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Mailshake Alternatives: What is Mailshake and top Alternatives list 2023

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March 1, 2023

Looking for a sales engagement tool to automate your cold emailing process? Stay tuned for the Mailshake overview and top alternatives list for you to make a sound choice!

Mailshake is a renowned cold emailing software allowing you to analyze your prospect's responses to all your emails. However, if you are looking for a cost-efficient tool or a platform with more advanced capabilities, you might want to look at some of its top alternatives. So, let's discover the perfect Mailshake alternative suitable for your business!


What is a Mailshake?

Mailshake is an automation and sales engagement tool that increases the effectiveness of cold email outreach strategy.  

With Mailshake, you can schedule automatic follow-ups and track the success of your email outreach through real-time notifications. The robust automation tool helps you generate more revenue. 

The web-based platform, Mailshake holds strengths in the areas that matter most to small B2B businesses or sales teams. Some of the features offered by this platform include:

Key Features

  • The platform lets you automate your email outreach and contact your prospects in minutes. 
  • Mailshake allows you to insert texts and links to each recipient with a robust mail merge. 
  • With Mailshake, you can improve response rates for your business by customizing your sending schedule around your prospect. 
  • You can manage, track, and reply to leads with Mailshake Lead Catcher.


  • Email outreach - $58/mo
  • Sales engagement - $83/mo

Drawbacks of Mailshake:

  • The tool can be costly for new ventures, or growing businesses.
  • Limited support options.
  • It can be tricky to set up custom tracking domain.
  • Several outreach accounts cannot be managed using a single login.
  • Works only with Gmail/Suit accounts.
  • You can only customize emails in CSV files.

8 Best Mailshake Alternatives

Mailshake alternatives that can assist you in remaining competitive while expanding your business, include:

1) Alore.io

Alore.io is the best Mailshake alternative. It is an AI-powered sales software that makes your sales team more productive by automating all the time-consuming things so they can focus on what matters. 

This tool makes sales intelligence an essential part of your everyday operations to accelerate growth, find pitfalls, and inform all the stakeholders.

It is an excellent solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. With its advanced features, Alore.io comes with affordable plans compared to its competitors’ prices. 

It is an excellent solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. With its advanced features, Alore.io comes with affordable plans compared to its competitors’ price. 

The tool is secure and reliable. With a 14-day free trial, you can take it for a spin risk-free to see how Alore.io works. 


  • Automate and email leads with fully customized messages.
  • With Alore’s Email Finder, you can discover your prospects' information hassle-free.
  • Drip campaigns can be sent to leads based on each prospect’s typical behavior.
  • To encourage healthy competitiveness, it facilitates Leaderboard.
  • View all correspondence like tasks completed, phone calls made, events created, and documents sent with a client in one place.


  • Free - 14 days trial 
  • Monthly - $49/mo/seat.
  • Yearly - $499/yr/seat with 15%off.

2) Yesware

Yesware is a sales productivity platform that efficiently manages and track email outreach activity. It offers a streamlined way to increase sales, boost customer loyalty and close more deals. The application works in Gmail and Outlook - so you can easily track your inbox.

The software allows sales professionals to stay in touch with prospects and set meetings and follow-ups. Yesware tracks your email campaigns and sends you measures, statistics and insights. It's a must-have tool for any salesperson constantly working with emails.

Key Features

  • It allows users to plan calls easily by integrating with calendar applications.
  • It enables the building of templates for emails that are sent often.
  • It automates internal system processes and informs sales members of manual activities.


  • Pro - $15 seat/mo
  • Premium - $35 seat/mo
  • Enterprise - $65 seat/mo
  • Custom Plan - Customized Plan ( contact with team)
  • Free Forever - $0 seat/mo


3) GMass

GMass is another of the best Mailshake alternatives that allow you to send cold emails directly from your inbox. The platform integrates with Gmail, so it's easy to work with, and you can even make some basic system improvements. 

From creating plans to sending personalized emails, GMass gives you everything you need to improve business relationships with your clients.

Key Features 

  • Emails can be customized by using attributes, and themes can be enhanced with unique graphics and videos.
  • It gives your Gmail account access to options for cold emailing.
  • The platform expands your outreach by integrating with social media sites.


  • Standard - 19.95/mo.
  • Premium - 29.95/mo.
  • Enterprise - 49.95/mo.

4) Mixmax

If you're looking for a Mailshake alternative to track your emails, schedule meetings and integrate with other tools, all within Gmail, Mixmax is worth checking out! This sales productivity and email communication application can build and deliver personalized marketing emails to convert your visitors into real paying clients.

Designed for heavy users, Mixmax offers powerful features that can help your email marketing campaigns run seamlessly.

