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12 Best Cold Email Warm-Up Tools in 2022

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October 10, 2022

48.16% of all global emails are marked as junk emails, spam filters are more alert in 2022 than ever. 

The simple reason for emails landing in junk or spam is - Not warming up your email accounts adequately or not warming them at all. 

One non-negotiable for every email marketer is that their email campaigns land right in the prospect's inbox. But does this happen every single time? Not really. Have there been numerous cold email campaigns with a 100% deliverability rate? Definitely. 

In this blog, you’re going to find out the best email warm-up tools in 2022 to increase your chances of getting a 100% deliverability rate, maintaining a good sender reputation, as well as sliding into your email list’s inboxes smoothly.

12 Best Cold Email Warm-Up Tools in 2022

What is warming up an email?

Email warming up is the process of establishing trust and a good sender reputation with your email service provider. Email service providers have serious rules and regulations when it comes to sending cold emails and they have strong spam filters. 

Without proper knowledge, email marketers stand a chance to lose this battle with email service providers. This is why email warm-up is so important. So what is warming up an email account exactly? It’s the process of sending emails gradually at a consistent pace to increase your email sending limit. 

Why do you have to send emails at a consistent pace in limited amounts? If the cold emails that you send from your email account precede the set limits by the email service provider, they trigger spam alerts and send your cold emails straight into the spam folder. Before sending cold emails to larger sets of email addresses it is necessary to be assured that you have done the initial part of warming up your email account in the correct way. 

An email account warm-up could be done manually or it could be automated. 

Maintaining a good sender reputation sends positive signals to your email service providers, more like unspoken permission to go ahead and send more emails in bigger quantities. By warming up your email account you are training the algorithm to trust you with larger campaigns. So generally what does an email warm-up tool do?

  • It sends automated emails to email lists created specifically for warming-up purposes
  • Then it opens those cold emails and reads them
  • It responds to a specific percentage of cold emails to make it look natural
  • If cold emails initially end up in spam it removes those cold emails from the spam folder
  • The tool then goes one step further to mark some cold emails as Important

This email warm-up process is done by sending cold emails in specific numbers at a specific decided time by gradually increasing the number of emails per day to look professional and unsuspicious.

This email account warm-up process that simulates organic email activity assures email service providers to let their guard down and trust your email account.

Why do I need to warm up my new email account?

As email marketers, our primary goal is to reach our potential customer's inboxes. This is only possible with patience and the process of warming up your email account. Warming up the email accounts makes the sender look responsible and shows ESPs that the email sender or the organization adheres to the ESP’s rules.

Email warming up spikes your chances of reaching the inbox of your prospect. It increases email deliverability and improves the sender's reputation. This process clears the tag of a spam account from your organization. 

Warming up your email accounts helps you send cold emails to a maximum number of prospects increasing the potential of your cold email campaign. This is the best shot you get as an email marketer to look legit, achieve ideal delivery rates, and stay on the good side of email service providers. The process of email warming up reduces your chances of getting your email account suspended or even banned. 

Do I need to warm up an old email account too? 

The direct answer is Yes. 

Whether it’s an old account or a new one it is important to warm up your email account because this increases your sending limit. It prepares and trains your email account to send larger email campaigns to multiple datasets full of recipients. Using old email accounts is not a sure-shot way to reach your prospect’s inbox, in fact, the old accounts' inactivity may even look suspicious. So always warm up your old email accounts too.

Can You Warm Up Your Email Manually? 

Yes, you definitely can warm up your email account manually but it will take much longer than using automated email warm-up tools. You will be required to send multiple emails per day and reply to them consistently. The number of emails you send per day will increase and it definitely will take some time to reply to large sets of emails. 

You need to make sure that there is sufficient engagement in your cold email warm-up process. If there is no positive response or engagement or if you miss out because of any random reason, you risk losing your email account’s reputation. So while warming up your email account manually it is essential to keep your focus on positive engagement. 

Manual warming up of your email account requires a considerable amount of patience and time. If you don’t have both or you don’t have one from either of them. I suggest that you warm up your email account by using email warm-up tools, this way your warm-up process will get automated and you do not have to worry about negative results. You could save your time and focus on other things that matter and require more attention.

