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E-Commerce Funnel: 6 Easy Ways to Optimize it Using Email Marketing

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August 30, 2022

Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of digital communication, so utilizing it for promotion can help in keeping your e-commerce funnel full.

They aid in increasing user involvement and customer loyalty, sharing helpful information, announcing the most excellent deals, and boosting sales by various means.

It might be as simple as sending an email to those who abandon their shopping carts, or it might be quite complex, such as utilizing multiple marketing campaigns in tandem.

When you look at all offers, discounts, free delivery coupons, and lead nurturing emails together, email marketing is all about developing connections.

Optimize Your e-Commerce Funnel with Email Marketing

The Relevance of E-Commerce Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential for business success. The advantages of putting in place effective email marketing techniques are irreplaceable.

Email marketing allows you to develop brand recognition, credibility, and reliable connections with your customers by generating leads and increasing sales and website traffic.

It's also an excellent approach to creating leads, increasing revenue, and boosting website traffic.

The Relevance of E-Commerce Email Marketing

The most recent email marketing stats

Here are some of the most recent statistics demonstrating how email marketing can help your e-commerce funnel grow.

Let's look at the most successful email marketing techniques for increasing sales, attracting consumers, boosting e-commerce funnels, and re-engaging dormant clients.

  • Every day, 99 percent of customers read their email inboxes
  • Email marketing is considered the most successful method of client retention by 80 percent of merchants
  • 59 percent of customers indicate that marketing emails can influence their purchase choice
  • 42 percent of Americans sign up for marketing emails to obtain discounts and special offers

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1. Onboarding of new users

A welcome email is an ideal method to demonstrate your customer care. It's your opportunity to make an excellent first impression.

As a result, you must consider how to pique readers' attention. It's worth noting that 33 percent of clients are more engaged with a company after receiving a welcome email.

Onboarding emails are often sent in two to three communications to ensure that new employees have a good start.

Marketers use educational content to develop leads. It could be an introductory video from its CEO, a how-to guide, or even a short checklist.

2. Lead nurturance

Lead nurturing is a technique that involves providing quality content to your audience to help them become more engaged and informed.

It's critical to keep the leads you generate and bring them to loyal customers. One of the most effective methods to achieve it is to give them the required instructional material throughout their entire lifecycle.

Learn why leads go MIA and help them as soon as possible.

3. Segmentation is the Key

User segmentation is a critical tactic for providing a personalized experience to your clients and leads. Every user is unique and has various interests.

You must get to know your customers and divide them into groups based on their requirements and interests. After that, you may create more tailored emails for each customer group.

Use a subscription form, a preference management center, or user behavior on your website to collect data. Then, using this info, create emails that will strike.

4. Re-engaging inactive users

If your clients become bored with your services or products, this email marketing approach may be helpful to you.

You may use this method to pique your consumers' attention and get them to visit your website for the most current discounts or seasonal offers.

This example demonstrates that you can ask inactive users whether they would still want to receive emails. Please make sure that it's easy for people to unsubscribe from anything.

5. Cross-selling

Cross-selling is when a merchant adds items to an order that was not initially purchased.

To push your customers into buying more, you can make offers that complement their purchases.

6. Upselling

Enterprises that can enhance their e-commerce funnel can profit handsomely from upselling emails. After a consumer makes a purchase, offer additional costly alternatives or variants with enhanced features.

Customers will choose these goods if you emphasize the value they'll get when buying more expensive items.

Clinique offers free delivery and a small gift at checkout to entice consumers to purchase a more expensive product.

Here are a few extra tips to make your campaign stand out

1)Shorter - the better

Stick to 50 characters or less as a basic rule of thumb.

Because most people skim their inbox, make it simple for them to decide whether or not to open your email. If you have a longer subject line, make sure the first 50 characters are the most interesting.

The joke should not be saved at the end of the subject line since most people will miss it.

Shorter - the better

2)DO NOT deceive

The first time you use a false email to fool a subscriber into reading your email, they'll be unhappy with you. They'll disregard you the second time.

being compelling, be honest and upfront about your sell and the content of the email.

3)Use urgency, but not excessively

Businesses utilize urgency (i.e., just 24 hours left!) because it works, but it loses its efficacy if done too frequently, just like any other marketing tactic.

Use urgency when it makes sense, but don't rely on it.

4)Optimize for Mobiles

Surprisingly, keeping your emails simple works best for mobile optimization. The simpler the material, the easier it is to create and optimize for mobile display.

5)Use social media profiles to increase traffic and brand exposure

Finally, provide links to your social media profiles at the end of the email, whether they're social icons linked to your profile on each social platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

You can even ask them to Like/Follow/Connect with you on the [PLATFORM] of your choice.

You can, however, get creative with your welcome email copy by including words of encouragement or farewells.

In the digital world, though, this should not be a significant component of your welcome email and is generally best left to your lead nurturance sequence (more on that later).

Use social media profiles


Despite what some businesses may tell you or what you may want to think, there is no "ideal" timing for sending emails, and boosting the e-commerce funnel works for every business.

Instead of assuming a one-size-fits-all approach to email scheduling, I recommend devoting time and effort to thoughtful consideration.

What kind of consumers do you have, and when do they like to read emails?

You may already know this based on past statistics, or you may be able to figure it out based on the demographics of your customers.

Most emails are read within four hours after being sent, so consider what people are likely to do in the hours following your email's delivery.

There is no "ideal" timing


Email marketing can enhance the e-commerce funnel of companies greatly. You may use these guidelines to acquire new consumers, retain existing customers, and increase sales by following them correctly.

Various email marketing services like Alore are available on the market to help you with this process.

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