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Get the Perfect Work-life Balance with CRM and Sales Automation Tools

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September 19, 2022

Is the concept of work-life balance as mythical as Santa Claus and unicorns to you?

It's no secret that Covid-19 and the crisis it created have left all of us weary. You're probably laughing at the prospect of "doing it all" (or sobbing, which is just as understandable) but CRM and sales automation tools can change that and I'll tell you how.

Even if you don't have children at home, mental weariness may seem difficult to overcome.

Before the pandemic, at least two-thirds of Americans didn't have enough work-life balance.

Now that our personal lives are merging with our professional ones, I'm sure this number has risen especially for small business owners.

But achieving the elusive goal of work-life balance is more important now than ever before. So is coming up with innovative ways to work less and live more, whether you have a home office or not.

So, as the person in charge of your small business's email campaigns, social media efforts, sales activities, and customer support, what do you do when work still has to get done but you need more balance?

You need CRM and sales automation tools for all the advantages they may provide. Let's look at some of those advantages so you can figure out what you're missing out on.


Get the Perfect Work-life Balance with CRM and Sales Automation Tools

Top 5 Advantages of CRM and Sales Automation Tools

Track and Organize Customer Data

The activities that take so much of our "me" time away aren't always the major endeavors.

Rather, they're the little things—the tedious chores that aren't high-priority enough to schedule during your regular hours, but which still need to get done.

For example: keeping track and organizing client information in order to develop tailored email campaigns, provide better nurture, and increase customer satisfaction in the future.

You can handle all of this information on the backend with CRM and sales automation tools, and you don't need to do it manually.

Your CRM keeps track of each prospect's activity so you may see which emails they're reading most, what pages they're visiting, and which landing pages and call-to-actions they're clicking through.

It can also keep track of any previous interactions you and your team have had with a customer.

In other words, a customer that previously would have spent money on something is now telling you why they won't.

This data has provided new insights into what makes them tick, which will help your company grow and thrive. It's also allowed you to gain access to the information you otherwise wouldn't have had access to.

And finally, it means less time spent on this monotonous task so you can devote more time to everything else - even if it's just a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

Automate Your Pitching

Get the Perfect Work-life Balance with CRM and Sales Automation Tools

Automating the process of adding a new lead is one of the most important aspects of a successful sales funnel.

When it comes to assessing your contacts, CRM and sales automation tools are kind of like robotic assistants. You may use tagging features to label your leads based on various actions they've done, such as:

  • Downloading a whitepaper
  • Filled out a particular form
  • Opened an email
  • Clicked on a CTA within an email

Let's presume that a reader visited your website and downloaded a guide for soy candles.

You may tag that person with an appropriate identifier, as well as enroll them in a soy candle nurture campaign, using your CRM and sales automation tools.

You may save yourself a lot of time by allowing these platforms to label people based on their qualifications.

This leads to improved list segmentation, allowing you to send them more tailored outreach.

The difficult part of selling will still be on you, but you won't have to waste as much effort marketing to individuals unlikely to convert into customers since you'll know what your leads are interested in and where they're at in the buyer's journey.

Boost Your Efficiency

There's no doubting the value of automation when it comes to tackling the major workload associated with all of the little chores that consume your time.

Automation opens up a number of possibilities in virtually every stage of the sales process, many of which you may not be aware of.

You'll have more time to devote to things that are truly important to you, like spending quality time with your family or traveling.

You'll free up lots of time for other purposes by automating simple tasks like pre-built email templates, not-so-simple activities like communication tracking and analysis, and so on.

And you won't have to worry about forgetting anything. After you add more balance into your day, your CRM allows you to create tasks for yourself and set reminders so that nothing falls through the gaps.

Send Bulk Emails

Personalization has previously been discussed, but it is certainly one of the most appealing features of CRM and sales automation tools.

Personalization is an extremely successful sales technique, and with the appropriate software, it doesn't involve starting from scratch with every new email.

Being really busy all of the time means that certain approaches fall by the wayside. Many of our clients tell us that, without a tool that combines and sends emails for them, they wouldn't be sending emails to their leads at all.

They adore not having to spend much time on customized, one-on-one outreach. Everything is upfront - picking a template and creating general text and body of your emails.

You don't have to be concerned about when to launch, send, or maintain them manually. You may create your campaigns based on specific activities and then observe the outcomes as they're implemented.

Make Work-Life Easier

At the end of the day, CRM and sales automation tools are for making your daily tasks more manageable and effective.

Small businesses need every last inch of their resources, so anything that can help them with the things they already know they should be doing but don't have time for is useful.

Small company owners may use ideas in CRM and sales automation to give them a competitive edge and improve their sales by not just increasing productivity but also reducing complexity in their work responsibilities.

You can't make more time in the day, but you may use your time more effectively.

You are free to utilize your minutes as you choose, but if the work-life balance is a goal for you (and it should be), then make it a priority just as much as going to work.

In Conclusion

Get the Perfect Work-life Balance with CRM and Sales Automation Tools

Never feel guilty about taking a break from time to time.

And, if you're using productivity solutions like CRM and sales automation tools, never give up what you can do.

Investigate programs that provide only the features you require for each day's objectives. Take into account your financial limitations and long-term goals, as well as work-life balance — future self will be grateful.

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