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Mixmax VS Yesware: Compare before you share your Email

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March 28, 2023

There are several e-mail communication tools available in the market today. These platforms are designed to help users manage and streamline their email communication.

The software offers many features, including email tracking, scheduling, templates, etc. And out of all these platforms, any business will prefer to go for the best. Mixmax and Yesware are two of those. 

But which one is better suitable for your business? This blog will explore the differences and similarities between the software Mixmax Vs Yesware. Which is a better tool for your needs? 

What is Mixmax?

Mixmax is a B2B sales engagement platform that focuses on e-mail communication. It helps you save time to focus on closing more deals, generating revenue, and engaging more customers.

The software allows you to measure the true impact of your messages with precise email tracking. For example, you can know who can open your email, how often, and the content they view. And it also allows you to save your best-performing emails as templates.

You can easily share your google calendar in any email and get rid of back-and-forth messages. Recipients can also schedule a meeting with just one click.

What is Yesware?

If you are looking for solutions to drive more revenue through email outreach, then Yesware is what you are looking for. Yesware mainly focuses on customer relations and aiding sales personnel in email communications.

It helps the high-performing sales teams to conduct meaningful email outreach at a scale. In addition, Yesware’s chrome extensions will stay in your inbox, accelerate your productivity, and easily integrate tools you already use. 

Well-known companies like Yelp, Experian, and Teach for America use Yesware to build better pipelines and increase conversions to successful opportunities.

Mixmax Vs Yesware Features 

Both software has a few key features. There are minor differences between them which we will see in this section. Mixmax vs Yesware features are 

1. Email tracking

Email tracking is a primary feature of every email productivity tool. It allows you to monitor opens and clicks on any email and follow up with leads, clients, job applicants, etc. 


  • Mixmax provides many tracking features that make it very appealing to its users. 
  • Along with the common email open and reply tracking feature, it also gives you a link tracking and document download tracking feature. 
  • Adding to this, it also provides the receipt’s location and RSVP tracking as an added benefit. 
  • You can also get a desktop and slack notification for each trigger. But there are a few limitations to this too. First, it only supports the Gmail/ G suite platform. 
  • Maximax is not for you if you use any other email platform. 


  • Yesware is also on par with Mixmax regarding tracking features. 
  • Yesware provides you with a real-time email open and replies to your notifications. 
  • Users can also track links while sending their emails with Yesware.
    The additional feature, Yesware, provides an attachment tracking option that shows the amount of time spent on a document, its location, and device details. 
  • Yesware’s drawback is that it is only available for Google and Microsoft emails. 
  • It does not offer SMTP services for users who use a different email. 

Email Campaign

Another important feature this software offers is email campaigns. Email campaigns are a collective set of individual email messages deployed across a specific period with a specific objective. Both the software provides this feature.


  • Mixmax calls its email campaign sequences. 
  • You can schedule your emails with this feature. 
  • It allows you to add your recipient’s list through CSV and salesforce. 
  • Add different workflows in the email. It includes emails, phone calls, LinkedIn connections, and manual tasks. 
  • Add unlimited follow-up stages and allows email personalization for better deliverability.
  • You can add 2000 recipients in one go with Mixmax.
  • It provides you with an unsubscribe link.


  • Like Mixmax, Yesware allows you to add your recipient’s list through CSV and salesforce. 
  • Add different workflows in the email, including emails, phone calls, LinkedIn connections, and manual tasks. 
  • Add unlimited follow-up stages and allows email personalization for better deliverability.
  • Users can also add an inbuilt scheduler to the emails. 
  • You can add 1000 recipients in one go with Yesware
  • It allows you to send campaigns from Gmail. 
  • Users can also add extra recipients after scheduling the campaign. 

Meeting Scheduler

This tool can help you schedule your meetings within the email and gives ease of use. Business professionals use their emails seamlessly for scheduling meetings. 


  • Mixmax gives you a very organized meeting scheduler that can be included in the email. 
  • Your recipient can directly click on the available time slots from the email. 
  • If multiple members join the meeting, it will show time slots convenient for everyone. 
  • It can also be integrated with google calendar to share meeting confirmation details with the sender and receiver. 


  • Yesware offers a meeting scheduler easily integrated with Google and Outlook calendars. 
  • The meeting links can be inserted as a link in an email which allows ease of use. 
  • It gives detailed settings of the meeting scheduler that the software’s web app can supervise.

Email Analytics 

The email analytics tool helps you to evaluate emailing performance and take steps to improve it accordingly. 


  • While discussing the analytics tool, Mixmax stands out. 
  • The analytics tool in Mixmax provides individual email analytics, campaign analytics, template analytics, and team performance reports.
  • It also provides you with analytical charts that are easy to decipher. 


  • Yesware, on the other hand, delivers simple analytics.
  • It shows email open and reply rates, campaign analytics, link click rates, and template performances. 
  • Yesware offers advanced filters that allow you to check combinations to get results for your ideas.

Mixmax Vs Yesware Pricing Rates

An important factor while choosing software that fits your business is pricing. Businesses need to check their budget and make sound and wise decisions. Let me make this task easier by putting Mixmax Vs Yesware pricing rates. 

Mixmax and Yesware provide free plans for their costumes with a few basic features.

mixmax pricing


Mixmax offers five different types of plans for its costumes. Starting from the free plan and running up to the Custom plan. 

