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Best Cold Email Tools To Fire Up Your Emails

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August 29, 2022

If you're ready to start expanding your outreach initiatives, you'll need some support from a cold email tools.

Cold email software allows you to automatically enrol prospects in campaigns, customize emails at scale, automate follow-ups, and increase deliverability.

We'll show you some of the top possibilities in this article. Even though most tools perform the same thing, different solutions will be best suited for varied purposes.

Best Cold Email Tools To Fire Up Your Emails


Cold Email Software Features to Look For

Campaigns may be scheduled and automatically followed upon.

This is the primary role of cold email software. While most cold email platforms offer this capability, the extent to which you can tailor your campaigns and timetables varies.

The following are the most significant features to look for:

  • Prospects are being added and removed.
  • Steps for adding and deleting emails
  • Various inboxes for different campaigns
  • Sending messages on a set timetable
  • Auto-stop when you respond
  • Ensure that any cold email program you use has at least these characteristics.

Personalization Made Simple and Effective

If you don't demonstrate to your prospects that you understand their goals and reasons, cold emails won't succeed. Every email should be personalized. Most programs, including QuickMail, allow you to add bits of personalization to emails using attributes.

You'll be able to enter unique information for each prospect, such as:

{{prospect.first name}}

a unique beginning line for the company.name

You can quickly create a basic cold outreach template while also including unique, dynamic personalization, ensuring that each email you send is tailored to the recipient.

Personalization Made Simple and Effective

Deliverability Options Built-In

Deliverability is critical for the effectiveness of your cold email outreach, especially if you're doing it in bulk. To keep your emails out of spam and maintain a good sender score over time, look for a platform with built-in deliverability features in cold email tools.

QuickMail, for example, offers a free email warming tool and several additional deliverability-enhancing features such as inbox rotation, minimal sending delays, tracking enable/disablement, and deliverability testing.

Choose a cold email solution with these characteristics built-in rather than paying extra for external deliverability tools.

Advantages of Collaboration

You'll need collaboration tools if you have several people working on your sales efforts.

Consider features such as a shared dashboard for your team's campaigns, mailbox rotation to alter who sends emails, and analytics to get precise insights into individual and general success.

If you're a marketing firm, you'll also need features like an agency dashboard to handle client accounts, webhooks to automate operations, and an audit log to track who does what.

Get Responses with the Best Cold Email Software

1. QuickMail 

Cold email software is powerful and dependable, with robust automation and deliverability capabilities.

Best for: agencies and sales teams who value efficiency and deliverability.

QuickMail makes it simple for your team to upload prospects, develop outreach programs, schedule follow-ups, leverage personalization traits, and assign responsibilities. The best aspect is that you can completely automate the procedure.


But none of it counts if your emails aren't delivered.

QuickMail was created to be delivered. Our free Auto-Warmer plan and built-in deliverability capabilities (inbox rotation, configurable sending delays, enable/disable tracking per email, and so on) will ensure that your emails are delivered to the primary inbox.

You'll end up in more people's inboxes, and as a result, more people will respond.

Streamline Everything

Automatically pull fresh prospects from a Google Sheet. Every week, contact a set number of new opportunities—follow-up with or without tracking opens or clicks. Recognize out-of-office responses. Send alerts to Slack. Set up a webhook or a Zapier app.

Everything can be set up in less than 5 minutes. It will then function automatically.

Pay for the Services You Use

You will not be charged per seat or email sent via QuickMail. You have to pay for the number of inboxes you send emails to. The standard pricing includes one inbox, and each additional inbox is discounted from cold email tools.

Improve your deliverability at no additional cost

Prospects are automatically imported.

On autopilot, send emails and follow up.

With only a few clicks, you can scale your campaigns.

Integrate with your other tools.

Don't jeopardize your capacity to produce.

QuickMail gets you into more people's inboxes, resulting in more responses.

2. Salesmate

It is ideal for sales teams looking for a platform to manage their pipeline and automate their sales process.

Salesmate is a tool that allows sales teams to organize and automate their outreach, cold calling, and sales efficiency.

