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How to Use Customer Insights to Grow Your Business

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September 19, 2022

Customer insights are essential for businesses because they provide a direct line into the minds of consumers. By understanding what makes them tick, you can better appeal to them and convert more leads into paying customers.

Every company, however different, is ultimately reliant on its consumers. Because all people have the same blood flow, it's no surprise that the lifeblood of most businesses is their customers.

Understanding your clients should come as no surprise; understanding how your business works and how you may develop it is one of the finest methods to better understand how it functions.

We'll show you how to utilize customer insights to develop your business and increase revenue in this chapter.

How to Use Customer Insights to Grow Your Business


What Are Customer Insights and How Do They Help?

Customer insights are reports about the way consumers act, feel, and react in relation to a company.

Businesses may use customer insights to make adjustments to their strategies and models in order to make them more aligned with their customers' wants and needs.

In other words, organizations look for customer insights in order to better understand the driving forces behind their behaviours as they pertain to the business.

Businesses may look to customer insights to figure out why one of their goods is selling so poorly, or why another of their products is outperforming all of their others.

They can realign their business model with customers' values and generate more money by learning why certain selections are outperforming others.

Customer insights are usually discovered through data analysis in a contemporary environment.

This might imply looking at your existing customer data, examining the market environment outside of your company, conducting market research, or any other method for gathering information.

Customer insights, on the other hand, do not always have to come from huge data.

A single online review might provide highly valuable customer information — and the value of consumer feedback should never be overlooked.

How Customer Insights Can Improve Your Win Rate

Let's look at how customer insights might be used to create a measurable difference in your firm after we've defined them.

1. Enhance the buyer's experience

The Buyer's Journey is a phrase that refers to the usual path followed by most, if not all, buyers before making a purchase.

The buyer's journey is usually depicted as consisting of three phases: acquisition, evaluation, and execution.

  • Awareness: The buyer is unaware of the problem they need to fix. They're now attempting to better comprehend their issue.
  • Consideration: By now, the buyer is well aware of the problem and wants to learn more about potential solutions.
  • Decision: At this point, the buyer is searching for certain providers that can provide a solution. They're looking at prices and services from a variety of companies to determine who fits best.

Some add an additional two stages to this path:

  • Purchase: The buyer here is making a purchase.
  • Maintenance: At this point, the buyer is assessing whether or not they wish to continue utilizing the product. This is especially significant for SaaS and other subscription-based solutions.

You may get a more detailed picture of what parts of the buyer's journey are causing your consumers to stumble and which are going well if you analyze customer insights.

For example, you might discover that your company isn't producing enough content to reach purchasers in the decision phase. You may then increase bottom-of-funnel material as a result of this.

2. Customize Your Marketing to Increase Sales

How to Use Customer Insights to Grow Your Business

In the past, businesses have concentrated their marketing efforts on the whole market.

Mass marketing is a phrase used to describe this approach. However, today, most firms choose for more targeted marketing, such as targeting specific audiences like men aged 18-25 or women ages 30-40.

Personalized marketing goes a step further by attempting to connect specific people with marketing materials in order to elicit a higher response from them.

You've already experienced personalized marketing if you've ever received an email from a business that addressed you by your name.

Customer insights enable you to make more successful personalized and tailored marketing campaigns.

For example, you may use client insights to provide different deals to customers that visit your site frequently and those who come once in a while. Alternatively, you may discover that one form of personalization is more effective than another.

How to Make Use of Customer Insights

Let’s take a deeper look at how you can use customer insights to make an impact on your business.

1. Get Insights on How People Use an Existing Product

Customer insights can help you enhance your sales or marketing efforts for an existing product.

For example, you might want to figure out what terms customers use to describe your brand or product. Then compare that to the words they use to describe competitors.

In a similar manner, you may attempt to find out why one product is preferred over another. After that, you may establish actionable methods for addressing any issues and enhancing your strong points.

2. Gather Information About a New Product's Market

When you're launching a new product, you need to first understand the current
market climate in which you'll be entering.

Market research may assist with this.

In this scenario, you'll want to find out if your target market believes your product will be useful, whether they can imagine themselves using it, what their opinions and feelings are regarding existing alternatives, and how they feel about your prototype.

This information might assist you in planning a more successful launch.

3. Get Competitive Insights

Keep your friends close, but your foes closer is a popular adage. If you want to compete with them, you'll need to understand how they're doing.

Fortunately, customer insights can help with this. You may learn whether or not your competitor's new product has been well-received by looking at data regarding how your target market is reacting to it.

If it turns out that it was a failure, you'll know not to repeat their mistakes; if it's a success, though, you have the option of launching something comparable or incorporating its greatest features into a current product portfolio.

Furthermore, you may research your competition's product to discover areas and possibilities that you can capitalize on.

Is it true that people like your competitor's product but find it too difficult to use? Make use of this information to start developing a comparable product with an improved and more user-friendly user interface.

The following are some of the key takeaways:

How to Use Customer Insights to Grow Your Business

The findings and interpretations of a company's clients, which is frequently based on consumer data research. These insights are generally accompanied by practical ideas that can be implemented.

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