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Is It Weird To Cold Email a Recruiter?

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January 26, 2023

Here are a few examples of people who were able to secure a job through cold emailing:

An aspiring marketing professional sent a cold email to the CEO of a startup, explaining their interest in the company and outlining their qualifications and experience. The CEO was impressed with the email and decided to meet with the candidate, ultimately offering them a job as a marketing coordinator.

A recent graduate in computer science sent a cold email to a software development firm, expressing their interest in working for the company and highlighting their skills and achievements. The firm was impressed with the candidate's initiative and offered them an entry-level position as a software developer.

A freelancer in the creative industry sent a cold email to a marketing agency, introducing themselves and showcasing their portfolio. The agency was impressed with the freelancer's work and offered them a contract to work on several projects.

These examples demonstrate that cold emailing can be an effective way to reach out to potential employers and secure a job. It is not necessarily weird to cold email a recruiter, but it is important to approach the situation with care and respect.

Here are a few tips for cold emailing a recruiter:

Research the recruiter and their company:

Before sending a cold email, it is important to research the recruiter and their company to ensure that you are reaching out to the right person and that your message is relevant to their interests and needs.

Use a professional and personalized approach:

A cold email to a recruiter should be professional and personalized, rather than generic or spammy. Use a clear and concise subject line, and make sure to address the recruiter by name in the body of the email.

Keep it brief:

Recruiters are often very busy, so it is important to keep your cold email brief and to the point. Explain your reason for reaching out and provide a brief overview of your background and qualifications, but avoid overwhelming the recruiter with too much information.

Follow up if necessary:

If you do not receive a response to your cold email within a reasonable amount of time, it may be appropriate to follow up with a brief email to remind the recruiter of your initial message. However, be mindful of the recruiter's time and do not become too persistent if you do not receive a response.

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