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14 Unique Ways to Build Leads for Business

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September 12, 2022

Learning to build leads is essential for any business. However, building leads can be a challenge, especially if you rely on outdated methods.

In today's market, it's important to be innovative and think outside the box when it comes to lead generation.

To help get you started, we've compiled a list of 14 unique ways to find new business leads. These tactics are unconventional but they work! So if you're looking for some new ideas, read on...

Any business must continually build leads to survive. While there are numerous methods for discovering prospective consumers, many classic techniques are no longer utilized.

Without a doubt, today's popular lead generation strategies may cease to exist in the future.


14 Unique Ways to Build Leads for Business

Because building leads for your business might require you to think outside the box and be open to changing your approach, it's important not to be stuck in a rut.

Stepping away from typical methods to experiment with innovative techniques may help you discover leads in unexpected areas.

1. Create a Digital Footprint for Your Company

Creating your digital footprint is a versatile approach to build leads. This includes utilizing social media sites, producing content such as opinion pieces, thought leadership.

Comments on third-party postings, participating in the important focus groups using hashtags, increasing your credibility through various connection ships and memberships—the list can go on. Make an action plan and execute it.

2. Begin Your Own Lead Generation Campaign on LinkedIn

It all depends on your industry and how fast you need to transform leads into sales.

1. Create a Digital Footprint for Your Company

For a longer game, I'd advocate using content marketing, since it will entice people into your funnel by offering value, which may lead to purchases in the long run. Otherwise, LinkedIn's a good place to start with lead programs.

3. Create Content That Is Value-Based, Human-Focused

Value-based, human-focused content in a variety of media formats to match your client's journey.

Companies spend far too much time focusing on their products and not enough time connecting them with how clients' issues can be addressed.

Taking a value-based approach to content marketing allows companies to bridge the trust gap and speed up the sales cycle by connecting their products with how they may be used.

4. Customers Can Recommend You To Others

The finest approach to collecting outstanding leads is always through referrals from happy clients.

Don't be scared to ask these people for their thoughts or video testimonials, which you may include on your website or in short email links.

Nothing boosts a company's performance than having delighted consumers talk favourably about you and share stories that would resonate with your prospects.

5. From a Place of Passion, Take the Lead

What methods have you used to attract those who are interested in establishing a connection with you?

The majority of them will start with a sales approach. To distinguish yourself, first figure out what your “why” is and then lead with a passion for what you may give to an organization.

When you lead from a place of passion, it's more credible and might result in trusted connections.

6. Focus on providing unique value.

Customers who give more typically get more. The ideal leads are the ones that your existing clients offer you proactively. As a result, ensuring that your clients obtain unique value will be critical to build leads at the lowest price.

7. Webinars for Educators

Webinars are fantastic "one-to-many" marketing tools that allow you to inform and demonstrate your expertise to your target audience.

Create a Digital Footprint for Your Company

Those who accept your invitation have an interest in the topic; those who attend are probably seeking assistance. Webinar invites distributed via email and social media also work well as excellent branding instruments.

8. Create blog entries about current or desired clients

Create blog entries about your clients or potential customers, each of whom should be a good match for your target market.

You'll not only help them raise awareness of their enterprises, but the subjects of each post will also share the pieces with their own networks. Others will be more willing to contact you as a result of your and their reputations.

9. On LinkedIn, define yourself as a thought leader

LinkedIn is a powerful instrument for producing high-quality leads that are authentic. LinkedIn accounts for a third of my business.

The key to the effective usage of LinkedIn is to establish yourself as a thought leader. This can be accomplished by offering material that showcases your value to potential customers.

Clients will seek you out since you have provided such useful information.

10. Where does your target market spend their time online?

You should first identify where your target market resides and visits most frequently. It used to be a physical place in the past. It's now a virtual one. Are they on Facebook or LinkedIn?

What websites do they visit often? You can narrow down your marketing to focus on those specific locations, sites, or publications once you know where they hang out.

11. Hashtags can help you connect with others who are interested in what you're saying

I had a third party generate a hashtag list for me. The hashtags were relevant to the customers I was attempting to attract. Every post was reaching more potential consumers, rather than me just dumping information with my fingers crossed.

12. Inquire about testimonials

The best approach to get leads is to request them. The most valuable form of marketing is face-to-face word-of-mouth (interpersonal) communication.

14 Unique Ways to Build Leads for Business

Build Leads

Asking your clients to tell their friends about the work you do for them and how it benefits their business is a wonderful method to attract new leads. Begin asking your clients for names of people they know who might be interested in your offerings.

13. Try talking to your ideal clients about your product or service

Combine the contemporary (technology) with the ancient (connection). Consider five ideal clients with whom you'd like to work before rolling out a new program or service.

Reach out and have a virtual discussion with them about your product: how many times per week would they want it, for example? How much money would they be willing to invest? How long do they want their solution to last?

14. Debut Your Brand Story in its Full Glory

The easiest approach to get rid of the stress of dealing with algorithm changes, platform updates, new tools, and competition comparisons is to figure out what makes your company unique (also known as your brand).

What's your tale? How can you help people? How do you go about doing it? Who does it benefit the most? The reality is that no one can compete with your narrative. A task may be completed by anybody.

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