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Email Alias Meaning: How to Set it up on GMail and Outlook

Explore Alias Meaning in Different Contexts: Discover how aliases are used in Email, Law, Digital identities, and more, revealing the dynamic nature of assumed name
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Vikas Jha
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January 23, 2024

What Does the Word Alias Mean

The word "alias" can be used as both a noun and an adjective, and it generally refers to a person with an alternate name or identity.

The word 'alias' has its origin in Latin, where it was used as an adverb meaning "at another time; otherwise." It has roots in the Latin word "alius," which means "other" or "another."

In the digital realm, particularly in the context of online security, the term "alias" takes on a critical role. It refers to the use of synonyms or alternative names, often employed by individuals to conceal their true identity. This practice is notably prevalent in the creation of various online forms and accounts, where aliases are used to mask real identities

Alias As a Noun

An alias is a false or alternate name, especially one used by a person who wishes to conceal their identity.

It's often used in a context that involves a pseudonym for an author, an undercover name for a spy, criminal, or detective, or by individuals wanting to hide their true identity for various reasons.

For Example: "During her career as a mystery writer, she adopted the alias 'Jane Sterling' to keep her true identity a secret from her readers."

In this sentence, the words "Jane Sterling," the alternative name that the mystery writer uses instead of her real name, is an alias noun

Alias As an Adjective

When used as an adjective, "alias" describes something being under an alternate name.

For example, in legal or formal documents, you might see a phrase like "John Doe, alias Richard Jones", indicating that John Doe is also known by Richard Jones

For Example: "In the police report, the arrested suspect was referred to as 'John Smith, alias the Night Fox,' indicating his notorious nickname."

In this sentence, "alias" is used as an adjective to describe the alternate name or nickname called "the Night Fox" associated with actor John Smith.

Alias As an Adverb

When used adverbially, "alias" implies that the action of the verb is performed under an assumed alternate name.

For example, you might encounter a sentence like, "He operates an alias something called 'The Fox' in the spy network."

This additional name means that he is known by the alternate name 'The Fox' in the context of his activities within the spy network.

Aliases commonly refer to assumed or additional name given to words, yet their application extends to other circumstances as well, such as signal processing, computer science, sales outreach, and various other fields

What is an Email Alias?

An email alias serves as a forwarding email address, able to both send and receive messages, much like a standard email. However, it is connected to a main email account.

This primary account remains confidential and receives all messages sent to the email alias.

Uses of Email Aliases:

Uses of Email Aliases:
Uses of Email Aliases
  • Temporary or disposable email addresses: Used for short-term registrations on websites, with the option to delete them later.
  • Role-specific email addresses: Employees might use emails representing their department or position, like
  • Monitoring customer correspondence: Tracking emails from different customer aliases in one account is helpful.
  • Privacy and Security: It offers a way to communicate without giving out your primary email address, thus protecting your main account from spam and unauthorized access.
  • Organizational Efficiency: You can filter and sort emails more effectively. For example, you could use an alias for newsletters and set Gmail to categorize these emails into a specific folder automatically.
  • Professional Appearance: An alias can provide a more appropriate or professional email address for business communications without needing a separate email account.
  • Testing and Feedback: Use an alias to sign up for your own services or send test emails, giving you a user’s perspective without cluttering your primary inbox.

How to Set Up an Alias in Gmail

Access Gmail Settings:

How to Set Up a Gmail Alias
How to Set Up a Gmail Alias

Open your Gmail account.

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to open 'Settings'.

Go to 'Accounts and Import':

In the Settings menu, select the 'Accounts and Import' tab.

Add Another Email Address:

Find the section labeled 'Send mail as'.

Click on 'Add another email address'.

Enter Alias Details:

Enter Alias Details
Enter Alias Details

In the pop-up window, enter the name you want to appear on your sent messages and the alias email address you want to use.

Click 'Next Step'.

Verify the Email Address:

Gmail will send a verification email to the alias address.

Access the email account of your alias, open the verification email, and click the link to confirm.

Configure Sending Options:

Once verified, you can choose whether to use Gmail's servers to send mail or use the SMTP servers associated with your other email address.

If you use Gmail servers, emails from your alias will still show “via Gmail.”

Finalize Setup:

Save Changes in Gmail Setting
Save Changes in Gmail Setting

Save changes in the Gmail settings.

How to Set Up an Alias in Outlook 365

Sign in to Your Microsoft Account:

Go to the Microsoft account website and sign in with your Outlook credentials.

Access the Settings:

Access Settings
Access Settings

Once logged in, navigate to the “Setting” section and then Select "View All Outlook Settings."

Add an Alias:

Find the option to “Sync Email” and Click  “Manage or choose primary alias”.

Choose the Alias Details:

You can create a new email address or add an existing one as an alias.

Verify the Alias:

If you’re adding an existing email address, a verification email will be sent to that address.

Open the email and click the verification link to confirm and complete the process.

Manage Your Alias:

Once the alias is set up, you can choose which email address (your primary or the alias) you want to send emails from in Outlook.

Use the Several Aliases in Outlook:

Choose Which Alias to Send the Email from
Choose Which Alias to Send the Email from

When composing a new email in Outlook, you can select your alias in the “From” field to send emails from that alias.

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