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7 Best Sales Email Templates

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October 11, 2022

Our clients regularly ask us how they may enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns, so let's have a look at the anatomy of the most efficient sales email templates.

Sales Email is 40 times more effective than Twitter or Facebook in attracting new customers.

So, why do so many salespeople's email marketing attempts produce such poor results?

Because the sales email text was badly written.

Here are some suggestions to assist you.

Best Practices for Email Outreach

Examples of Cold Outreach

1. Include a question in the subject line

2. Provide an answer

3. pique their interest

4. Use similar interests to your advantage

6. Promote your content 

7. Send useful information 

8. See who has seen your LinkedIn profile 

9. Get a reaction 

10. Use Trigger events

11. Offer assistance


7 Best Sales Email Templates

Best Practices for Email Outreach

Before we go into samples, it's crucial to realize that there are basic guidelines to follow while writing content.

Follow Up

Regardless of how many times this has been said, many salespeople and marketers still fail to do so.

After just one follow-up, about 44% of them had given up.

Remember that closing a deal requires an average of five follow-ups (and occasionally even more).

As a result, resigning after one failed follow-up is a terrible decision.

The key is to plan your outreach, determine how many follow-ups you'll need, and prepare them all ahead of time. Read our blog post to understand how to be persistent without being obnoxious when following up.

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A call to action is required

This is another one of the fundamentals of effective email marketing. Make your CTA transparent and actionable by telling your audience exactly what you want them to do.

"Call us now on 987654321," for example, isn't an appropriate call-to-action.

There is no way to measure the effectiveness of this CTA, which is why you should include a link to a specific landing page or a link to your calendar so they can quickly schedule a call with you.

A call to action is required

Experiment with your subject lines

When you look at your email stats and realize that no one has opened it, let alone clicked on it, it's a hint that your subject line needs to be changed.

Don't just scribble down whatever comes to mind.

Check out our subject line blog article for more helpful ideas.

Examples of Sales email templates

Cold outreach requires extreme caution since it's critical to make a great first impression and overcome the discomfort of emailing someone for the first time.

1. Subject-line questions

Use relevant and interesting queries in your subject lines to pique people's interest.

Make a list of some of the most prevalent pain points in your niche. That implies you're about to offer a solution to your audience.

Of course, this method will only work if you follow through on your promises.

Subject Line: Do you require additional high-quality leads?

Hi Mike,

Establishing a consistent supply of high-quality leads is critical for any company's success, and we all know how difficult this process can be.

These issues, as well as how to overcome them, will be discussed in my forthcoming free webinar, "7 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation."

Join me and I'll share my experience as well as a number of concrete recommendations to help you get started developing your contact list right now.

Please register here: LINK.

Best wishes,


Examples of Cold Outreach

2. Provide an answer

This email helps you to get the attention of your recipients by highlighting how you can assist them.

Here's an example of a brief yet effective meeting proposal from the Autoklose template database for targeted cold outreach:

[Company] + Autoklose

[Your Name], I hope your week is going well so far.

I had a peek at your [Website] and felt it would be beneficial for us to connect. I work with over 50 companies in your vertical, including [Case Study 1] and [Case Study 2], to guarantee that their sales automation processes are effective.

When are you going to have 15 minutes this week to make a brief call?



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3. Pique their interest

Another template from our collection, which is available to all Autoklose users, centers around the interests of your receivers and explicitly states that it is educational:

Allow me to demonstrate something fantastic.

Steven, I had a look at your website and it appears like Autoklose may be really beneficial to your organization.

To get the most out of this fantastic product, you must understand how to use it, which is why I'd like to offer you a free trial that will walk you through all of its features and functions.

It's rather straightforward. Simply go to calendly.com/autoklosedemo, register, and get your free demo.

Have a wonderful day,

4. Eliminate names

Another brilliant technique to make your cold outreach work is to use a shared link.

Request permission from your existing customers and contacts to mention them for this reason.

Shawn Finder suggested I'm contacting you.

Hi Tim,

Shawn Finder and I were talking about sales automation the other day, and he indicated that you were looking for a way to automate your firm.

Because that is precisely my company's area of expertise, I believe you would greatly profit from Autoklose.

It would be my pleasure to demonstrate how it operates and how to get the most out of it.

Pick a date on my calendar and schedule a demo with me right now.

I'll contact you shortly, Igor

5. Make use of shared interests

Finding a common ground with your prospects is a great method to connect and develop rapport.

Utilize all resources accessible, including their website, social media accounts, and mutual contacts.

Here's an example of how to use your similar interests to your advantage without seeming creepy:

Which tennis player is your favorite?

Hello, Shawn. I saw on your [LinkedIn Profile] that you used to be a professional tennis player.

 Make use of shared interests

What a fantastic idea!

I'm a big admirer as well, and I occasionally play. Wouldn't it be fantastic to get together with some other salespeople for a meetup/tennis match?

If that's too ambitious given our busy schedules, let's organize a meeting to talk about how we can assist each other's businesses expand and achieve more goals.

Make an appointment and we'll talk: Here's the link to my calendar: [Link]


[Family Name] [Title] [Company]

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6. Make your material more visible

In the B2B business, where educating your prospects is the greatest approach to assist them realize why your product is perfect for them, content is crucial.

As a result, advertising your most recent blog article on a related topic will be much appreciated by your prospects.

Here's how we advertised our latest Black Friday pieces, which addressed seasonal pain points for our prospects.

Are you prepared for Thanksgiving?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching quickly.

While taking advantage of the shopping frenzy mindset is a fantastic opportunity, you must plan ahead of time.

Make your material more visible

How to Outsell Your Competitors is our most recent blog (and Yourself) This Black Friday is jam-packed with practical advice for improving your current marketing strategy.

Here are a few pointers to help you understand what to expect:

* Look into flash sales.

* Begin early and finish late

* Make product bundles available.

Enjoy your reading.

[Your Full Name]



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7. Even if the content isn't yours, send it!

You may utilize trigger events to convey relevant material from other people to your prospects. This will demonstrate that shameless self-promotion isn't your goal and that your main goal is to help.

How do you lead a team to success?

[Your Name],

First and foremost, congrats on assuming the role of Head of Sales. It's highly deserved.

Now, knowing how difficult this job may be, I've found a fantastic resource on how to establish and manage a successful sales team. I believe you will find it really beneficial. Here’s the URL to the [Book].

What are your thoughts?


[Your Full Name]

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to contact your prospects, and by ignoring the enormous potential of sales email prospecting, you're wasting money.

These templates can assist you in correctly crafting your templates and increasing open and click-through rates.

So, how can you design an effective sales email?

Here's a rundown of what happened:

Look into your recipients.

Sort your list into categories.

Personalize your message beyond your first name.

Create an enticing topic line.

Have a strong first line.

Keep your message brief and direct.

Include a strong and obvious CTA.

Make your signature shine.

Finally, pose a question.

We just built and published a to help you refine and polish your sales email outreach, as well as sales methods in general. In it, you'll get even MORE sales email and follow-up templates to edit and deploy. Email template library for free

It's worth noting that these templates have been tried and true. Our sales reps utilize it on a regular basis and have had great success with it.

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