You may utilize their Sequences tool to create automated email campaigns. You may even send automatic SMS messages from such sequences, ideal for ABM campaigns. It has more functions than just cold emailing, but for this article, we'll concentrate on those.

You may customize several options, such as what to do if you receive an out-of-office reply, campaign exit criteria, and prospect tagging.

It's a vital tool for teams that wish to collaborate on sending emails and viewing CRM activities in one spot.

3. Outreach

Automation tool for cold outreach for teams who wish to track team and individual performance.

With multi-channel sales sequences, Outreach.io allows sales teams to interact with prospects at scale.


It's packed with features tailored to outbound sales teams, as the name says. You may set up multi-step, multi-channel sales campaigns that remind your team to call, email, or interact with a prospect on LinkedIn.

Sales managers may receive insights on individual performance, making it a valuable team platform.


Make multiple-touch sequences.

Personalize cold outreach using LinkedIn and your CRM data.

Analysis of team performance in detail

4. SalesLoft 

Assists B2B sales teams with huge sales teams.

SalesLoft is a sales interaction tool that allows you to communicate with prospects while also tracking your activity to understand what's working.

You'll have a comprehensive picture of your sales efforts and essential duties in one spot, ensuring that you never leave a prospect hanging.

SalesLoft interfaces with Sales Navigator and Salesforce, allowing you to quickly analyze your CRM information and ensure that each email is tailored and sent on time.

You may also develop and store templates that you can reuse and get precise information on open rates, reply rates, and click-through rates, as you might expect.

Create email templates and cadences to send to potential customers.

Salesforce and LinkedIn connectors provide analytics and visibility into sales representatives' activity.

Activity is synchronized with your CRM.

5. Snov.io 

It is a technology that combines a sales CRM with cold outreach automation.

Snov.io is a platform that allows you to find good leads, communicate with them via email, and track deals in a sales CRM.

It's a terrific alternative if you want a platform that will help you with everything from prospecting to managing transactions in your CRM. They gather information on organizations and accounts to assist you in identifying good-fit prospects, then incorporate them into your campaigns and automate sending and follow-ups.

You can measure interaction in your inbox using a Gmail plugin, and you can also examine performance analytics within Snov.io.


a database for finding potential consumers

Send bulk emails with ease.

View extensive data and track your progress.

3 Extra Tools to Help You Improve Your Cold Email Marketing

1. Use Clearbit Connect to locate emails

It's a program that searches for emails and adds to your prospect profiles.

You'll need someone's contact information before you can send an email. Clearbit Connect is a tool that helps you locate email addresses for individuals you wish to contact.

It will also assist you in locating their social networks (so you may connect with them) and other pertinent information about their firm, industry, employment, and tools they use at work.

It's an excellent tool for locating email addresses.

Check Alore

2. Use NeverBounce to double-check emails

With a solution like NeverBounce, you can ensure your emails are authentic and lower your bounce rate.

Bounce rates that are too high are a poor indicator. Email service providers will notice that you're not naturally utilizing email if your emails don't appear in your prospects' inboxes. You're more likely to end up in the spam bin, and whatever email campaign you send will have poor results.

Use NeverBounce to double-check emails

Use NeverBounce to validate your email list to minimize unwanted bounces.

Upload your contact list, and NeverBounce will inform you whether or not they are legitimate in less than 10 minutes. An essential but crucial aspect of any effective outreach strategy is email verification.

3. Use Loom to send personalized videos

Create small films to include in your emails.

Instead of writing it down, use Loom to produce a short video pitch to stand out in your prospects' email.

This is a terrific way to demonstrate that you've done your homework, have clear value to provide, and are prepared to put genuine effort into your outreach rather than merely contacting 500 individuals with the same dull template.

In Gmail, Loom links appear as a video preview, a terrific way to make your email stand out.

Wrap Up

Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways for companies to create leads.

According to a survey, email is the key channel for generating leads for 89 per cent of marketers.

However, contacting so many individuals with diverse techniques might lower salespeople's morale and productivity, but the tools outlined above are the solution.

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