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How to setup MX Record for Outlook 365 on Godaddy

Discover how to setup MX Record for Outlook 365 on GoDaddy with our concise guide, ensuring smooth email management for your domain
Written by
Vikas Jha
Published on
December 10, 2023

Setting up an MX (Mail Exchange) record is a necessary step for GoDaddy users who utilize Microsoft Outlook 365 for their email services.

This configuration is crucial to manage your domain's email traffic effectively, ensuring emails are routed properly through Microsoft's servers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Configure MX Records for Outlook 365 on GoDaddy

Accessing Your GoDaddy Domain Settings

Navigate to the GoDaddy domains page. You can reach it directly using this link.

Log in with your credentials. Click on your login name in the upper right corner and select 'My Products'.

Login to your Godaddy Account

In the 'My Products' section, find 'Domains' and click on the 'DNS' button next to the domain you wish to configure.

Go to My Products

Click on DNS

Adding the MX Record

Once in the DNS Management page, look for the 'Records' section.

Click on the 'ADD' button to create a new record.

Click on Add New Record Under DNS Record

From the drop-down menu, select the 'MX' option. This step is crucial as it specifies the type of record you're adding, which in this case is for handling emails.

Click on MX in Dropdown

Configuring MX Record Details

Fill in the details for the new MX record. Here's what you need to input:

Type: MX

Name: @ (This symbol represents your domain name)

Priority: 10 (Priority helps in deciding which server to use first if you have multiple mail servers)

Value: [Your Domain Key] (You can find your domain key in your Microsoft account here)

TTL (Time to Live): 1 hour (This is the time period for which servers cache the information)

Double-check these values to ensure accuracy, as even a small error can disrupt your email service.

Saving Your MX Record Configuration

Once you've entered all the details, click 'Save' to apply the changes.

Click on Save

Remember, it might take some time for these changes to propagate across the internet, typically around 48 hours, although it's often much quicker.

Leveraging MX Record for Optimal Email Functionality

Properly setting up your MX record for Outlook 365 on GoDaddy is more than a technical task; it’s about ensuring reliable and efficient email communication. This setup links your domain with Microsoft’s servers, harnessing the power of Outlook 365 for your email needs.


Check your DNS settings periodically and reach out to GoDaddy or Microsoft support if needed. While technical, setting up an MX record is essential for making the most of your email services with Outlook 365 and your GoDaddy domain.

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