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7 Best Templates For Sales Prospecting Email

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August 29, 2022

We all know how difficult it is to begin a project when there is no assurance of success and a high likelihood of failure. Prospecting might sometimes seem like that, especially if you're utilizing antiquated sales techniques that make customers roll their eyes.

We understand that prospecting may be intimidating, and a streak of unanswered calls and emails can be depressing. As a result, we've got your back for a sales prospecting email.


Prospecting Email

A salesman sends a prospecting email to a potential customer to introduce themselves and their company's benefits. The purpose of the email is to set up a phone, video, or in-person meeting with the prospect to discuss their needs in further detail.

If the salesperson has never engaged with the receiver, prospecting emails are frequently referred to as "cold emails." While you may need to send a cold email now and then, you should send outreach or prospecting emails to people already familiar with you or your company.

7 Best Templates For Sales Prospecting Email

This familiarity may be gained through recommendations or social media contacts. You may also establish it by citing a prospect's work or a company announcement as a cause to connect.

But how can you craft a conversion-friendly prospecting email that is relevant and engaging?

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Three Crucial Elements of Effective Sales Prospecting Emails

The following should be included in every excellent sales email template:

1. The reason for contacting you

This justification should serve as a self-check. Is there a compelling motive for you to contact your prospect? Are they a good match for your ideal customer? Are they similar to some of your previous top-performing customers? Are you able to offer this individual anything of value?

If that's the case, don't bother.

2. Reason for contacting me now?

It's crucial to provide a consumer with a compelling cause to buy to figure out whether they're a good fit. Unless there's a clear cause, such as a relevant pain point, a trigger event, or an internal endeavour, there's no incentive to buy. As a result, don't limit your prospecting to firms in your usual vertical and size range. Is there a reason you're in this situation?

Before you ask your buyer for something, make sure your sales prospecting email is helpful. 

When it comes to sales prospecting, what constitutes a good email?

To guarantee that your email templates work successfully, first consider the top 5 aspects of a strong sales prospecting email.

1. A Catchy Title

The fact is that the only thing stopping your prospecting email from being viewed is the subject line.

We discovered that the best-performing cold email subject lines:


Deal with any issues that arise.

Make a difference

arouse interest

Include figures.

Create FOMO.

Employ social proof.

A/B must test your subject lines to see what kind of messaging and tone your recipients respond to.

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2. A Good Reason to Contact You

It's critical to constantly clarify why you're reaching out. Why are you contacting me? And why now, exactly?

These are all crucial things to ask yourself before contacting prospects and addressing in the message itself.

This explanation would be appreciated by recipients, especially if the email is chilly.

A Good Reason to Contact You

3. Deliver Value

To get, you must first give. Providing value will rapidly warm up your chilly leads.

It's human nature to feel like you owe someone anything to provide you with helpful information.

That's the force of reciprocity.

Always keep value at the forefront of your prospecting email templates. Then, for each recipient, customize this value proposition.

Your job is to concentrate on assisting them, and the reward will follow automatically for the sales prospecting email.

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4. Individualization

Merge fields for personalization should always be included in your prospecting email templates.

Here are six effective methods for writing customized emails:

Look for an unusual similarity.

Emphasize shared interests.

Refer to particular areas of discomfort.

Use their name several times.

Congratulate the recipient.

You'll immediately lose credibility if you send a prospecting email without personalization.

5. Conclude with a call to action

Every sales email should advance the discussion. A CTA guarantees that the receiver knows what to do next.

This may be as simple as a link to a meeting planner, which will direct the receiver to book a meeting on your calendar if your message resonates.

Send personalized links that sync to your calendar to eliminate back-and-forth.

Conclude with a call to action

Prospecting Templates That You Can Use Right Now

Are you still having trouble? Here are five prospecting email templates, each with a different trigger event or cause to contact you.

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1. Refer to a press release from the firm

Congrats! Have you considered [economic value]?

Greetings, [first name],

I observed that [company] recently [company action] because I work so much with [your targeted industry]. Congrats!

When this happens, [business value] usually takes precedence. That's why I thought you'd be interested in seeing how we helped [similar firms] get started in their new path quickly and without the usual snags.

Let's set up a brief call if you'd want to learn more. On your calendar, how does [particular day and hour] appear?


[Your name here]

Refer to a press release from the firm

2. Make a corporate announcement reference

This week's announcement.

[Your name],

Your recent revelation regarding [news] got me thinking this week.

I came across an article about [related topic] that you might find valuable as your firm grows.

Here's where you can read it: [link to article]

Do you have any plans to improve [related business value]? I have some additional information that you might find helpful.

I hope you found this post to be informative.


[Your name here]

3. Make contact with a client reference

We should get in touch because [mutual relationship] suggested it.

Hello, [first name]

We should come in touch, according to [mutual relation]. I work for a firm named [company name] that does [X, Y, and Z], and I work with [them].

I know a couple of approaches that might work well for your team based on your job at [business].

Our [product name] has received a lot of positive feedback in the marketplace, and I believe it might be beneficial to you!

Is this a good fit for your current priorities?


[Your name here]

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4. Offer helpful advice

Can we also assist you in achieving [goal]?

Hello, [first name]

Working with other [job titles], one of the most challenging difficulties they face is [important issue].

This past year, we assisted several organizations in [business driver], resulting in [money saved, revenue increased, and productivity enhancements].

[important strategy] is a strategy that our clients have had a lot of success with. Based on what I know about your company, here are a couple of options for implementing that strategy:

Is it something you've had to deal with before? I have some suggestions that could be useful.

Best wishes,

[Your name here]

offer helpful advice

5. Offer counsel in response to a social media post

[Business value] suggestions

Greetings, [first name],

I saw that you recently asked a query on LinkedIn regarding how to increase your company's [business value].

How would you wish to enhance your plan, if at all? I've discovered that [solution] has worked for others. Here are a few examples of what other firms I've worked with have done in the past that you might find helpful:

Have you tried any of these approaches before? I have a few additional suggestions about how we might assist.


[Your name here]

6. Applaud their efforts

I like your [insert title/publication] essay.

Hello, [Name of Prospect],

I enjoyed your recent [insert publication] article on [insert topic/title]. I was taken by your remark on [insert key point from article].

I thought you'd enjoy this article on a related topic: [insert article related to your product/service].

What are your opinions on the matter?


[Your name here]

7. Make a new role reference

Congratulations on your new position!

Hello, [Name of Prospect],

I saw you just started a new job at [business name]. Congratulations!

I'm sure you're trying to figure out how to create a quick (and impressive) impression in your new role, and I think I can assist.

I've worked with companies similar to yours previously, and they were thrilled with the results:

[Insert a noteworthy statistic]

Let's chat about how I can help you accomplish the same. If this seems like something you'd want to do, please schedule a time on my calendar: [Insert link to calendar]


[Your name here]

Prospecting is a difficult task. Make it simple this year with a new approach to outreach.


Prospecting isn't a numbers game, as we've previously stated. To understand what works (and what doesn't), experiment with different templates and communication strategies and keep track of your findings.

Of course, current client interaction tools may drastically cut down on prospecting time and effort. You can rapidly transform Salesforce data into tailored marketing using tools like Revenue Engage. It's even easier to determine which initiatives are the most effective because performance charts are automatically created.

Revenue Inbox makes data collecting simple if your company's Salesforce isn't as full of helpful prospect information as you'd like it to be. Revenue Grid speeds up and simplifies the sales process from prospecting to closing.

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