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7 Best Email Outreach Tools You Need To Know About

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August 29, 2022

You're seeking an email outreach tool that will help you simplify your outreach efforts.

In 2022, we've collected a list of 7 of the top email outreach tools to employ.

To help you choose the best email marketing platform, we've compiled a checklist of things to look for. So let's get this show on the road!


Best email outreach tools

You can improve your email outreach with the aid of whatever tool you use, even if you're just getting started or trying out a new one. In the meanwhile, let's take a closer look at them.

1. Saleshandy

If you're looking to simplify your cold email marketing efforts, Saleshandy is an excellent choice. Easy to use, high deliverability, deep customisation and cost-effective solution make it one of the top cold email outreach tools accessible.

A variety of professions may use Saleshandy to automate their outreach campaigns and obtain the desired outcome. The platform is used by sales reps from SaaS, agencies, and IT services to engage with potential customers.

Saleshandy's most important aspects

Sequences that are tailored to the individual

Send tailored cold email sequences with Saleshandy utilizing various merge tags such as "first name," "last name," "Company," "location." nation. number."

Automation of Follow-up Communications

After you've sent your first email, it's simple to set up a follow-up one. It's a great way to increase your reaction and response rate. You may schedule an email to be sent depending on a predetermined set of conditions.

A report on the order in which events occurred

With Saleshandy, you can track the performance of your email campaigns in real time. You'll learn more about your sequence's response rate, bounce rate, email open rate, and other metrics that may help you improve it better for your users.

Templates are kept in a repository

Using a pre-saved template as a starting point for your email outreach is a great option if you're not sure how to go. Using this feature, you may send a link to the template to other members of your team for an email outreach tool.

Prospecting on LinkedIn

Within seconds, Saleshandy's emailing search engine uncovers confirmed LinkedIn email addresses. First and last name, work title, and email address are just a few of the pieces of information you'll get with the help of LinkedIn's email finder.

The most recent technological advances

Providers of Editing Services

You may use Saleshandy to get real-time help as you compose an email. Help is provided in a non-spammy manner that is both user-friendly and interesting, and it includes comments, ideas, and analysis of your work.

Increase Your Email Volume

Using this function, you may gradually increase the number of emails you send each day while still maintaining high email delivery rate

Bounce Guard

In the event that your email is likely to be rejected, Saleshandy will immediately suspend your sequence. When you set up an email series, the system is alerted.

Email with health score

The email health score is a self-help tool that alerts you to potential problems with your email account and suggests possible fixes.

Evaluation of Saleshandy

Using SalesHandy has made sending emails a cinch. It's almost priceless to be able to set up stages for follow-ups with my consumers.

Professionals all around the globe use Saleshandy to improve their cold email outreach results. With Saleshandy, you can automate your outreach and complete more transactions with the help of the more than 24k professionals that use the email outreach tool.

Pricing options

Pro: $25/user/month

Infinite Numbers of Email Chains

A/B Efforts

Managing the Future

Insights & Reports

The LinkedIn Email Finder Extension

APIs that are available to the general public

Send an email with your own health score (Coming soon)

In addition, you may save a lot of time by generating leads and managing customers. Woodpecker can simply link with your CRM and make your job easier when you have a lot of data floating around in your email.

2. Woodpecker

In order to reach out to a bigger audience, Woodpecker is an email outreach tool created specifically for cold email campaigns and follow up.

You may divide your Agency and Person work using Woodpecker's unique capability. This Agency Panel feature allows you to send campaigns while safeguarding your client data.


In addition, you may save a lot of time by generating leads and managing customers. Woodpecker can simply link with your CRM and make your job easier when you have a lot of data floating around in your email.

Add-on options

A well-thought-out message

Your email account won't be banned or hacked because of email bounces. A suspicious email address won't be sent by Smart Sending.

Detection of replies

You may stop the auto follow-up if you get a response from the user. This will ensure that no emails are sent twice.


In order to increase open and click rates, set up eight email follow-ups. In addition, the email will seem to be personalized and you are not speaking to a computer.

Pricing options

For each slot, you'll pay $39 a month, based on the number of daily contacts you choose.

Every day, up to 50 persons are contacted.

As many times as you'd want!

As many team members as you need.

