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8 Ways Marketing Automation will Boost Your Business

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September 19, 2022

Marketing automation implies that you won't have to perform routine operational tasks like scheduling and publishing articles and emails.

An Autobot could achieve it while your employees are free to do what they were hired for.

Let's dig into how you may use marketing automation to increase team productivity, improve sales efficiency, and achieve objectives more quickly.


8 Ways Marketing Automation will Boost Your Business

8 Ways Marketing Automation will Boost Your Business

1. Develop a Fully Automated Welcome Program

Are you looking to start a loyalty-based rewards program? Set up an autoresponder welcome email that is sent out as soon as a client joins up for your membership.

Your ideal autoresponder emails are the ones that allow new consumers to get to know your business.

You may introduce them to your company's values, the people behind it, and a discount on their next purchase to entice them to return to your company.

Automated email flows also enable you to monitor the customer journey across several product categories in your eCommerce store.

On-site activities like clicking on offers and browsing items represented in the emails collect data, which is then used to generate personalized web content and merchandise suggestions — assisting drive purchases across the board.

2. Keep the Customers Happy

Have you ever seen an Instagram Shop ad for a product you've been looking for a long time, but it's also 2:00 a.m., and you're not in the mood to get out of bed?

On a purchase journey, abandoned carts and win-back emails are powerful methods to bring back this sort of consumer.

As an eCommerce firm, how do you get customers like this to the decision point? Win-back emails that are abandoned carts are effective strategies for attracting this sort of client again.

Customers who are dissatisfied with a brand's online customer flow have a stronger tendency to leave feedback.

When a company has a smooth feedback loop in its internet customer flows (i.e., it removes as many purchase barriers as possible), the effect on customer retention is significant.

Customer retention can improve by 5% and result in an incremental jump of 25-96% in ROI, immediately impacting your bottom line.

It doesn't have to be done through email. Ad delivery platforms have found a way to target people who see your advertisements on social media and are reminded to pick up where they left off on your website, right where they are.

Customers aren't completely lost after leaving your website. Retargeting advertisements assist in the re-engagement of visitors that have previously visited your site in the hopes of converting them into customers.

Retargeting and remarketing are two advertising platforms that work together to provide a feedback loop that encourages people to return to your website, making the job of a marketer much easier while delivering a personalized user experience.

3. Automate the Omni-Channel Campaigns

In the last decade, modern digital marketing has wiped the floor with traditional marketing techniques. Do you recall "the rule of seven"? A client must see your message at least seven times before they convert.

Today, you'll have to inundate people with your message seven times a day in order for your brand to stand out in a crowded social media environment.

Prospects are separated between Stories, Reels, IGTV, posts, and other formats, requiring marketers to find a time-effective way to reach them on all platforms.

Automating omnichannel or multi-channel campaigns may help you speed up your sales conversion funnel while requiring less oversight than traditional marketing methods.

In a matter of minutes, customers can receive hyper-personalized product recommendations through emails, location-based push notifications, retargeted advertising, and native content if they interact with your eCommerce site.

Amazon has perfected its algorithm to appeal to everyone.

If you googled for dog beds on Google, you'd bet that it would offer you product listings from the top-selling items on Amazon throughout Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, news sites, and even within its own software.

You may try this right now. The Amazon app homepage is highly tailored to your search and purchase history both on and off the app.

4. Focus on Customer Personalization

Customers' increasingly unique and particular requirements make it more difficult to categorize them into historic market categories.

Marketing automation software can detect indicators like the number of on-site interactions, a variety of items viewed, add-to-carts, and personalized communications based on this information.

Shutterfly, for example, uses personalized images from your personal album to encourage purchases in that area.

If you download the app and grant it access (allowed) to your phone's photo library, it will gather photographs with faces and display products with those photos on them—such as mugs and cushions.

It's a brilliant mix of content marketing and customer experience ideas.

You're more likely to purchase a product like that if you can already envision how it would look after you finish. It also removes hurdles such as downloading a photo, clicking on a product, and then checking out how a personalized cup would look.

5. Keep Up with Continuous Improvement

marketing automation

Another benefit of marketing automation solutions is that they offer limitless testing possibilities. Do you want to test a new variety of back-to-school clothing lines geared toward but not limited to academic yet fashionable college students?

With marketing automation, you may target paid advertisements specifically at an audience with those niche identifiers in order to find out whether your messages are connecting.

It saves both time and effort, as well as provides scalability to your marketing efforts.

You may run an A/B test to optimize email messages, subject lines, creative components, call-to-actions, copy, and audience segments on a continual basis.

Do you have six distinct ideas for your next holiday advertising creative? You can test and learn creatives in large quantities with automation tools.

To figure out which appeals and converts customers the quickest, run a multivariate advertising test in selected markets. Are there few conversions but with high purchase value? Which creative is to blame for this?

When you aren't stressed about the operational aspects of a testing plan, it's easier to answer these questions.

6. Reduce Costs

When you can automate time-consuming activities like changing bids, loading creatives, and switching targeting, it saves money in the long run.

You don't need to pay a full-time campaign coordinator to handle those duties any longer, so you may direct team resources toward devising ideas and developing strategies.

It also implies that you won't have to pay for five different subscriptions and can instead have a one-stop-shop for requirements such as dynamic creative creation, audience testing, and budget optimization, among others.

Some platforms on the market include data management and CRM pipelines in order to encourage cross-vertical integration and agile project management.

7.  Nurture Your Leads

Not personally reaching out to leads to qualify them can save time.

Automating prospecting based on markers like the duration between interactions, subscription choices purchased, or pages visited is a snap.

Because you're not giving room for other companies to enter into a prospect's consideration set, a quick response may result in a greater sales prospect conversion rate.

For those wanting to reduce their response time, support automation is the way to go.

8. Make Your Teams the Best

Team burnout can be induced and accelerated by performing tedious activities day in and day out.

Working a monotonous nine-to-five may seem like a better option these days thanks to the UberEats and Postmates economies.

They'll seek outside job prospects unless you give them a more creative way to express themselves and room to grow their skill set.

Teams must be pushed creatively in order for them to develop and achieve new professional and personal goals.

Marketing automation solutions are sophisticated enough to handle many tactical activities and operational elements of your team, such as lead assignments and follow-ups.

Furthermore, because most organizations have separate marketing and sales departments pursuing their own objectives, the gaps between them get wider.

Coordinating both teams on the same automation solution may help to improve collaboration and bridge communication gaps.

If the sales and marketing teams are each using different technologies, they will most likely be concerned with and analyzing similar business-building activities' significant consequences.

Using a marketing automation tool, your staff can concentrate on more sophisticated elements of your marketing plan, resulting in enhanced team productivity, sales volume, and revenue for the business.

In Conclusion

marketing automation

Doom prophesies that machines will take over most occupations, therefore making humans superfluous. But you know what? Automation is fantastic.

Marketing automation solutions might be used to their full potential if employed intelligently. They may work on more important parts of their jobs while freeing up time from operational and routine activities.

They can focus on the crucial development-oriented components of their professions by releasing team time from operational and mundane tasks.

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