Manual vs automated email warm-up 

There are two ways to warm up your email account to increase the limit of emails per day - Manual warm-up and Automated warm-up.

You could be detail-oriented and warm up your email account manually but this process will take longer than automated email warm-up tools. The warming-up process also needs serious attention and consistency so while following the manual process it becomes important to not miss a single day or even miss the timing of your email warm-up campaigns. 

With automated warm-up tools, every cold email goes on time without breaking the whole process’s flow. While warming up your email account manually it is important to understand the basics as well as detailed aspects of the email warming process. Even a single mistake or a simple miscalculation could end up ruining your email account reputation. 

Automated email warm-up tools already have a system and process in place to run on autopilot which needs minimal to no assistance when it comes to the warming-up process once you’ve already set it up. Automated email warm-up tools help you save loads of time and the headache of keeping up with which email goes where, if you take emails out from spam, following up with multiple email addresses, etc.

Top 12 of the best email warm-up tools 

Now that you everything there is to manual and automated email warming up, let’s move on to the next part where we discover automated warm-up tools that do their job perfectly and deliver amazing results. I’ve included 12 automated email warm-up tools that will save you time money and effort. So let’s get started!

1. Alore BLAZE 

What is Alore and how does it work? 

Alore is a complete sales CRM platform that enables you to find, qualify and reach out to leads at your convenience. It’s an effective sales tool that increases team efficiency and conversions at scale. It is an 

AI-powered virtual assistant that automates smart campaigns and targeting. With Alore you can find out anyone in the world from any global channel just with a name or domain name and reach out to them. 

Blaze from Alore is an efficient email warm-up tool that is compatible with most email service providers like Google, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, etc. With Alore’s powerful email warm-up tool Blaze, you can ensure that you never end up in the spam folder. It is known for improving delivery rates and increasing the sender's reputation. Our platform ensures detailed reports and analytics to measure growth and identify campaign-related challenges. 

  • Blaze is compatible with most major email service providers
  • It has a huge network of email accounts interacting with each other
  • The timing and email sending limit are completely customizable
  • Its algorithm is designed to enable the progressive sending of emails
  • It is recommended and known to improve sender reputation and delivery rates by 2x
  • The UI/UX of the email warm-up tool is simple and pleasant 
  • It uses real people with real interactions for its warm-up processes
  • 100% automated processes with 0 human intervention 
  • In-built Blacklist and DNS health checkers
  • Detailed warm-up campaign reports that could be shared with your team
  • Auto-archives warm-up emails to keep the inbox clear 

Alore Blaze is an end-to-end efficient email warm-up tool that does all its processes via automation. Blaze has the option of a free demo. To know its pricing you need to get in touch with Alore’s sales team and they’ll guide you through.

blaze by alore

2. Warmup Inbox 

What is Warmup Inbox and how does it work?

Warmup Inbox is a pro email warm-up tool with a network of 20 000+ continuously changing real inboxes communicating with each other. It’s integrated with numerous email clients, such as Gmail, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, Amazon SES, Mailgun, Sendgrid, SMTP, Sendpost, Microsoft 365, Zoho, and Google Workspace.

This warm-up tool will effectively send warm-up emails to ensure that your spam score isn’t affected. Warmup Inbox will make sure that your sender reputation is intact and good. 

warmup inbox
  • Warmup Inbox can fully warm up your inbox by sending emails for 40 - 45 days
  • You get detailed reports and analytics to see the accurate status of your warm-up process
  • Edit and personalize your sending limits
  • It also provides a health score to know when you can stop the warming-up process and informs you when your account is ready 
  • There is also an email blacklist monitoring feature where you can see if email service providers trust you and see your sender reputation

Warmup Inbox’s pricing plan is very affordable and it costs only $ 9 monthly per inbox. They also have a 7-day free trial program where you can access all features.

3. Warm Box

What is Warm Box and how does it work?

Warm Box is a unique email warm-up tool known for its outstanding UI/UX. One of its best features is its ability to use different warm-up approaches according to your campaign's specific requirements. Warm Box sends warm-up emails simulating real people with real activity. There are four options or modes to choose from Grow- progressive, Flat, Randomize, and Custom. 

