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8 Best Video Email Platforms

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October 4, 2022

By this time, it is already proven that video email are one of the top forms of content consumed daily. According to Hubspot, 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% watch online videos every day.

Videos make things easier to consume. People tend to retain more information from what they see and hear than they read.

The growth in consumption and the added benefit of retention capability have made videos a go-to content format for businesses today.

Today, videos are used in marketing, sales, customer support, and internal team communication.

The shift in work culture due to the pandemic has fuelled the growth of this adoption at a faster pace.

Despite these advantages, videos are still not used to their optimum potential, and we are still working on this goal daily.


8 Best Video Email Platforms

Emails with video

Videos are commonly included in emails. The initial introduction has demonstrated how videos nowadays are significantly more popular than other material. Emails with video

However, video dissemination has proven complicated—video formats, duration, and hosting all impact video consumption.

One medium that has benefited from the introduction of videos is Email.

Even if you can't embed movies directly into emails, there are alternative options for distributing your films. emails

Consider these factors while selecting a video email platform.

Choosing a video email platform may be difficult because they are an element of your total marketing jigsaw and should work nicely with other media.

Video Creation

The initial recording portion of the videos is covered under video creation. You should be able to record and edit videos on the same platform.

Vmaker, for example, has a mac software and a chrome extension for recording movies on the fly. The dashboard is hosted in the cloud, allowing you to view all your recordings from any location.

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The platform should also make using an external microphone or camera simple.

Production of Video

Any activity that creates friction will be inefficiently carried out. You want to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to video production.

Make sure the platform has an inbuilt editor that allows you to conduct basic editing on your recorded videos without having to hunt for it elsewhere.

Analytics and hosting of video

If you can acquire free hosting with the platform instead of YouTube or Vimeo, you can save even more money. To provide an excellent watching experience, the hosting should provide limitless streaming at a higher bit rate.

You may use video analytics to determine how well a video is received. A list of anonymous views and in-house view segregation will be used to customize follow-ups for each campaign.

Platforms for Video Email

Here are a few best platforms to check out this year if you want to enhance your game. Each forum has its own merits and functions. You'll discover the right platform here, whether it's for nurturing, prospecting, or customer service. email video

1. Vmaker 

Screen Recorder 

For obvious reasons, Vmaker must be first on the list. Vmaker is a camera and screen recording software that allows you to create and transmit customized films over the internet.

Content makers, sales and marketing professionals, and YouTubers have utilized Vmaker, ranked in G2's summer report. Performer of distinction

The following are some of the advantages that Vmaker provides for you:

Gmail integration allows you to record and transmit audio directly from the compose tab of your Email.

You may record, edit, and host videos with your player page.

Working together as a team is a possibility.

On your video player page, create a unique Call-to-Action button.

Cloud storage with no limits.

2. VideoPeel 

It is a program that allows you to peel back the layers of video

VideoPeel is a video-based social proof platform that generates client testimonials and success stories.


It enables you to collect video testimonials from your customers and distribute them to your audience via your website or other communication platforms.

VideoPeel's price isn't listed on their site. However, according to third-party sources, the monthly fee begins at $69.

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3. HippoVideo 

HippoVideo is a video customization tool that allows users to customize their videos online. Salespeople use this to distribute customized movies to their email list at scale in prospecting settings.

You may record, modify, and customize movies using custom variables on the platform.

The platform has a monthly fee of $15. 

4. VideoAsk

VideoAsk is a new kid on the block, thanks to Typeform, the well-known experience management platform.

With VideoAsk, you can add videos to every customer discussion. You may tailor the whole communication with videos, emails, website chats, or testimonials.

Customers or users can respond with videos or text.

The platform is mainly used in customer relationship management to generate a customized communication appeal.

When you pay monthly, the Grow plan starts at $24, and the Brand plan starts at $40.

5. Adilo

Audio is primarily a video hosting platform that also includes features for recording, playing, and analyzing videos.

Audio allows you to shoot and host 4K videos, podcasts, upload external media, and more, increasing engagement and completing more sales using videos.

Adil's basic plan costs $29 per month, while the growth and unlimited plans cost $49 and $149, respectively.


6. Sendspark

Sendspark is an email-based video recording platform that lets you record and transmit videos. They may be used in various sales, marketing, and customer service jobs.

Sendspark is compatible with several popular email platforms, including Outreach, Hubspot, Outlook, Gmail, and others.

The software is available as a chrome extension, with a yearly price starting at $12 for the pro plan and $15 for the business plan.

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7. Vidyard

Vidyard is a video-based virtual selling platform. It allows you to film and share sales presentations, proposals, demos, and other videos with your prospects.

Video recording, hosting, customization, and analytics are all included in the platform.

The pro plan starts at $15 per month, while the team plan costs $300 per month.

8. EasySendy 

EasySendy Pro is a video email marketing tool that connects all your marketing platforms while increasing traffic and conversions.

You can produce and deliver unique video content over Email on a scale that will captivate the recipient's attention using EasySendy.


SMTP relays such as Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, MailGun, SendinBlue, and others can also be used to develop and send effective campaigns.


Video emails may perform wonderfully if you use the correct blend of video and text. You'll need to determine the proper mix of content, video production, tools, and a compelling call to action.

You'll see a 3X increase in results immediately if you get this combination correct. Start using Vmaker for your video emails and test out our all-in-one record, edit, host, and share features to make and distribute videos on a large scale. If you liked the post above, here are a few more you might love!

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