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  • Recruitment & Hiring
  • 2-10 Employees
  • Singapore
Prospects reached out


Conversation started


Qualified Leads



Cost to Company


Pipeline value generated


Cost to Company


Target Industry:
Internet, SaaS, DeepTech
Target gender:
Target Size:
Target geography:
Average ticket size:
Target Skills:
Java, Scala, Python, Hadoop, TensorFlow
Target Age:

Based on the personas of candidates process shared, Alore put together a database of 1,215 candidates. Alore also completely automated the workflow, starting from outreach to filling typeform with qualification question and setting appointment. 245 Responses were received (including negative responses) and 65 interviews were arranged.

“The quality and number of inbound applicants was a concern for us and was major factor for us placing less candidates (and therefore a plateaued revenue)."

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