This email warm-up tool works with every major email service provider worldwide. It sends emails automatically from your inbox to interact with them like a natural activity to increase deliverability rates.

warm box
  • You can connect your inbox with 10 000+ inboxes with Warm Box
  • It’s an AI-based platform - It uses GPT-3 to carefully craft non-spammy-looking emails
  • You can choose between four different modes according to your requirements
  • It has the feature of spam score monitoring
  • Your email sending limit and timings are completely customizable

The solo plan for Warm Box costs $15 monthly per inbox with free IP BLacklists and DNS Settings Checker. It also has two other premium options which cost $69 with a daily sending limit of 250 emails a day and the Pro option which costs $139 per month with an option of 500 emails daily per inbox.

4. Mailwarm 

What is Mailwarm and how does it work?

Mailwarm is one of the first email warm-up tools to enter the market which gives them an unfair advantage over other tools but this is mainly because of their deep expertise in the industry. Mailwarm is effective, fast, and easy to use but it is a fairly expensive alternative. It sets up 1000+ email accounts to interact with your emails. It is a very straightforward email warm-up tool. 

According to Mailwarm if you follow their warm-up process correctly it could increase your open rates by 30%. Once you set up your warming-up campaign the tool then takes over and sends emails to thousands of accounts to open, interact and remove the emails that fall into the spam folder. 

  • Mailwarm gives you the ability to see all your warm-up activities on a dashboard to edit or pause your process
  • The sending limit and timings are flexible and customizable
  • You get to create your auto-reply timings and schedules
  • It takes lesser than 2 mins to set up the email warm-up tool
  • It makes all emails look like real people wrote them and includes positive engagement 
  • You can set up different folders if your warm-up campaigns take up too much inbox space
  • It’s compatible with all major email service providers

Their pricing starts from $79 monthly per month permitting you to send 50 emails every day per inbox. It also provides the Growth and Scale plan which costs $159 and $479 allowing up to 200 and 500 emails daily per inbox.

5. Warm Up Your Email 

What is Warm Up Your Email and how does it work?

Warm Up Your Email is Mailshake’s warming tool. This tool works with all major email service providers effortlessly. The warm-up tool uses actual people to interact with your accounts while being scalable. You can see how many of your emails went into spam which means you could easily see your spam score. 

You could also review your spam patterns to change certain specifics that affect your campaigns negatively. This warm-up tool has become one of the most popular tools because it uses real people for all its campaigns.

  • You could check your spam score with the spam monitoring feature
  • Combines automation with effective human interaction
  • Provides free tools to check your SPF, DMARC, and SMTP
  • Connects with all major email service providers
  • It auto removes emails from the spam folder 
  • You get detailed reports for your warm-up processes
  • It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool, especially for small businesses, teams, and freelancers

The pricing strategy starts from $29 monthly which allows 50 emails per inbox. Prices increase if you want to increase your sending limits. There is also a 7-day free trial that you could make good use of to just test the waters a bit.

6. Lemwarm 

What is Lemwarm and how does it work?

Lemwarm is credited to be the very first email warm-up tool in the industry. The special part about this tool is that it does things the old and correct way - it doesn’t blast inboxes with thousands of bulk emails right from the start. Their process involves sending emails with a lesser number and then bumping the numbers gradually. 

Lemwarm doesn’t use fake accounts but real people for the warm-up campaign. It makes sure your emails are authentic and automatically removed from the spam folder. 

  • Lemwarm claims that setting up would take lesser than a minute
  • Uses real people with verified accounts and no fake accounts 
  • You could use 20 000+ accounts for warming
  • Lemwarm connects with almost all email service providers
  • The sending limit and timings are fully customizable
  • Your account could warm up completely within 30 days 

Lemwarm is a good and simple tool that costs $29 monthly per inbox and the premium version costs $99 monthly per inbox. You could also take benefit from the 14-day free trial.

7. Mailreach 

What is Mailreach and how does it work?

Mailreach is an independent email warm-up tool with distinct features at affordable price points. You could integrate this automated email warm-up tool with any major email service provider like Google, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, etc. Mailreach has a simple user interface that’s refreshing and easy to use. The design stands out for being uncomplicated and pleasant to its users. On the other hand, Mailreach uses computer-generated mailboxes to warm up your email accounts. 

