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Best Networking Email Subject Line To Boost Your Networking

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October 11, 2022

One of the most critical aspects of developing a personal brand, gaining authority in a particular sector, or establishing a business is cultivating connections.

And networking is all about establishing connections and devoting time and effort to assisting them in their development. To begin forming ties, all you need to do is identify the appropriate individuals and adopt the proper approach.

Networking, on the other hand, maybe really uncomfortable.

It's challenging to get the confidence to approach someone you don't know and request a favour. It doesn't matter if it's in person or over email.

We've developed fantastic email subject lines lines to make it easier for you.


Best Networking Email Subject Line To Boost Your Networking

Subject Lines for Networking Emails in General

For every situation, here are ten basic yet powerful email subject lines.

1. Introduce yourself and ask a simple question about [TOPIC].

2. Hello, [NAME], let me introduce myself 

3. About your work 

4. Tell me what you think about [TOPIC].

5. Interested in learning more about [TOPIC]?

6. Hello, [NAME], I think you'll enjoy this.

7. Could you kindly assist me with [TOPIC]?

8. I have a lot of helpful information regarding [TOPIC].

9. Hello, [NAME], [YOUR NAME] here.

10. Let's cooperate, [NAME].

Introduction to Email Subject Lines for Networking

Introducing oneself by email to individuals you've never met should be different from introducing yourself in person. The idea is to be simple, straightforward, and memorable, just as real life.

It would help if you were open and confident to make an excellent first impression.

Be upbeat and kind.

Be unique and original (in a good way)

So, with that in mind, let's look at some sample email subject lines for introducing oneself in various settings.

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Introducing oneself to a professional in the field

It's recommended not to go too crazy with your subject line when emailing a well-known, authoritative figure in your business. Keep in mind that a recognized specialist will not be impressed.

Introducing oneself to a professional in the field

Introducing oneself to a professional in the field

It's recommended not to go too crazy with your subject line when emailing a well-known, authoritative figure in your business. Remember that an established expert will not be pleased and will not have time for clever humour or an approach that may be seen as insulting. As a result, it's better to be humble and to the point. Also, don't forget to be courteous. It doesn't hurt to be too generous.

Introducing yourself to an expert with the aim of networking

1. I'm a big fan of your work, and I'm looking for some fast guidance.

2. I've been a long-time admirer of your work. 

3. Mr.|Mrs. [NAME], please allow me to introduce myself quickly. Following your work has taught me so much.

4. Moving from one [OCCUPATION] to the next

5. Looking for a fellow [OCCUPATION] to share thoughts with.

6. I've seen that you're pretty knowledgeable on [TOPIC].

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Introducing oneself to an influential person

Influencers are often known as "authority figures" in their fields or industries. You may undoubtedly find a lot of information about them on the internet, which you can utilize to pique their interest. Depending on the area where they are best known, you can approach them with more flexibility and warmth in your email subject line. Use something fascinating from their job or life in your subject line (no weird things, please).

After all, influencers are frequently considered celebrities in their communities, so demonstrating that you are interested in their work and social media presence may be beneficial.

1. Hello, [NAME]. I'd want to hear your thoughts about [ENTER TOPIC].

2. Hello [NAME], let's work together on this fantastic project.

3. [NAME], your most recent work is fantastic! Allow me to ask you some questions.

4. your [SOCIAL MEDIA] article inspired me.

Introducing yourself to someone who has been submitted to you by a mutual acquaintance

Always give the name of the familiar acquaintance who introduced you to the person you're contacting. That's the attention-getter, and it's the most significant way to have your email opened.

Here are a few samples to help you get started:


1. Greetings, [NAME], [MUTUAL CONTACT NAME]! We met the other day 

2. [MUTUAL CONTACT NAME] referred us to discuss [TOPIC].

3. Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. [MUTUAL CONTACT NAME] is a placeholder for [MUTUAL CONTACT NAME].

Introducing oneself to someone who has shared an article or a point of view on the internet

You could have come upon an article online that inspired you and made you think. Or maybe you've read something and wanted to offer some constructive feedback or dialogue to the author. Don't be scared to make the subject lines a little longer to provide more information on the subject of your email.

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Consider the following samples of topic lines:

Approach someone for a compliment or a complaint.

1. I just finished reading your [PUBLICATION] article and have a few questions.


2. I thought your essay to be quite motivating, and I'd want to talk more about it.

3. I have some new perspectives on the subject you previously discussed.

4. I just finished reading your viewpoint on [TOPIC]. Wow!

Following Up With Someone After An Earlier Contact

Send a follow-up email after a crucial conversation, meetup, or networking event. It's critical to inform the person in question if you want to keep in touch, cooperate on a project, or do business with them. Two or three days following the initial contact or event is the optimum follow-up time.

Make your subject line as descriptive as possible. You'll be able to remind their contact that you're waiting for a response without them having to read your email.

Let's look at some instances of how to follow up after a phone conversation, a meetup, or a networking event.

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After a networking event, create a subject line for a follow-up email.

Attending networking events may be difficult, especially if you don't do it frequently. However, the more individuals you speak with, the more chances you'll have to advance your profession or business. Naturally, you'll want to keep in touch with the folks whose ideas you enjoyed after the event.

Because you've previously met, you may use a more direct email subject line, such as this:


1. Hello, [NAME]; it was lovely conversing with you at that event 2. You have so much expertise with [TOPIC]. I'd love to learn more about it.

3. Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. Let's continue our conversation.

Overall, your primary aim is to start a dialogue by ensuring that your emails get opened.

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It's critical to develop a memorable networking email subject line when sending an introduction or follow-up networking email.

You'll be able to grab your prospects' attention and enhance your email's chances of opening if you do so. It will assist you in maintaining the discussion and finally developing a relationship with your prospective consumers.

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