Personalized mass outreach in a new market

  • Internet
  • 11-50 Employees
  • USA
Prospects reached out


Conversation started


Qualified Leads



Cost to Company

Pipeline value generated

Cost to Company

Target Industry:
Food & Beverage, Event Management, and Travel & Entertainment
Target gender:
Target Size:
Target geography:
Average ticket size:
Target Skills:
Target Age:

Based on 3 personas that the client wanted to target, Alore put together a database of 6,000 prospects to target over 5 months of engagement. 114 Sign-ups and 52 conversations got started. The client continues to remain an Alore client owing to the competitive advantage Alore can offer in terms of scalability and repeatability of presales as a process.

“Our high GMV, low margin market place revenue model meant that we on-board maximum number of restaurants, pubs and event places at minimum cost and time. We knew emails could be a good channel to on-board, but really didn’t know how to go about it”

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