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Cold Email Copywriting: The Most Sophisticated Guide

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September 9, 2022

Do you want to write persuasive cold email copywriting? To help you create more leads using cold email, we’ll show you best practices and examples. Cold email may be a powerful money generator if you know what you’re doing.

Writing an excellent cold email copy is the first obstacle most sales professionals encounter. It must be engaging, concise, valuable, and, above all, practical. We’ll show you how to put together a winning cold email in this guide.

We’re not going to offer you a collection of templates that tens of thousands of salespeople have already utilized. These aren’t going to help you stand out in an inbox full of other people’s messages.

Here you’ll see how to write a cold email copy that adds value to your prospects and boosts your response rate.

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Cold Email Copywriting: The Most Sophisticated Guide


Advantages of Bulletproof Cold Email Copy

With over 294 million emails sent and received daily, your email marketing copy must be exceptional to stand out.

You know how high the bar is if you’ve ever gotten cold emails from sales personnel attempting to gain your business.

Hundreds of blog pages exist with vast lists of cold email templates. However, everyone can tell when you’re sending a cold email using a template.

How do they know? Half of the world’s sales teams use the same template! Sales staff will put new cold email templates to the test as soon as they are published on sites like Close HubSpot.

You might have the most admirable cold email templates globally, but if your prospect has already gotten an identical email from another firm that week, you won’t stand out.

So, how do you decide what to send? Making outstanding cold email copies is difficult.

You must be one-of-a-kind, personable, courteous, succinct, and offer tremendous value to your prospect.

Let’s look at the essential components of a successful cold email.

The Best Way to Write a Cold Email

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We’ll dissect your cold email, piece by section, to see what’s going on. Then you can use this formula to write killer cold email copy that will help you close transactions with perfect prospects for cold email copywriting.

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Step 1: The subject line

Recipients open emails are only based on their subject lines. It’s the same with your chances.

It’s game over if you don’t immediately grab their attention. Your message will languish at the bottom of their inbox, never to be viewed again.

A successful encounter requires a chilly email subject line.

It would help if you piqued your prospect’s interest by offering personalized value. This isn’t to say that adding custom name or company fields to the subject line will suffice. Your audience will notice that.

You should ideally bring up a specific problem they or their Company is experiencing. Subject lines with a sense of urgency (agitate a pain point) had a 22 percent greater open rate than those without.

You should also mention if you met your prospect at a convention or received their contact information through a common link. According to a Nielson poll, 92 percent of Americans trust referrals from friends and family. This distinguishes your message from the rest in their inbox.

Finally, make your subject line short and sweet.

41% of emails are opened on a mobile device, and your subject line will be cut off if it’s too long.

Subject lines for cold emails:

I saw you were utilizing [competitor software].

A tool to assist you in increasing the size of your seed round

[Customer annoyance] is being removed.

Step 2: Opening Sentences

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You must get your argument through fast because the average email length is only 438 words.

“Everyone’s email inbox is full. Everyone is short on time. As a result, we appreciate brief communications that allow us to judge whether or not to respond or click through quickly.” Founder of Enchanting Marketing, Henneke Duistermaat insists your first few phrases should pique their interest and convince them to continue reading.

To begin with, why should people be interested in your email? Your first line is an excellent spot to show your reader why they should continue reading.

Sujan Patel, the founder of Mailshake, advises avoiding unnecessary procedures. “Don’t squander your first sentence with “Hello, my name is so-and-so, and I work at such-and-such firm,” he writes. Nobody gives a damn.” Instead, raise a problem you know they have and demonstrate how to solve it for cold email copywriting.

Example cold email subject lines:

“How would you react if you could cut monthly turnover by 5%?”

“[A mutual relation] recommended that I contact you regarding your email marketing.”

“I observed your business recently closed a fresh round of investment.”

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Step 3: Body

Your opening sentences piqued their interest, and they wanted to learn more. However, it would help if you now reiterated the value you can provide them and elicit a reaction or action.

Keep your tone pleasant yet brief, and don’t attempt to sell too much.

According to research conducted by Boomerang, the cold emails that received the most answers were between 50 and 125 words long and written at a third-grade reading level.

a similar test revealed that emails between 75 and 100 words were successful

You’re attempting to wow your prospect with your value offer, not your language and grammatical skills.

