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Active Lead Generation: The Perfect Way to Find Qualified Leads for Your Business

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September 19, 2022

Once you've done your research, developed a brilliant agency website, and built your social media profile, the next big challenge will be active lead generation.

While your website may be an effective lead-generating instrument, there are two methods that can help you increase its effectiveness for lead generation: inbound and outbound marketing.

The question you should be asking yourself isn't whether to go inbound or outbound, but how to create a lead creation strategy that incorporates both.

You're more likely to succeed if you don't limit your marketing efforts to one side of the sphere; it's all about having the appropriate balance.

Active Lead Generation: The Perfect Way to Find Qualified Leads for Your Business


Content Marketing and Email Marketing

Customers search for information, and content meets this need.

However, if your material is just sitting there and isn't getting the attention it deserves, you are not only losing potential leads but also the chance to publicize your expertise.

There are several ways to get material out there that will help you with active lead generation, but email marketing is one of the most successful.

According to research conducted by Fractl and Moz, 53.2 percent of firms gain leads by providing content on a topic that appeals to their target demographic.

The key is to give them something useful- an excellent example would be your monthly Hero content. Your email's objective should be to supply folks with free information without being pushy about it.

The most important thing is to pique your leads' interest and keep them engaged until they become warm. As we mentioned in the webinar

How to Get Your Leads to Visit Your Agency, you must establish the proper time intervals for your cold emails so that you don't overburden your leads with too many communications.

Lead Magnets and Warm Calls

Your hook is your lure. But there's a problem: your bait must be something remarkable and appealing to warrant the prospect's attention.

Otherwise, you won't be able to get them to even open your lead magnet.

A lead magnet is an offer of value in exchange for a prospect's information.

Because you're giving consumers information while also obtaining their contact information, downloadable white papers and ebooks are excellent lead magnets. Providing an SEO evaluation as a lead magnet is also quite effective.

It's as simple as creating a form on your website that allows visitors to download the file after they give their contact information.

It is also beneficial to install a free SEO plugin for WordPress websites that lets you offer SEO audits. However, when using lead magnets, you must make them available without any obligations.

How do you use lead magnets in your outbound marketing campaigns? By collecting a list of people that you may call on.

Warm calling is difficult because you must weave the discussion into a form that exploits the usefulness of what you're selling.

If you've already qualified your leads, researched, and found a common ground, you can now pick up the phone and start warm calling. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Get past the gatekeeper: There will always be a gatekeeper, and you'll have to go through someone before reaching the decision-maker.

You may accomplish this by requesting the name of the decision-maker or reaffirming if you're talking to the correct individual.

  • Be brief: It's best not to call prospects who are busy running a business for lengthy periods of time. Make sure your prospect has the time to talk.
  • Establish context: What do you mean by "common ground?" When on the phone with a lead, use this concept to help you establish context.

Instead of being another pushy salesperson, this makes it simpler to start a conversation and explain why you're calling.

Social Media and Trade Shows

Content Marketing and Email Marketing

When you're working on active lead generation, the typical approach is to check Google or Facebook events pages in your field, register, and go to the show — this is often how agencies find leads.

But how can you tell if leads will spot your business among the crowd? That's when social media comes in handy.

If you've joined groups and discovered people with whom you can network at the same trade show, this is a chance to connect with them and get that handshake.

What you need to do is:

  • Let them know you’re attending: Respond to the event's RSVP invitation. Make sure you include your booth number or where you'll be staying during the trade show on your profile.
  • Use the event hashtag: Event hashtags may be used in two ways: to locate prospects at the event and to inf
    orm them that you're there.
  • Connect with your leads: The wonderful thing about going to trade shows is that you may get to know your prospects on a more personal level.

Send them a message, provide a write-up about the event, or simply extend a greeting after the meeting expressing your desire to talk with them again in the future.

In Conclusion

Social Media and Trade Shows

You can utilize a lead-generating tool to complement your efforts on active lead generation, but it all boils down to strategy.

The passive and active lead generation processes should not be separated. You may have a more comprehensive approach by combining inbound and outbound marketing.

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