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Target Audience: Tips on how to identify them for better sale.

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September 22, 2022

Why is it necessary to identify your target audience to better sell your products and services? Let me explain it better with an example. Let’s say you have a lemonade stand. On day 1, you set it up at a marathon event, and on day 2, you set it up on the street outside popular restaurants since it’s always filled with hungry patrons.

On which day do you think you’ll make more sales? Let me answer that for you. You’re bound to make more sales on day one instead of day two because your lemonade stand is more appealing to a group of people who want a cold beverage on a hot day, especially after a marathon. On the other hand, day two won’t get you more sales because your lemonade stand won’t sound as appealing as beverages from popular restaurants they could go to instead.


Now that you have a basic understanding, let’s start with the basics:

Target Audience: Tips on how to identify them for better sale.

What is the target audience, and why do you need them?

The target audience is the group of people you are trying to reach with your marketing efforts.
If you don’t know your target audience, it will be challenging to sell anything. According to HubSpot, over half of your prospects are not a better match for what you sell. Unfortunately, there is no time to waste in the world of sales. Reaching the proper people is crucial to maintaining a strong sales funnel, hitting sales targets, and increasing company income. Fortunately, you may provide some groundwork for your Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to help them succeed.
You may clearly define your company’s target demographic, discover their specific difficulties, and match your value propositions in collaboration with marketing. Here are some pointers to assist you in defining your target market and personalizing your sales emails accordingly.

Target Audience: Tips on how to identify them for better sale.


1)Define your target market-

Salespeople spend approximately 21% of their day composing emails. As a sales leader, you want to make sure that every email you send reaches someone who could become a customer.

The most effective approach to accomplish this is to qualify your target audience.

Consider building a digital one-sheeter that your SDRs may use to learn more about your target population. You could include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Workplace (mention industry, designation, and responsibilities)

If your firm has already obtained this information, all that remains is to share it with your SDR team.

You can use Google Analytics, Facebook Audience Insights, and survey questionnaires sent over to your email database to market leads, if you’re starting from scratch.

2)Create identities for your Audience-

Personas are different profiles of the people you want to reach. They act as sub-targets for your primary target group. Outreach conducted comprehensive research to determine our audience personas. We even dedicated a whole page to it on our website.

Among our target personas are:

  • Prospecting representatives
  • Reps who close deals
  • Managers of customer satisfaction
  • Management and leadership in sales
  • Operations in sales
  • Marketing
Target Audience: Tips on how to identify them for better sale.

Research these personas

learn about their requirements, experiences, behaviors, and objectives. Each piece of content, from prospect emails to marketing blog articles, should be tailored to include one or two particular personas. This results in more tailored content and improved outcomes.

Determine buyer challenges and match them to your value proposition.

Each buyer has a unique set of job tasks with its problems. For example, you may send a survey, have an honest talk with long-term consumers in that role, or do a quick Google search for high-level information to find out what those issues are.

Identify up to five of these obstacles and explain how your organization is well-positioned to assist that persona in overcoming them  

For example, perhaps one of your target personas comprises business operations managers. Assume their top three challenges are as follows:

  • Managing Costs
  • Processes
  • Sustainability in the environment

Assume you work for a company that assists businesses in managing electronic contracts. You can apply the same three difficulties to your company’s value proposition.

Target Audience: Tips on how to identify them for better sale.

Matching their challenges with your value offer could take the following form:

Managing Costs: Digitizing your contacts eliminates the need for printing, mailing, and returning mail, saving you an anticipated [insert amount] per year.

Processes: Using electronic signatures instead of paper will save your sales staff around [xx hours] per week.

Environmental sustainability: By switching to digital contracts, you’ll save around [insert number] pieces of paper — or [insert number] trees.

You may now develop sales email templates focused on each persona’s distinct concerns and answers.

3)Creating Customizable, Scalable Content-

Start by making three templates, one for each problem. Then, you can use the Outreach marketing forum to test the effectiveness of these email templates.

You will probably find that one of these problem/solution templates far surpasses the others. Make that specific email template a part of your team’s approach, and you may be able to measure its success.

You can also work with marketing to generate fun, personalized email campaigns. For example, perhaps you categorize your email list based on location.
If you are a sales manager at the same company that helps businesses turn their contracts digitally, you could create a different signature-based campaign concept.

An email campaign may highlight how much consumers have paid for signed items from local athletes, artists, and movie stars. For example, suppose one of your email segments was created by business executives in Chicago. The email may begin as follows:

Michael Jordan, a leading NBA Chicago Bulls player, wore these Nike Air Jordan 1 to the 1985 game. They are on sale for $ 560,000 by 2020, marking them as the most expensive online sneakers.

We charge [xx] / per month for [company name] to collect the signatures you need.
[The firm name of the sales attorney] allows you to transfer contracts to key people online and have them sign up electronically.
Recent research has found that this saves small- to medium-sized firms [xx percent] on yearly printing and postage costs. In addition, electronic signatures can help speed up the sales process.
Are you ready to be named MVP in your Chicago company?
Try it for free in the first month.

It is a personal and fun way to reach your target audience and set your SDR team to success.

Target Audience: Tips on how to identify them for better sale.

4)Choose Your Audience Based on Persona Type-

You can even choose email lists based on persona type while using Alore CRM (which includes their job function and level of seniority in our system). For instance, “VP of marketing.”

Alore examined the database for all of our clients and prospects and discovered over 50 million distinct job titles.

Because of the variety of titles, it would be impossible to answer the question, “Am I adding the correct individuals to the right email?” at scale.

As a result, we developed a machine learning classification model that categorizes every job title into one of five levels of seniority and 12 job functions.

This enables you to target an audience based on their function (or “persona”), making it simpler to deliver the correct email to the relevant people every time.

Target Audience: Tips on how to identify them for better sale.


A targeted audience is how you make sure your names reach the right customers. However, in a world where your customers expect personal and unique sensitivity from their favorite companies, you may not be able to take the global and general approach to your marketing efforts.

Advertisers consider “understanding consumer data” the essential thing today. Therefore, in-depth knowledge of your customer’s requirements and expectations is required to build the type, product, and heavy service in this competitive world.

Today’s users are no longer idle spectators; they fully engage with the media in many different ways and decide when, how, and why they are exposed to advertising, so you need to keep that in mind.

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