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The 5 Best Sales and Lead Generation Tactics

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September 19, 2022


Many successful businesses rely on sales and lead generation to expand their operations. One important strategy to achieve this goal is to ensure that businesses receive a steady stream of sales leads.

Here are some things you may do to generate leads for your company.


The 5 Best Sales and Lead Generation Tactics

The significance of sales leads

A sales lead is a person or company who may be interested in your firm's products or services. When you've determined a lead's level of interest and suitability as a customer for your company, they become a prospect.

Advertising and marketing, cold calling, social media, referrals, outreach and networking, consultations, and product/service trials are all approaches for sales and lead generation.

Inbound marketing tactics can assist your company in generating a consistent stream of inbound sales leads. To produce sales leads for your company, use the sales and lead generation tactics listed below.

1. Ask Your Clients For Referrals

Your existing clients can be your best source of sales because they've already purchased from you and are familiar with your products and services. As a result, they should be an essential component of your plan for attracting new sales leads.

Warm referrals outperform cold emails or outreach to prospects who know nothing about your company.

Following some of these sales and lead generation tactics can assist in converting current clients into a valuable source of sales leads:

  • Request that your account manager ensures that your consumers are happy with your products or services and customer service. Make an effort to reach out to them in order to identify methods to improve the situation.
  • Set aside some time to speak with your customer and thank them for their business. Show them respect and also show that you can be valuable to them.
  • Inquire about the names and contact information of business contacts or other companies that could be interested in your product or service, as well as the reasons why they might be a good fit.
  • Request that your customer contacts the prospect on your behalf, beginning with a brief email or phone call. You can tell them what to say in an email so the sales lead recognizes the value you offer.
  • Thank your customer for the referral with a meaningful gift. Make it personal rather than anything related to the company's products and services.

2. Use your network to find sales prospects

The 5 Best Sales and Lead Generation Tactics

Everyone has a personal network of relatives, personal and professional friends, past and present business connections, neighbors, and service workers.

You may neglect these folks as a source of sales leads for a variety of reasons, but they should be one of your first possibilities. You already have their trust, thus they are important sources of leads.

While the members of your network share you, many of them exist in different parts of your life and do not interact with one another.

Because they do not share the same contacts, each individual has the potential to produce extremely valuable sales leads. If you've talked with them about life and business, you can ask them to put you in touch with prospects.

What is the first step in the process? Simply let them know you're looking. Be precise about the type of person or company you want to connect with.

Describe their industry, business size, sales and revenue ranges, geographic location, and other pertinent information.

If they have a connection, ask them to make the introduction on your behalf. Even better, send them an email that they may forward to their contact.

Keep in mind that you're talking with a buddy or acquaintance whom you intend to keep in your network. When you mix your business and personal lives, you must be considerate of their time and the relationship.

3. Attend networking events and interact with sales leads

Make visiting in-person and online networking events a regular component of your sales lead generation routine.

Networking is useful for meeting new people and maintaining relationships with people you've met previously. It also allows you to interact with your leads face to face.

Networking takes time, so choose your events carefully. Attend networking events where your sales leads are most likely to lead to make the most of this time.

To get the most out of your networking, use the following sales and lead generation strategies:

  • Building ties with real people is what networking entails. Instead of approaching people with a sales mindset, approach them with the intention of first attempting to help others.
  • Exchange business cards with new people you meet at in-person networking events. Incorporate the individual's contact information into your customer relationship management system.

     Within a week, send an email thanking them for meeting at the event.

  • In both in-person and online networking events, ask attendees whether they want to connect on LinkedIn. It's a terrific method to stay in touch with them even if they move on to another organization.

4. Examine closed and missed chances

"No" can also imply "not right now."

You've most likely contacted a number of firms that did not purchase from you at the time. Make another attempt to contact me. They are already aware of what your company does.

You may have shown off your goods or service and may be conducted a discovery call. They did not purchase at the time, but this could change.

Re-visit chances that have been closed or lost. Every four to six months, follow up with the prospect
. Inquire if anything has changed in their company, such as priorities, difficulties, goals, or needs.

Companies that have not previously purchased from you have already qualified sales leads. Spend time and money marketing to these prospects. Keep in touch with blog posts, tailored messaging, and marketing emails that have been approved.

You might not be able to close the deal the next three times you contact them. However, after the fourth, fifth, or sixth time they hear from you, you may obtain a sale or interest.

And your prospect's situation will almost certainly change. Their budget may need to be increased in order for them to purchase your solution.

Alternatively, your contact may be transferred to a new firm or department where there is a need or impetus to apply your solution.

Staying top of mind with sales leads will make you the first company they contact when it comes time to select their sales solution.

5. Look for sales leads on appropriate social media platforms

5. Look for sales leads on appropriate social media platforms

Everyone, including your leads, is online. It's simply a matter of locating and contacting them.

Because you're undoubtedly on LinkedIn right now (or should be), use it to produce high-quality sales leads. LinkedIn is where you'll find your most sought contacts and firms in your industry.

They've come to transact business, expand their network, advertise their products and services, and discover solutions to their business problems.

Use the following sales and lead generation  tactics to generate fresh sales leads from your social media profile:

Connect with as many people as possible from your existing network, as well as sales leads and people in your field.

Every link helps to broaden your reach, as you may now connect with the contacts of your contacts. You don't have to know your contacts personally; any link might be a terrific source of sales leads.

Inform your network about your potential prospects and the types of difficulties you can assist them with. You can submit an update or create a post about what you're looking for right now.

"We're aiming to assist dentists and orthodontists in the Denver area with boosting their promotional reach throughout the back-to-school season," for example.

To illustrate your value and customer service, ask two to three current clients to submit recommendations or testimonials for the job you've done for them.

These tactics are designed for LinkedIn. You can, however, extend your company's reach and brand to other social networks that are relevant to your organization, such as Instagram, Facebook for Business, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on.

Choose the best social media network for your company. Concentrate your efforts on the social media networks that will provide the most sales leads.


Armed with the above-proven tactics, your pursuit of sales and lead generation will be swift and seamless. With proper execution, these tactics will open your door to many more clients  

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