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8 Best Email Address Finder Chrome Extensions

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October 7, 2022

The first step in approaching your prospects is to discover their email addresses. Although locating someone's genuine email address might be difficult, a few Chrome addons can help. Let's look into these email finder addons in more detail.


8 Best Email Address Finder Chrome Extensions

Email Finder Chrome Extensions

1. Hunter.io 

Hunter.io is perhaps the most widely utilized email outreach tool. Hunter.io can find practically anyone's email address thanks to its database of over 100 million. Hunter.io provides an easy-to-use browser extension in addition to a feature-rich website.

Hunter.io's search extends beyond LinkedIn profiles since it scans the whole web. Click on the extension icon to discover an email address while surfing any website. Hunter.io will look for all of the email addresses linked with that domain. After that, you may add those email addresses to your contact list.

It may also locate your prospect's phone number in some instances. You can filter email addresses by departments with Hunter.io, such as marketing, sales, and management. It also contains a capability for locating the email address of the article's author.

This addon displays the sources from which it obtained the email address to ensure transparency. While its subscription plan may appear costly, it has many features that make it well worth the money. For the most part, however, most individuals would be satisfied with their free plan.

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2. AeroLeads 

Another Chrome plugin that might help you search for emails faster is AeroLeads. LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Sales Navigator, and other professional platforms may be used to find email addresses using AeroLeads.

Open their LinkedIn or Crunchbase profile and scroll down the page to discover their email address. Their email address, as well as an authenticity score, may be found on the Prospect tab. All the information will be collected by the AeroLeads extension, allowing you to add the individual to your prospects list.


The fact that you can't locate addresses by specifying any domain name is a significant disadvantage of this extension. Even though their email discovery feature is pretty useful, the extension opens in a different window, which might be annoying. AeroLeads offers four membership options, including one that is entirely free.

3. FindThat

Another popular extension is Find that, which bills itself as "The Yellow Pages of Email." Find that's most notable feature is its ability to integrate with other applications like Zapier to automate your process. It also includes tools for email verification and bulk email address search.

You can only use the browser extension to look for email addresses on social media sites. You'll need to visit Findthat's website to locate email addresses linked with any company/domain. This technique also demonstrates self-assurance.

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4. Name2Email 

Name2Email is a free Chrome plugin that allows you to type in your prospect's name and displays their email address. It differs from other extensions because it searches for email addresses directly within the Gmail interface.

Use "First Name Last Name @Company" in the recipient area to retrieve the email address. The addon displays a list of probable email addresses. When you hover your cursor over an email address, it should display the recipient's name or a picture.

Using the Gmail app to enter the email address saves you a few clicks and time. However, free tools have limits. You can't mass search for emails using Name2Email.

5. Prospect.io 

Prospect.io is a complete prospecting toolbox that includes an excellent email finder. It gives you access to specific information on your prospects, such as their name, email address, and photo.


Visit your prospect's website and click the extension to obtain email addresses. Multiple email addresses linked with that domain will be shown on Prospect.io. It will display your prospect's photograph and their confidence score in addition to their name. You may click Get Email if you discover the proper individual there.

You can organize, organize and filter your leads with Prospect.io's contact management system. It's affordably priced, despite being an all-in-one prospecting tool. Most importantly, your credit will only be used when you click Get Email to read the email addresses.

6. RocketReach 

RocketReach is much more than an email finder; it can significantly aid your outreach efforts. It accomplishes this by delivering comprehensive data on your prospect. This information contains their email addresses, social media accounts, titles, photos, and companies. The Company tab also has information about the business.


Visit your prospect's website and look for the extension symbol to discover the email address. Following that, RocketReach displays a list of employees for that company. When you add a contact to your list, RocketReach checks the email addresses and shows a tick next to the active ones. RocketReach is a relatively expensive tool. It is, nonetheless, worthwhile to try if you are serious about your outreach efforts.

7. Skrapp 

Skrapp features two Chrome extensions: Email Finder and Enrich, both prospecting tools. In addition to discovering individual email addresses, you may bulk search for them to save time. You can also get your leads list in XLSX or CSV formats from Skrapp.

The Enrich plugin displays a list of firm personnel together with the availability of their email addresses. Your credit will be utilized only if you provide the email address and save it to your list. On LinkedIn and Sales Navigator sites, the Email Finder addon displays personal information, including email addresses. This add-on allows you to see your prospect's email address without adding them to your list.

8. Leadb

Cost: $19 per month (12,000 credits) to $59 per month (30,000 credits) | Enterprise Freemium pricing is customized. Offer: Monthly credit of 50 credits

What's more, it has a lot of potential. LinkedIn allows you to look up the email address of anyone.


You may get email addresses from LinkedIn profiles, which can help you with your sales, marketing, and hiring. With this chrome email finder, you can also learn much about the organization where the prospect works.


These email finding services have massive databases and sophisticated algorithms that can locate practically anyone's email address for you.

If you still can't discover your prospect's email address after using all these extensions, you may try manually searching for it. Human intelligence, after all, is unrivalled... at least so far.

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