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30 Best Cold Email Marketing Chrome Extensions in 2022

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October 11, 2022

Scaling up your cold email marketing sounds tough, isn’t it? Well it is. But not really. Scaling up cold email marketing is a very important thing for any company as they can communicate with many of their prospects. A study suggests that it can improve your response rate by 15-20 %

Are you ready to scale up your cold email marketing campaigns? Then, without automation, you cannot do it.

So now, let’s have a deep look into it.

You need robust email marketing tools to write, design, send and monitor your cold emails. Fortunately, you can find numerous types of email marketing tools today. But chrome extensions are simply the best ones.

They are easy, simple, and don’t consume much space on the system. Cold email chrome extensions allow you to easily monitor and manage emails.

Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to introduce the best 30 cold email marketing chrome extensions in 2022. So, let’s get started.

Firstly we need to understand what are the features that should be in cold email chrome extensions.


Features that Cold Email Chrome Extensions Must Have

Before checking the best cold email extensions, you have to first understand what the main features that email extensions must have are:

Scheduling and Follow-Ups

30 Best Cold Email Marketing Chrome Extensions in 2022

One of the most important functions of cold email software is to schedule campaigns and generate automated follow-ups. This enables email marketers to run multiple campaigns and send emails at the right time.

In addition, it allows them to send quick follow-ups to prospects and convert them into customers.

Easy to Personalize

Personalization is vital to generate maximum results from your email marketing efforts. However, without automation, it is harder to create personalized emails for individual accounts.

Fortunately, most cold email chrome extensions have attributes that let you personalize snippets, email content, etc.

Built-in Email Sending

When you want to launch cold email outreach at a large scale, use the best cold email chrome extension. This will help you keep your emails out of spam folders and balance your sender score in the long run.

Besides this, cold email software should offer features like inbox rotation, delivery testing, enable/disable tracking, and more.


If you use several business automation tools to smoothly run your operations, get the software that can easily integrate with all tools.

In addition, ensure that your extension works well with your chosen web browser. You can check compatibility features on the Google chrome store for every tool.

In addition, ensure that your extension works well with your chosen web browser. You can check compatibility features on the Google chrome store for every tool.


If multiple people are working on your email marketing team, you need a chrome extension that can make your whole team collaborate in real-time.

Especially if you have a hybrid team, you need collaboration features like webhooks to automate processes, a dashboard to manage your customer accounts, etc.

As we have  now completely understood about the most important features of cold email marketing extensions, now let’s learn in depth about 30 best cold email chrome extensions.

30 Best Cold Email Chrome Extensions

Today, you can find several Google chrome extensions to perform different cold email functions. Thus, we tried and tested all the best cold email extensions to create a perfect cold email toolkit in 2022.

Cold Email Writing Chrome Extensions

Cold email content writing is an extremely technical task. If your email content isn’t grammatically correct or personalized, it is harder to drive maximum results.

Using these chrome extensions, you can effortlessly write an engaging and informative cold email content;

1. Auto Text Expander

Auto Text Expander is a robust extension that provides a custom keyboard shortcut to expand and replace text as you type. It will save your time for creating and sending follow-ups to potential clients.

You simply have to type a shortcut, and it will be automatically replaced with expanded content. It is a 100% free extension that works without the Internet.  

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a perfect Google extension to write a grammatically correct cold email. This free extension helps you check spelling, punctuation, and other grammar errors.

It is important to write flawless cold email content as poorly written emails are considered phishing and scam.

This extension can be integrated with Google Docs, Google Sheets and other Google products. It also offers many other helpful features, such as synonyms, readability analysis, etc.

3. Headlinr

Do you want to create a catchy and exciting email subject line? Then, Headlinr is the best tool for you. You simply have to type keywords, and the tool will automatically generate headlines suitable for an email.

With the free version, you will only get 30 subject lines. However, you can get unlimited headlines with the paid version for only $27.

4. ASD Fast

It can be challenging to manage white space when writing cold emails from scratch. But thanks to ASD Fast, you can now save your writing time using Chrome’s newly updated Lorem Ipsum Generator.

ASD Fast comprises a series of incoherent and Latin-looking text in your newsletter. You simply have to right-click on your mouse and Insert ASDFast Text to generate the text.

5. Evernote Web Clipper

This cold email chrome extension is useful while researching material for your email content. You can clip important articles and links to view later on. You simply have to press a button, name your clipping, select among the five capture options and save it.