The new Warm-up and Recovery

3. Overloop

It is more fun and less time consuming to prospect using Overloop.

Many small and medium-sized businesses rely on Overloop's automation tools to boost their output and save time.

Add-on options


Getting their emails into the mailbox of the intended recipient is a primary goal of any outreach campaigner. Before launching an email campaign, utilize the Email Finder and Verification function to verify the email address and make sure that you are contacting the greatest number of individuals.


Organize a follow-up email campaign. As a result, you'll never miss an opportunity again. If your emails aren't read or responded to, you may follow up to enhance your conversion rate.

Analyze the data

It is unnecessary to open your email many times a day to see whether the client has responded. Every email you send may be tracked and you'll get alerts as soon as they arrive.

Also, the link monitoring tool lets you know whether the receiver has opened, read, and clicked the link you've shared with them..

Synchronize with your CRM

CRMs such as Salesforce and Zapier are also supported by them. It is possible to combine all of your email correspondence with your preferred CRM application.

Pricing options

Light: €39 paid monthly

50 credits a month / user.

Sending out spam emails

Extensions to LinkedIn

All of your email accounts will be synchronized.

3 for all of your email accounts

The standard monthly payment is €79.

Users get 250 credits each month.

Sending out spam emails

Extensions to LinkedIn

All of your email accounts will be synchronized.

Connect up to 3 different email accounts per user.

Advanced: €129 a month, paid in advance.

For each user, 500 credits are available each month.

Sending out spam emails

Extensions to LinkedIn

All of your email accounts will be synchronized.

Each user may have up to five linked email accounts.

Chjeck Alore

4. SmartReach

Smartreach.io is an excellent tool for sending cold emails. It boosts your output while also ensuring that your emails are sent to the intended recipient's inbox and not the spam folder.

With tools like "Prospect Feed," you can keep tabs on user activity and see how many emails are being opened and replied to as a result of your campaign.

"Smart Pause" was a feature we found beneficial. Any time you send an email campaign and one of the recipients responds, SmartReach automatically stops the campaign for that particular email address, allowing you to manually continue the discussion.


Add-on options

Feeding the Speculation

A "Prospect Feed," for example, lets you monitor and track user activity, as well as the success of your campaigns.

Warm-up hero

Email warming is a method that uses a technology to aid with email warmup in order to maintain a high deliverability rate.

Pricing options

The standard monthly payment is $24.

Continuity of Action

As many times as you want.

Adding a Second Email Account Costs $24.

Pro: monthly fee of $39

In addition to the standard plan's characteristics, this plan has additional benefits

As many tests as you want

TimeZone Detection with No Limits

Additional Email Accounts cost $39 each.

Pay $59 a month for the Ultimate Plan.

All of the Pro Plan's features, plus a few more

Is there a limit to the number of people I can reach out

Support through Phone, Email, and Screen Sharing.

Support for new employees throughout the onboarding process in real time

$59 for each extra email account.

5. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is the most advanced platform for influencer marketing and analytics. It has grown to be one of the most widely used email outreach tools available.

Add-on options

Aim for influencers

When it comes to finding the right influencer, NinjaOutreach has an in-built database of more than a million contacts and their email addresses. Filtering prospects by industry and location might help you locate and connect with them.

Build a network of influencers

Send an email campaign to your influencers after you've identified who they are and where they are located.

Sending an email campaign to a verified recipient will enhance the likelihood that it will be read and responded to.

Pricing options

Flex: $155 a month, paid in advance

Reach a thousand people

Each month, there are 10,000 emails sent.

Numerous Instagram Influencers at Your Disposal

There is no end to the number of people who can be influential on Twitter.

Thousands of Bloggers

The ability to send and receive unlimited business e-mails

Con: Monthly payments of $259

Everything the Flex plan has, plus

Get in touch with a minimum of 4000 people

a monthly email volume of 15,000

6. Mailshake

In terms of cold email outreach, Mailshake is one of the most popular options. It is common among those in sales, marketing, public relations, media, journalists, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

This tool is used to form a connection, promote content, and boost brand recognition, among other things. The cold email outreach campaign may be set up using MailShake to discover your prospects.

