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15 Best Meeting Scheduler Tools Which Will Help Scheduling

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October 7, 2022

Human resource managers have a lot on their plates. They are frequently in charge of hiring and onboarding new workers, processing mountains of paperwork connected to payroll and pensions, ensuring that employees' mental health is taken care of, and creating an effective layoff offboarding strategy. To establish a game plan, measure progress, collect comments, adjust course as needed, and meet deadlines, all of this juggling necessitates a large number of meetings.

While most individuals, despite wasting time in repetitive meetings, some of them are unavoidable. On the other hand, meeting scheduling tools can save time by eliminating the back and forth between individuals attempting to find the ideal day and time for a meeting. You may make one portion of your job easier by using a simple online meeting scheduling tool instead of a group email. And, to spare you time on research, we've compiled a list of the top meeting scheduling software for 2022.


15 Best Meeting Scheduler Tools Which Will Help Scheduling

The best online scheduling tools 

1. Calendar

This online meeting scheduling application does more than book meetings since it integrates with Apple, Google, and Outlook Calendars, as well as numerous sales and productivity tools. The Calendar uses artificial intelligence to automatically schedule meetings based on your and everyone else's availability and transcriptions and analytics showing you where you spend most of your time.

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2. Doodle

Many people use the accessible version of this online meeting scheduling application, so you're already familiar with it. Doodle allows you to set your availability for a specific group meeting using a simple interface, and each member may pick their preferred dates. With the premium edition, you may schedule an appointment in everyone's Calendar.


3. Bookafy

This software is ideal for organizing meetings with potential applicants, staff, or partners. Bookafy automates the appointment setup process by sending confirmation emails, text message reminders, and syncing with Teams, Zoom, and Webex (amongst others). Every team member may connect their calendars with Bookafy to display real-time availability. Google, iCloud, Outlook, and Exchange are all supported by Bookafy.


4. Rally 

The rally, like Doodle, allows you to establish a poll in which participants choose the ideal meeting time. Rally's extra advantage, in addition to being free to use, is the remark box on the poll page, which has helped it earn a spot in our list of the top meeting scheduling tools for 2022. This permits the attendees to discuss the meeting's specifics and the schedule ahead of time.

5. NeedToMeet 

Another of our top online scheduling tools, this one informs your guests about your availability. NeedToMeet allows you to block the hours you like in your Calendar and send the alternatives out, rather than making a poll like the initial applications on this list. The meeting that receives the most votes can then be scheduled. 

6. Calendly 

Some meeting scheduling applications are more concerned with keeping your Calendar structured and avoiding multiple bookings or overstretching yourself. Calendly is on our list of meeting scheduling tools for 2022 because it's a simple and user-friendly way to give others a glimpse into your schedule. People may make an appointment with you using a personalized URL, which will sync with your Google or Office 365 calendar. It sends out automatic reminders before the meeting, decreasing no-shows and making it a valuable tool for sales and HR. It also has the capability of group scheduling. 


7. Pick

This method is worth it, even if everyone on your team must use both Pick and Google Calendar for it to function. This tool will automatically scan your team's Google calendars for available times and provide you with a list of alternatives for a group meeting. You may also invite everyone immediately from the app, earning it a place on the 2022 meeting scheduling tools.

8. ScheduleOnce 

ScheduleOnce is a must-have if your staff works primarily from home. With timezone awareness, you'll never have to attend another 6 a.m. catch-up with Australia with this online meeting scheduling tool. It also has several useful collaborative tools for customer-facing scheduling, such as pooled availability and round-robin assignment.

9. Assistant.to 

Even though it only allows one-on-one meetings, Assistant.to is one of the most popular meetings scheduling applications. It's a simple Google Chrome addon that's also free for Gmail. You begin by marking off hours on your Calendar when you are available. Your attendees may select the most convenient time for them and confirm the meeting. The service also provides notifications and remembers your most frequent places and availability.

10. CalendarHero 

Two AI-based meeting scheduling apps are next on our list of the best online scheduling tools. CalendarHero includes scheduling links, an AI assistant for your email, and a standalone web planner, among other features for 1:1, group, and remote meetings. It automatically reminds your invitees, assists you in balancing your time with daily meeting limitations, and keeps you on track with meeting briefings. CalendarHero features 10+ direct video integrations, including Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams, to make remote scheduling easier. It automatically adds conferencing data to your calendar events without you having to do anything.


11. X.ai

Two AI-based meeting scheduling apps are next on our list of the best online scheduling tools. Some people have confused this AI for natural helpers since it is so intelligent. These, on the other hand, are on a higher level than Calendar. By CCing Amy and Andrew, AI scheduling assistants, on the initial email, you're giving the program permission to handle the back-and-forth of arranging the appointment. While other meeting scheduling applications can make an appointment, this adds a personal touch with hundreds of customizing options.

12. Clara 

Clara is the closest thing you'll get to a human assistant, with the capacity to understand your scheduling habits and preferences, such as meeting lengths, locations, and times of the day. This is not the cheapest, but it is by far the most advanced choice for the finest meeting scheduling tools for 2022. The future has arrived.

13. Cogsworth

Cogsworth is an online appointment scheduling and booking software that allows businesses to establish booking pages and accept customer bookings. All service businesses, including physicians, schools, cars, repairs, beauty therapists, spas, gyms, clinics, pet services, restaurants, universities, child care providers, financial advisers, consultants, and more, can use the Cogsworth platform.

14. MeetFox

MeetFox is a popular choice among freelancers and companies looking for an all-in-one solution that saves time and streamlines their processes. MeetFox is more than a meeting planner. You can make appointments, have video conferences in your browser, charge for meetings, bill clients with automated invoicing, and accept money instantly. MeetFox may be white-labelled and is very customizable. You may personalize confirmation emails, add a booking button to your email signature, and design a professional-looking website with your logo and brand colours. 

15. Setmore 

Price: Free, $9/1-2 users/mo (Premium), $5/3+ users/mo (Premium)

Setmore is an automatic online booking program that manages scheduling, reminders, and payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because it connects with Zoom and Teleport, the technology makes conducting virtual meetings simple. You may modify your reservations and Calendar to look more professional, including page URLs, logos, fonts, and colours. You can share your calendar link on your website and on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.


Start saving time by utilizing meeting planner software, guaranteeing that everyone agrees on meeting dates and times quickly, and avoiding time-consuming back-and-forth communication.

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