Also, you can highlight pages and annotate text you want to remember. Save all these clippings to your personal notebook to access anytime.

6. GoodBits

Do you want to quickly create high-valuable email content? Then, GoodBits is your Google Chrome extension.

You can search, select and add different content pieces using the extension. This way, you can write well-researched email content faster.

7. Gorgias

Gorgias is an extension that allows you to create writing shortcuts and email templates. If you send bulk emails every day, use Gorgias to create an email template that can speed up your email writing process.

You can also personalize your email templates using different variables and shortcuts.

8. Gmail Snippets

Similar to Gorgias, Gmail Snippets allow you to create writing shortcuts. This way, you can compose your entire email within 3 words.

In addition, this extension is 100% free and available on mobile devices.

9. Gmail Email Templates

This cold email extension offers 100+ pre-created email templates that let you import templates from Mailchimp.

If you choose the paid plan, you will get access to more features like saving email templates to Google Drive, template auto-saving to Gmail draft, designing unlimited email templates with attachments, and more.

10. Papier

Writing is not at all an easy job. It requires a constant supply of creativity and concentration. Thus, if you are facing writer’s block while writing a cold email, you can take refuge in Papier.

This extension can provide a distraction-free writing environment to clearly put your thoughts on paper. Just click on the Papier button on your web browser, and you will get a perfect editor to write.

As cold email management chrome extensions are important as well as cold email writing chrome extensions. Now let’s dig into some cold email management chrome extensions.

Cold Email Management Chrome Extensions

After writing cold emails, you have to schedule, send and manage your email lists. There go many efforts into delivering cold emails to the right inboxes. Here are some great chrome extensions that can help you perform all the email management operations, such as:

11. Boomerang

It is an email scheduling extension that can increase your cold email response rate. When you send emails at the right time to the right accounts, it will boost your cold email success rate.

Boomerang allows you to schedule emails, snooze incoming emails or have them come back to your inbox later. Using this extension, you can keep your inbox clean and focus on the important messages.

12. Zapier

Zapier is a collaboration tool that helps to integrate all your email operations — from documents to track. It can integrate Gmail to other applications like Google Docs, Typeform, Facebook Lead Ads, etc.

Once you connect Gmail to Zapier, it will fully automate your workflow to send cold emails.

13. Gmail Offline

You must have faced a situation where you don’t have a stable internet connection and want to manage your Gmail inbox. In that case, you can install Gmail Offline on your system.

This Google Chrome extension lets you read, search, archive and even reply to emails without the Internet. The extension queues all the actions and automatically completes them when your device is connected to a stable internet connection.

14. Block Sender

Your employees receive tons of junk emails like social media updates, promotional emails and more. Unfortunately, all the junk emails can hide away your important emails. So, here Block Sender can make your life easier. It lets you block any incoming emails with a click.

Every time a blocked sender tries to email you, they will get a fake error message. In addition, blocked messages can be sent to the trash or permanently deleted with Block Sender.

15. Send Anywhere


Sending large attachments is a big headache for Gmail. You can only send 25 MB size attachments with Gmail. Thus, sending large PDF files or media files is harder with Gmail. But thanks to the Send Anywhere extension, you can now send files large up to 50 GB straight from your Gmail inbox.

It makes attachments appear as clickable links. The recipients can download the files by clicking on the link.

Personalization is always a key for cold emails. There are chrome extensions available for cold email personalization also.

Cold Email Personalization Chrome Extensions

Personalization is a key factor behind successful email campaigns. And for drafting personalized cold emails, you need the right tools to analyze your recipients’ preferences and accordingly create emails. Here are a few chrome extensions to write personalized emails:

16. Crystal

Do you use LinkedIn and CRMs to generate leads? Then, Crystal extension can retrieve individual email recipients’ information from them and help you write personalized emails.

The extension uses different filters to monitor their behavior like psychological profiles, how the person can be motivated, etc. However, the free version only offers 10 searches, so you must upgrade to the premium version for full support.

17. WiseStamp

WiseStamp is a dynamic Google chrome extension to create professional email signatures in no time. The tool provides access to the WiseStamp email signature editor, where you can edit your email signatures for free.

In addition, you can add personal details, and contact information, insert social network links with logos, etc.

18. GIPHY for Chrome

This tool allows you to respond to emails, tweets, and GIFs. You can personalize your follow-up cold emails with GIF replies.