They have recently started using some real accounts for the warm-up process too. To ensure that there is a good mix of artificial and real people accounts. The tool also can give you an accurate spam score and it also lets you if your email account is blacklisted.

  • Completely automated email warm-up tool that could send up to 90 emails per day
  • It has a smart warming algorithm that enables progressive warming up
  • The email warming up tool has a deliverability correction feature
  • It comes along with an advanced spam tester with insights
  • You get live blacklists and DNS updates 
  • A dashboard to monitor and analyze your campaigns with detailed insights 
  • Chat support for all your queries and doubts

The pricing for Mailreach stands at $29 monthly per inbox. They do not have the option of a free trial. Though Mailreach has advanced and customized plans for enterprises. 

8. Folderly 

What is Folderly and how does it work?

Folderly is an AI-powered email warm-up platform that increases email deliverability. They claim to use GPT-3 and Machine learning to improve deliverability rates. Their warm-up process is 100% automatic including email generation and auto-replies with clever mimicking of human-like interactions. But the tool will ask you to create a basic template and run a spam test to examine your deliverability score.

 They have a feature that takes your emails out of spam and also tags some percent of the emails as Important. This ensures that there is plenty of positive engagement. This tool is recommended for larger organizations because Folderly helps with scaling quickly with large numbers of accounts.

Within 3-4 weeks of using Folderly, you can expect your email account to be fully warmed up. It’s also interesting to know that they were ranked third for their innovative approach and user experience. 

  • It’s an AI-based platform that ensures all replies are optimized and auto-generated 
  • It has a unique and complex algorithm that increases the scale of your warm-up process
  • You can fully customize your warm-up email campaigns
  • You get email and spam checker tools
  • The UI and user experience of the tool is easy to use
  • It is compatible with all worldwide email service providers
  • You get detailed information and reports about your warm-up processes

Folderly stands on the pricier side costing $49 a month per inbox but with unlimited emailing. They also do not have an option of a free trial.

9. Warmy 

What is Warmy and how does it work?

Warmy is an email warm-up tool created for multiple teams with the option to use multiple email inboxes. This tool also uses the power of AI to power its algorithm to send and reply to its warm-up emails. The AI-based tool ensures quick sending of emails. But they do not have the option of pre-made templates, so you’re required to make your email templates. 

Warmy ensures that 100% of its warming-up process is automated. They improve delivery rates by constantly increasing positive engagement with your email accounts. The tool ensures that your emails are automatically taken out of spam and placed in the inbox. They also have an interesting feature that helps you create content with AI - you only need to give the tool topics to churn out content.

  • Warmy is compatible with most global email service providers
  • It uses AI for content creation, replies, and sending warm-up emails
  • The network size of Warmy’s inboxes is 8500 inboxes
  • Provides an email health score to keep a track of your progress
  • You get a dashboard with alerts for complete visibility 
  • Specifically created for teams with multiple inboxes
  • It also auto archives warm-up messages from your inbox to ensure it is clear 

The price per month for Warmy is $49 per inbox with a limit of 50 emails per day. They also have premium plans with $129/month for 200 emails per day, $189/month for 1000 emails per day, and $279/month for 2000 emails per day.

10. Mailivery 

What is Mailivery and how does it work?

Mailivery is an email warm-up tool that helps to increase sender reputation by bypassing spam filters and improving delivery rates. The email tool will send and reply to emails according to the schedule you set. Which will help you omit odd times like weekends or late-night emails. Mailivery is compatible with all email service providers. They claim to improve sales by 16% after using their email warm-up tool. This email tool also harbors the power of AI to create an auto-reply to emails. 

There is a dashboard that allows teams to work together and it also allows the manager to keep track of the teams. Every team member can set up their very own Mailivery account and be connected to a central dashboard.

  • The email tool automatically categorizes your warm-up emails to ensure a clear inbox
  • You can monitor all email warm-up activity on a dashboard
  • There is a feature that helps you avoid sending emails at set times for eg- night
  • You get spam and reputation with detailed analytics 
  • AI-powered content suggestions
  • Mailivery uses automation to remove emails from spam and mark them as important 
  • Set up the entire warm-up tool within 2 minutes

Mailivery is a slightly overpriced email warm-up tool compared to other alternatives. Its monthly charge is $55 per inbox and it has a sending limit of 35 emails per day. They also have an option of a free 14-day trial to try the tool.