One-sentence paragraphs are perfectly appropriate, and they have been shown to have a significant influence on readers.

Send yourself an email and open it on your smartphone before sending it. Can you scan it fast and extract the essential value proposition?

Examples of cold email body copy:

Cold Email Copywriting: The Most Sophisticated Guide

Example 1:

I saw you’re now soliciting funds for a fresh round.

Our platform links companies with investors in [place] seeking new possibilities.

“Would it be something you’d be
interested in?”

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Example 2:

“You’re using Product Y right now, but if you’re like most businesses, you’re not using all of its features and might be squandering up to $1250 every month.”

Our software has all of the same features at a fraction of the price, and we can transfer your data in days.

Are you available on Thursday for 30 minutes to talk?”

Example 3:

“I noticed you’re recruiting three new sales employees on your careers website.

Our platform matches experienced sales representatives seeking new opportunities with fast-growing firms like [Company].

“Do you want to give it a shot?”

Step 4: Call-To-Action

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After reading your email, your prospect is eager to learn more. Therefore, you must provide the next step for them.

You’re not going to get the engagement you want without a clear call to action.

It must determine what they must accomplish.

Do you want a straightforward ‘yes’ from them? Make a note in your calendar for a talk time. Do you want them to respond to a question that isn’t closed?

Here are three instances of effective cold email CTAs.

Are you available to chat for 30 minutes on Tuesday?

Click here to schedule a call with me.

Do you require assistance in locating business-to-business contact information?

Important Guidelines to Remember

We’ll go through a few essential rules frequently broken in this section.

They are the foundation of every cold email campaign, and failing to include them might result in underwhelming results.

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1)The best results come from well-focused efforts

You can have the most pleasing cold email copy globally, but if you send it to the wrong people, it won’t work.

First and foremost, make sure your B2B buyer persona is current. This will guarantee that you target the right decision-makers at the suitable firms.

Then you’ll need to get B2 B’s contact information. You may get verified B2B contact info for important decision-makers worldwide on Leadiro. You may generate specific prospect lists based on job titles, industries, demographics, or technographic. Your email will be more relevant to your prospects if your prospect list is

By delivering tremendous value to your prospects, you increase the likelihood of a response better focused.

2)Provide value beyond everything else

This rule has anything to do with your targeted criteria. Your prospects will appreciate the value of your email if your targeting is precise to your email. But, on the other hand, you won’t get the outcomes you want if you don’t provide them anything of value or an opportunity.

You can get away with a weaker copy if your prospect can’t refuse your offer (but don’t try it!).

3)Make sure you’ve done your homework and are being honest.

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You must be trustworthy. You’re conversing with an actual human being

you should also avoid over-personalizing if you don’t know your prospect. So what exactly do we imply?

It’s OK to use publicly available information. For example, congratulating them on their Company’s latest investment round is a reasonable observation. So it will be publicly reported, and if you are unaware of this, you have not done your homework.

You mentioning a remark somebody made two years ago on a LinkedIn post may be over-personalizing. But unfortunately, it becomes less accurate when you customize your email too much.

4)Remember to follow up.

Finally, don’t forget to follow up with your leads.

Research on cold email sequence duration was undertaken by Woodpecker, a prominent cold email program.

It was shown that experienced salespeople who sent only one cold email obtained an average response rate of 16 percent. However, cold email campaigns with at least one follow-up received a response rate of 27%.

This does not imply you should send several emails every week to your prospects. Instead, respect their time and focus.

We suggest spreading out your follow-ups. Send another email 2-3 days after the first. Then, limit yourself to one email each week, gradually increasing the length of time between communications.

Your prospect is more likely to respond positively if you respect their time.


You don’t have to rely on a stack of templates grabbed from your favorite marketing sites for cold email writing.

It has the potential to be intriguing, valuable, and elicit responses from your ideal consumers.

There are several reasons why good cold email writing is essential. But, perhaps most importantly, a well-crafted cold email can help you stand out from the hundreds or even thousands of other emails your potential customer or client receives daily. Take the time to research your potential customer or client, and craft an email that speaks to their particular needs and interests.

Your cold email campaigns will become a significant cash generator for your organization if you follow these best practices.

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