All you have to do is search, drag and drop GIFs into your email, and your work is done. This extension also works for Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

19. GMass

GMass allows you to add a personal spin to your cold emails and enhance the response rates. The tool makes it easy to search mass email addresses with a Build Email List button. It can find all the relevant email addresses suiting your business.

GMass can flawlessly work with Google Sheets, which improves the email customization level for you.

20. Mailtrack

Mailtrack provides real-time notifications and pop-ups on email behavior. For example, it tells when someone opens your email, where they clicked, etc. This information helps email marketers to customize cold emails based on real-time data.


It is also useful to run an A/B test on emails to get to know which emails are likely to be more open. The best thing is it is a free, lightweight, and easy to use tool.

Tracking your email after sending it is an important and cool way to have records of your work updates. Let’s know some details regarding cold email tracking chrome extensions also now.

Cold Email Tracking Chrome Extensions

Email tracking is extremely important to ensure that your cold emails are reaching the right inboxes and generating the desired results.

Besides this, tracking also helps you improve the efficiency and reach of email campaigns. Some of the best email tracking extensions are:

21. Streak

Streak is a CRM tool that can seamlessly integrate with Gmail. The tool can be used for 7 different use cases — Sales, Fundraising, Customer Support, PM, Business Partners, Hiring and Real Estate.

Streak can do everything for email marketers, including tracking, custom email merge, color coordination and more. In addition, you can integrate it with your inbox. This makes email tracking easy and well-organized.

22. Snov.io

Snov.io is a comprehensive email marketing tool. It is a platform to find relevant email addresses, verify them and engage with hot leads using email outreach.


This platform can help you with everything — from prospecting to managing deals in your CRM. Snov.io collects data on companies and accounts to help you find suitable prospects for your email campaigns and automate your sending and follow-up processes.

23. Yesware

This extension is a complete sales toolkit. It helps you send bulk emails, track results, integrate with Salesforce and LinkedIn, etc.

Using Yesware, you can track how prospects interact with your emails and check how opened and engaged with your email content. It also provides email automation features like email scheduling, autopilot follow-up campaigns, simplified sales process and more.

24. Unlimited Email Tracker

It is a perfect email tracker for Gmail with loads of free features. The tool can trace every email sent — how many times it is opened, who has taken action on the email, etc.

The extension is forever free, and you never have to pay for features like link tracking, reminders, schedules and more.

Having chrome extension for miscellaneous uses? Sounds great right? We got you. Here you’ll find miscellaneous cold email extensions also.

Miscellaneous Cold Email Chrome Extension

Several cold email tools are available today to help you launch attractive and engaging cold email campaigns. For instance—

25. SendSafely Encryption for Chrome and Gmail

Using this chrome extension, you can send email attachments safely. Upon activation, the SendSafety plugin can allow you to send emails, copy the link and share it with your recipients securely.

This chrome extension is useful for sending and receiving emails with full security.

26. BitBounce

BitBounce is a free email spam solution that asks unsolicited email senders to pay. You can create a whitelist of email senders, and unknown email senders are asked to pay. If the email sender pays, you will receive their email.

If they don’t pay, the emails will be pushed to an unpaid folder. This way, you will only get emails from important senders who are willing to pay.

27. iMacros

Are you tired of repeating the same task over and over? In that case, iMacros automates the most repetitive tasks on the web like filling out forms, entering passwords, etc.

Using this tool, you can automate all the cold email sending tasks and save your time to focus on other important things.

28. DocuSign

This chrome extension allows you to sign the documents that you receive in your Gmail inbox. You can create your digital signature using DocuSign and add it to any email-attached documents.


You can also add your full name, email address, date, company name, and other details along with your digital signature.

29. Digify

Digify is the best platform to add and monitor email attachments. The tool lets you know when your Gmail attachments are read. It also helps you choose who will see the email attachments, forbid downloads, or set the self-destruction mode to automatically delete attachments after some time.

However, the tool is not free, and you have to pay $99 per month for monitoring features.

30. Markup Hero

Markup Hero extension allows you to take screenshots right from your web browser and add annotations to them.

That means you can edit your emails anytime. In addition, a shareable link is automatically stored in the cloud and copied to your clipboard for later use. Also, the tool offers all the basic features for free.

Parting Remarks

There you go, email marketers! We have shared the best 30 cold emails chrome extensions that can make your life easier in 2022.

Be it email sending, tracking, or writing; you will get all the right tools to empower your email marketing efforts on the list.

However, we recommend first using the free version of the tools to better understand its features. Once you are happy with the tool, only then make the investment to get it.

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