Key Features 

  • Utilize Gmail to send cold email campaigns directly.
  • Goal-setting is made easier by the platform's integration with financial systems.
  • It creates reports with fields that can be customized to help you better understand your team’s performance.
  • It automatically detects milestones that ought to be included in the leaderboard.


  • Free plan - $0/mo/user.
  • SMB - $24/mo/user.
  • Growth - $49/mo/user.
  • Growth + Salesforce - $69 annually billing.
  • Enterprise - custom pricing.


5) Woodpecker

Woodpecker is one of the most popular Mailshake alternatives, developed in 2015. It is among the market's most reasonably-priced email outreach solutions. It offers a robust suite of automation features and lets you set up your campaigns in minutes. 

It's suitable for sending cold email campaigns with follow-ups, allowing you to showcase your products and services to your subscribers.  

The platform is easy to use and offers compelling templates, but it doesn't work well with different inboxes like Outlook and Gmail. Rather, it operates entirely as a different inbox.


  • It enables administrators to pre-plan the sending of emails.
  • Emails can be categorized using the platform.
  • It facilitates the users to choose and automate the optimum time for sending emails.


  • 1500 slots

1500 slots @ $39/mo.

1500 slots + A/B Testing @ $49/mo.

1500 slots + A/B Testing + API Keys and Integrations @ $54/mo.

  • 6000 slots - 

6000 slots @ $44/mo.

6000 slots + A/B Testing @ $54/mo.

6000 slots + A/B Testing + API Keys and Integrations @ $59/mo.

  • Unlimited slots - 

Unlimited slots @ $49.

Unlimited slots + A/B Testing @ $59.

Unlimited slots + A/B Testing + API Keys and Integrations @ $64.

6) QuickMail

If you're looking to improve your customer acquisition and engagement through email, QuickMail offers a few innovative features that can help.

It is a full-featured email automation platform that allows you to track, schedule, and manage all your email campaigns in one place. The tool also enables you to build creative and engaging campaigns by choosing from various templates.

Key Features 

  • Now, importing your audience becomes easy with QuickMail as it uses a contact form or import bulk prospects using Google Drive Spreadsheets or CSV. 
  • Create personalized emails with this tool and maximize the open & reply rate of your emails.
  • Automate your email outreach to generate more leads and increase conversions. 


  • Auto warmer plan - $0/mo.
  • Starter plan - $59/mo.
  • Pro plan - $79/mo.

7) Salesloft

Salesloft is a sales enablement tool that has the ability to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. This platform offers several valuable features, such as scheduling meetings, viewing a prospect's calendar, and much more.

It allows your sales team to work smarter and more effectively, regardless of the size of their sales operations. It will enable sales teams to stay on their pipeline, schedule new opportunities, and receive automated updates.

Key Features 

  • Salesloft enables the team to stay on target by updating marketing data in real-time.
  • Run campaigns across many channels so your entire sales team can see them.
  • It allows a user to indicate which connections they think are potential clients.
  • The platform automatically leaves voicemails for potential customers who don't respond.


  • Prospect - For teams looking to generate leads
  • Enterprise - For organizations involved in all phases of the revenue lifecycle

8) Reply .io

The Reply is another sales acceleration platform designed to make outreach processes easier for teams of any size. With this tool, you can manage multiple contact channels simultaneously.

With a simple and easy-to-use design, you'll be able to create multi-step campaigns hassle-free. The platform also allows you to keep track of your leads and email them when it's time for follow-up.

Key Features 

  • The tool builds personal relationships with your audiences at scale by automating your sale engagement efforts. 
  • Features an Email Finder to validate email addresses in bulk on Sales Navigator and LinkedIn. 
  • The platform helps you schedule appointments with prospects by featuring the Appointment Booking and Calendar options. 
  • With Reply, reporting dashboards with detailed reports on sequences, tasks, calls, and email tracking becomes effortless. 


  • Starter - $60/mo/user.
  • Professional - $90/mo/user.
  • Custom - Talk to sales.


The Bottom Line 

Cold email marketing is an effective way to connect with your customers and widen the reach of your prospects. You can reach your target audience, and drive sales of your company with all these tools listed above. 

However, if you're thinking about deploying a perfect solution, consider cost along with features. Alore CRM is an excellent Mailshake alternative that is a dynamic, and cost effective solution for growing businesses. You can also opt for its free trial for 14 days!

It's a great option for companies with numerous remote workers or teams. A robust tool like Alore.io have everything you need to manage projects, clients, and sales, with easy-to-use tools. Alore.io does everything you need to thrive in business!

What is Alore?

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Drip Campaigner

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Collaborative Inbox

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