Expanding to a new market

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • 11-50 Employees
  • Singapore
Prospects reached out


Conversation started


Qualified Leads



Cost to Company


Pipeline value generated


Cost to Company


Target Industry:
Marketing & Advertising, Internet, and Software
Target gender:
Target Size:
Target geography:
Average ticket size:
Target Skills:
Target Age:

Based on 3 personas that the client wanted to target, Alore put together a database of 1,982 prospects to target over 5 months of engagement focusing on high degree of personalized and engaging messaging. 54 Conversations got started of which 34 were qualified leads. At the end of 5 months period, the process along with worklow and access to tool was handed over to the client

“We wanted to test out US market. But with a small team, it was increasingly difficult to spare time to research or experiment and run any campaigns.”

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