It includes a Free plan for $0 per month, SMB Plan for $29 Per month, a Growth plan for $49, Growth Plus Plan for $69, and a Custom plan to tailor your plan according to your needs. You can also request a Demo with the Growth Plus and Custom Plans.

Each plan has its features and benefits. 

Free Plan-$0

  • Instant scheduling
  • Unlimited event types
  • Email tracking
  • Email templates
  • Email polls & surveys
  • Industry-leading security

SMB Plan-$29

  • Sequences (mail merge)
  • Scheduling on shared calendars 
  • Shared email templates
  • CRM auto-BCC
  • No "Sent with Mixmax" signature
  • Sidechat

Growth Plan-$49

  • Sequence personalization
  • Round-robin calendaring
  • Custom branding
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Basic Rules

GrowthPlus Plan-$69

  • Salesforce integration
  • Sequence personalization
  • Round-robin calendaring
  • Custom branding
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Basic Rules

Custom Plan-$29

  • Tasks & automation
  • Advanced Rules
  • Delegated sending
  • Dialer
  • Admin controls


yesware pricing

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Yesware offers five different types of plans for its customers. These again start from the free plan and run up to the Custom plan. 

It includes a Free plan for $0 per month, Pro Plan for $15 Per month, a Premium plan for $35, Enterprise Plan for $65, and finally, the Custom plan where you can tailor your plan according to your needs. 

The tools that come with these plans are as follows. 

Free Plan-$0

  • Basic email open tracking
  • Basic attachment tracking
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Weekly webinar training
  • Email support

Pro Plan-$15

  • Unlimited email open tracking
  • Unlimited email link tracking
  • Unlimited attachment tracking
  • 20 Campaign recipients/month
  • Personal Activity Report
  • Recipient Engagement Report
  • Email and phone support

Premium Plan-$35

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited teams
  • Shared Templates & Campaigns
  • Team reporting
  • Zoom Meeting Integration
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Centralized Team Billing
  • Customer Success On-Demand

Enterprise Plan-$65

  • Salesforce Inbox Sidebar
  • Salesforce Email Sent Sync
  • Salesforce Email Reply Sync
  • Salesforce Calendar Sync
  • Salesforce Background Sync
  • Salesforce Summary Task Logging
  • Bi-Directional Activity Sync
  • Add Contacts to Campaigns
  • Import List Views to Campaigns
  • Salesforce Single Sign-OTrusted IP Ranges
  • Customized Training

Custom Plan-

  • Security review
  • Legal review
  • Salesforce Force Sync On
  • Managed package reporting
  • Salesforce Customizations
  • Salesforce Event Type / Calendar Sync
  • Scan Salesforce opt-out field in Campaigns
  • Scan Salesforce opt-out field in 1-1 emails
  • Prefer Salesforce Contacts over Leads
  • Scan Salesforce alternative email field
  • RingCentral Telephony Integration
  • Pay by invoice
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Integrations Allowed

Integration refers to the ability of a business tool to connect with and work seamlessly with other tools and software commonly used by professionals and businesses in different fields. These include sales, marketing, and recruitment. 

The main purpose of integration is to make things easier for the users, automate their workflow, and improve their productivity by using multiple tools at a time. Simply put, Integration refers to the tools you can use to get better results. 

So let us compare the Mixmax Vs Yesware integration options.


Regarding integration, Mixmax offers a variety of software to work with. Making users work faster and easier. These include. 

  1. Salesforce/Pipedrive: It is a CRM integration for importing/exporting contacts
  2. Slack: Used for receiving real-time notifications personally or in a channel
  3. Greenhouse: HR suite integration for ease of recruiting
  4. Google Calendar: For scheduling meetings directly in the calendar
  5. Twitter: for sharing important information. 
  6. Typeform: To Integrate your modified forms directly in the email,
  7. Dropbox/Box: To share the files straight from the cloud to the mail


Yesware also offers a variety of Integrations to its users. Although less, they include all the major workforce integration. 

  1. Salesforce:  It is a CRM integration for importing/exporting contacts
  2. LinkedIn sales navigator: Direct sales prospects from the campaign page to the website page.
  3. Clari: For sales forecasting and revenue prediction
  4. Docsend: To send your files and data securely within Yesware Software
  5. Google/Outlook calendar: For scheduling meetings directly in the calendar

Customer Support

The most important thing to check before buying any software is post-sales satisfaction or customer support provided by them.  It is essential to have someone besides you in case you get stuck. In this case, Mixmax Vs Yesware both provide outstanding customer support. 


Mixmax offers a help desk containing all the queries a user can have. All you have to do is simply type your question and get a step-by-step explanation. The software also provides support over email.

For this, you need to send mail to their support mailbox. And you can expect a revert from them in a weekday’s working hours.


On the other hand, along with Mixmax’s support, Yesware provides you with a little bit of extra. Along with a vast help desk, they also provide email support, live chat support, and telephonic support solutions for their customers.

Its support is only available during weekday working hours. 


To conclude, both Mixmax and Yesware are well-performing tools that will help you in your email communication. In addition, both software offers great solutions for your business’s email communication needs. 

I hope this Mixmax Vs Yesware blog gave you valuable insights. And helped you formulate your decision. Marketing tools are important for any business and choose wisely. 

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