Expanding to a new market

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • 200-10,001 Employees
  • New Delhi, India
Prospects reached out


Conversation started


Qualified Leads



Cost to Company


Pipeline value generated


Cost to Company


Target Industry:
Pharma, Media, Retail, Healthcare, E-learning
Target gender:
Target Size:
Target geography:
Average ticket size:
Target Skills:
Target Age:

After undrstanding the needs of the client, Alore put together a database of over 4,400+ prospects. Alore helped the client expand to multiple industries. Over 77 conversations were started and 32 leads were generated

“As a brand solutions company we were looking to amplify our managed services and new bsuienss ventures activity. We wanted to get a product market fit as well as build a pipeline for two sales people from our team who could lead the closures. Alore did not disappoint and kept our sales team very busy with calls.”

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