpLead is constantly adding fresh leads and removing bad tips.

You must adequately sift or filter the leads; otherwise, they will be dangerous emails or tips.

The program ensures data accuracy of 95%.

Options for bulk contact information searches are available.

Because the email outreach information is instantly updated in the CRM, it saves time.

Email verification in real-time.

UpLeads disadvantage

Finding only one or two emails for a month is not optimal.

There is no mobile app for the program.

Overview of UpLeads Pricing

UpLead has three distinct price and plan options. The price ranges from $99 to $399 each month. The UpLead offers a five-credit free trial.

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5. Snov.io

Snov.io is a popular cold emailing program with a simple user interface and useful features. The program aids in generating additional leads, sales, and money.

Snov.io is an all-in-one SaaS email automation platform suitable for personal and corporate use. It assists the user in finding, collecting, and validating emails. The program assists the company in lowering the bounce rate. You may also use Snov.io to construct drip campaigns, which will help you increase your conversion rates.

Sending sales emails takes extra time, but with Snov.io, it won't. You may design a customized drip email sequence using email drip campaigns, giving you greater control over your process.


Your automated email sequences, lead tracking, campaign workflow, and real-time notification can all be scaled easily. Snov.io assists with email marketing strategy development. Users may download the program and utilize the chrome extension to search for prospects' email addresses on the website.

When prospects open the email, the program sends out alerts. Using this tool, the user may also locate the domain associated with the email address. If the user does not extend the emails, you can easily automate the email follow-up with two alternative sequences.

HubSpot, Salesforce, Asana, Zapier, Adapt, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, Trello, Calendly, and others are just a few of the software integrations available on Snov.io.

Snov.io Advantage: 

Using the chrome extension, you may search for emails from the website.

The user interface of Snov.io is simple.

The possibility of drip campaigns

All email addresses may be verified immediately.

The program has several integration possibilities.

It's a productivity-boosting all-in-one program.

The program does not need any technical skills.

Online information base is easily accessible.

Email, direct messaging, and live chat are all supported by the program.

CSV, TXT, XLSX, and XLS are all supported formats by the application.

Domain and email verification are both possible.

Snov.io's drawback 

There are no unsubscribe options. The cost of the monthly plan is more than that of the competition.

Prices for Snov.io

The program comes with an unlimited premium plan and four different paid subscriptions with varied costs. The small plan costs $33 per month, the medium goal is $141 per month, the extensive project is $241 per month, and the premium plan is $399 per month.


For sales and lead creation, email marketing is the most successful medium. Hard email marketing has never been easier or faster, thanks to tools. The following list of cold email marketing tools, as well as your skills, will assist your company in achieving sales success. Select software that is appropriate for your company.

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