11. QuickMail Auto-Warmer 

What is QuickMail Auto-Warmer and how does it work?

QuickMail Auto-Warmer is a powerful email warm-up tool that interacts with numerous email accounts to improve deliverability rates allowing the account to sail across spam filters. This tool uses real people for all sorts of interactions that the warm-up process includes. It automatically removes emails that fall into the spam folder and places them back into the inbox. 

They also have a feature to clear warm-up emails in your inbox after sending and receiving them to keep the inbox tidy and confusion-free. The tool also allows you to upload your sales prospect's information to ensure you have everything you need in a single database. You can craft personalized emails and then customize timings to schedule them at the perfect time. 

  • QuickMail is compatible with all email service providers
  • They gradually increase the sending limit to make it look natural 
  • It takes emails out of spam, marks them important, and replies to them as well
  • The tool uses 100% automation for its warm-up processes
  • They claim to instantly  improve your sender reputation by 1 - 2 weeks
  • It has an auto-archive feature that keeps warm-up emails out of the inbox
  • You get detailed feedback and reports about the progress of your warm-up campaigns

The best part about QuickMail Auto-Warmer is that it’s completely free and only requires a 14-day trial to get started. 

12. OutreachBin 

What is OutreachBin and how does it work?

OutreachBin is an effective email warming platform that improves email delivery at affordable rates. It has a peer-to-peer network that includes real people who’ve signed up to warm up their emails. When you sign up with OutreachBin you join their peer-to-peer network that interacts with other marketers' warm-up emails too. This ensures that there is real positive engagement between email accounts. The tool helps marketers to get started instantly after plugging in their email accounts. 

Once you finish signing up the peer-to-peer network starts exchanging emails and ensures that the emails are taken out of the spam folder. OutreachBin ensures that there is enough positive interaction between your email exchanges to improve sender reputation. They claim to warm up email accounts within 2 weeks of starting the process and suggest better results with further use of the tool.

  • Connects with all major email service providers
  • Fairly quick and easy-to-use warm-up tool
  • Ensures your email account interacts with real people and no fake accounts
  • A low-cost tool with unlimited emailing compared to other warm-up alternatives 
  • You get a demo to see and understand the product before committing to it
  • It has advanced multi-layer algorithms to improve sender reputation and delivery rates 

OutreachBin has a unique and cost-effective price that stands at $29 per month with unlimited emails if paid annually. 

When Can You Turn Off Your Email Warming Software? 

The honest answer to this question is - it depends. Different tools have various algorithms that have their own set of parameters and time to warm up email accounts. Generally, on average, it takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to warm a normal email account. Most email warm-up tools have reports and health score features to check the reputation and the health of the account. When these reports show good and consistent numbers along with feedback that your account is ready is when you stop warming your account. 

The best way to figure out what works for you is to try the warming up process yourself and also use relevant knowledge of the past to make suitable changes and decisions. There is no one size fits all when it comes to email warm-up it always depends on the size of your email lists and the duration of your campaigns. If your email account is in good health it is much easier to warm it up. 

On the other hand, if your email account has a negative health score it will take time and patience to overturn this distrust into a good reputation in the eyes of email service providers. It is very important to get a health score check done even before you start your email warming activities. You must ensure that your account is not blacklisted. 

Having said that, ideally, it is normal for an email account to take 2- 4 weeks to warm up completely. When you take all these factors into consideration you will be able to make the correct decision with the help of data that you gather from these email warm-up tools. 


Email warm-up tools are a must to improve your deliverability rates and your sender reputation. When you run campaigns at scale it becomes apparent that you need to use automated warm-up tools to get things started faster. It also helps to have detailed analytics and reports that manual warm-up processes may not be able to produce at scale. 

Warming up your email account is the most important process of starting cold email campaigns. It acts like a solid foundation to increase delivery rates and ensures your reputation is good and that the email service providers trust you and your business. 

However, keep in mind that these email warm-up tools act like a helping hand to improve your sender reputation but it is up to you to make relevant content that your audience thoroughly enjoys interacting with. So make sure to give your email recipients value-packed email content at all times to ensure positive engagement and reputation!

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