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Top 6 Cold Emailing Tips to Reach the Prospects You Don't Know

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September 13, 2022

Cold emailing is the act of reaching out to someone you don't know for a particular and legitimate reason.It doesn't have to be related only to sales, as cold emails are used for networking, link building, recruiting, etc.B2B cold email marketing involves educating your prospective customers with relevant, highly-actionable information that solves a problem in their business.There are several advantages to using email to promote to B2B companies, including simplicity of use and low cost.To convert a cold list of contacts into opt-in prospects, however, the campaign must first make it into the inbox and then provide useful information.Of course, this is easier said than done. Here are some top tips on how to do it effectively![toc]

1. Write catchy subject lines

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Your subject line is your first opportunity to get your email opened, so make sure it's catchy!Try using a statistic or fact about your product or service that will pique the reader's interest. For example: "97% of BPOs say this tool saves them time and money."2. Keep it short, no more than 100 wordsPeople are busy and don't have time to read a long email. Keep your message short and to the point, highlighting the benefits of your product or service.- BPOs can save time and money with our new tool- Cut down on processing times by 50%- Get more done in less time!If you can, try to keep your email to around 100 words or less. Any longer than that and there's a good chance it will be ignored.3. Personalize, and lean towards an account-based marketing approach"Dear client" This way of addressing a potential customer screams "boring message ahead" louder when they open an email. It's better to avoid generic terms and sales pitches.It replaces your email's personality with a corporate tone that isn't appealing to the lead. Find out the prospect's first name and use it in every instance. Here is another comparison.Like Denis Oakley's group did to turn a decent but floundering product into a firm that earned $1 million in sales, they went to events in the client's market and greeted the key salespeople at the booths while collecting 1200 business cards.They then contacted them and were greeted with a positive response. The company was recognized at the event by most salespeople, who sent the cold email to the appropriate person at the firm.You may also include a blog comment, a LinkedIn post, or even a pastime of theirs to your email. You may take account-based marketing (ABM) one step further by applying it to your total sales approach.According to 87 per cent of B2B marketers, it is also known as the inverted funnel method. ABM improves on the notion of personalization and integrates it into your whole sales plan.4. Have a simple, single CTA

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When you have several Call-to-action (CTA), it may be difficult for a lead to choose. This is known as the "paradox of choice."Links and attachments that are excessive might be considered spam, and they also have the potential to produce effects from too many options, making taking any action more difficult for the recipient.5. Internalize the follow-upThe average number of follow-ups needed to convert a $1,000 purchase is six. However, only 20% of purchases need fewer than 5 follow-ups.The surprising part is that just one attempt fails to follow up 44 per cent of salespeople.Cold email campaigns with 4-7 follow-ups received a response rate of 27 per cent, compared to 13 per cent for cold emails with 1-3 follow-ups, according to the Woodpecker team.Prospects are busy, and they may not have the time to respond immediately. Even if prospects intend to reply later, they may forget to do so. However, following up is an important part of any successful B2B cold email campaign.6. Proofread your cold email Make sure you have the basics rightAlways fact-check the name, job title, and company of your lead. And avoid basic errors like spelling mistakes or incorrect information about the lead ( use the Grammarly app for further help).Prospects are busy, they may not find time to reply promptly, and even if they intend to respond later, they may forget to do so. However, following up is a necessity for a successful B2B cold email campaign.B2B businesses continue to favour email marketing, which has been shown to outperform all other marketing channels.Marketers should consider how often they send emails and adapt their campaign structure in response to the audience's level of engagement. Failure to do so might have a negative influence on customer loyalty and brand reputation.Prospects can be worn down by emails since they are bombarded with spam. An effective email campaign may considerably enhance marketing effectiveness and conversion rates by improving them.

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