When you use merge tags, you can customize your emails and obtain a favorable response from your receivers. You can also configure auto to follow up according on the behavior of your recipient. Tracking email, bounce rate, click-throughs, and responses are just few examples of the data you may get from this tool.

Mailshake is noted for its email marketing recommendations, which include PR pitches, Guest Blogging, and more. You may choose from a variety of pre-built templates tailored to certain sectors, and then customize them to fit your campaign's needs.


Add-on options

Integrations with other systems

The most commonly used technologies, such as Google Sheets, Zapier, Pipedrive, and Hubspot CRM, may be integrated with Mailshake.

Apps for smartphones and tablets

You may utilize the Android and iOS applications if you don't have a laptop with you. Monitoring your campaign on the move has never been easier.

AB Testing

Select two Emails and utilize the one that performs best in a split-testing scenario. This will help you determine which of the two campaigns is more effective.

Pricing options

A monthly fee of $59 is charged for any email correspondence.

Inboxes from any service provider

Normally priced at $29 a month, this service is now free.

The SMTP protocol is used by Gmail, Outlook, and other email clients.

Personalization of email

SHAKEspeare AI email writing

scheduling and throttling options

Sending out pre-programmed email campaigns

A monthly fee of $99 is charged for a sales engagement.

Dialer for a telephone

The use of social media in marketing

Customize existing duties

Ten thousand list-cleaning credits are given out each month

Each campaign has a maximum of 10,000 people it may target.

7. Outreach.io

Outbound.io is a popular tool for companies looking to connect with a large number of individuals, including sales professionals, lead generators and account executives as well as bloggers, influencers managers and others.

Now, with Outreach.io, the agony of data input and crucial repetitive chores is never forgotten thanks to the automation of these processes. Using these prospecting superpowers, the user will be able to engage in more discussions and schedule more meetings.

Nothing vital gets lost thanks to the custom email sequences. You're constantly up to date with your ideal customer.

Outreach.io's audience may be reached in four steps.

  • Social
  • Voice
  • Communication by use of written language.
  • These four elements may be customized and configured to meet your specific needs and the preferences of your intended audience. Afterwards, Outreach will be able to send to the clients.

Add-on options

This is a well-thought-out response

Assists you in keeping track of your customers, even while they're out of the office, by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to refresh all your data.

Sidebar on global outreach

Access to your most critical tasks has been made easier thanks to a new sidebar. A single point of contact is all that is needed to respond to consumer feedback or schedule a meeting.

Incorporation of Salesforce

With Salesforce's most dependable BiDirectional synchronization, all scheduled meetings, phone calls, and emails are tracked in real time and stored.

Pricing options

Outreach offers a variety of price options that may be tailored to meet your specific needs.

How do you choose the finest email marketing tool?

When you're just getting started with cold emailing, it might be difficult to choose the correct tool. Here are a few things to keep in mind while deciding which tool to use:

1. Email outreach software must include personalization. Personalizing your email even when you're sending it to several people should be possible. Make a favorable impression when your email gets in your prospect's inbox and don't automate it.

2. You should be able to follow up on your email after you've sent it, at the very least. According to a Saleshandy whitepaper, 80 percent of transactions complete after the first five follow-ups emails are sent.

Do not quit up after the first follow-up email and hunt for a tool that has this functionality.

3. If your cold email does not make it to the inbox of your target, you have failed. Consider the tool's email deliverability characteristics. The product should have a decent approach to email deliverability Email deliverability may be maintained by a combination of strong features and healthy behaviors.

How do you choose the finest email marketing tool?

4. Before making a final selection, you should take into account the tool's cost. When determining the tool's price, bear these things in mind:

What is the size of my target audience?

Is it necessary for me to pay in order to put on further, more critical features?

> Is it possible for my coworkers to utilize it?

Is it worth it to pay more for fewer options?

Aside from these considerations, the free trial is the best option for those who are unsure of whether or not they can afford to pay immediately. Free trials are available for certain software.


It takes a long time and a lot of effort to reach out by email. It's like trying to strike a moving target in the dark and hoping for the best. That is not the case, though, if you have the proper equipment.

Based on productivity, usability, and cost, we've attempted to provide some context for these products.

All of the tools listed above will assist you in effectively managing and reaching out to your consumers.

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